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  1. i cant wait for the new wolf rig :D


  2. Where have you goooooooooooone ;--------;

  3. I'm extreamtly sorry for being a jerk to you in chat. I have serious issuies I'm truly sorry hope you can forgive me

  4. Matty

    Steve Dimensions Skin Pack!

    Very interesting...
  5. Oh no, I can't see my notifications! What could I ever do? ;------:

    1. Klyxz


      Let's just cry together

  6. Matty

    Glowing, and rendering.

    Already knew that.. And dont ask why I commented "What" Oh noes! Im being cyberbullied!
  7. Matty

    Glowing, and rendering.

  8. Matty

    Glowing, and rendering.

    This is just stupid...
  9. Matty

    Keiro's Curse

    That's a nice rig you got there!
  10. Dank music you got there, m8


  11. Matty

    Core Rigs (From Portal 2)(or Wheatley Rig)

    Of course it is!
  12. Matty

    The ALL-NEW TurnTable Rig!

    So I've seen the rig, and it looks pretty bad... If you want people to like your topics, I suggest you use cubes, cylinders, items, etc Its OK to use scenery, as long as its retextured.
  13. Matty

    Offroader Rig from Unturned

    Impressive rig you got there, pal!
  14.  @x3j50 What type of rigs do you make? :3

    1. Matty


      Could you please give me a link to one of your old rigs? I would like to see them... :)

  15. Matty

    Text Not Appearing in 1.0.6

    Could you please show me us image as an example?
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