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  1. i cant wait for the new wolf rig :D


  2. Where have you goooooooooooone ;--------;

  3. I'm extreamtly sorry for being a jerk to you in chat. I have serious issuies I'm truly sorry hope you can forgive me

  4. Oh no, I can't see my notifications! What could I ever do? ;------:

    1. Klyxz


      Let's just cry together

  5. Already knew that.. And dont ask why I commented "What" Oh noes! Im being cyberbullied!
  6. Dank music you got there, m8


  7. So I've seen the rig, and it looks pretty bad... If you want people to like your topics, I suggest you use cubes, cylinders, items, etc Its OK to use scenery, as long as its retextured.
  8. Impressive rig you got there, pal!
  9.  @x3j50 What type of rigs do you make? :3

    1. Matty


      Could you please give me a link to one of your old rigs? I would like to see them... :)

  10. Could you please show me us image as an example?
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