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I'm a 13 year old animator, I was born in a spanish speaking country called Uruguay and my real name is "Bruno" but you can translate it to "Bruce" if thats easier for you to pronounce :P. I like to be nice with everyone and I LOVE to make animations. Basically, I love anything that allows you to make creative stuff... I'm usually slow at making long animations, but I get them to finish since I'm EXTREMELY patient with those (in fact, I worked on an animation for 7 months). But what keeps me motivated to keep going? The support I know I'm going to get If I do good content :D

This is some of the best stuff I made that you can take a look at, so you know me better:








That last one is my favorite ^w^






Minecraft builds




Alright, that's some of the coolest content I made ;).

If you like what I do, then you can click the "Follow member" button and becoming a Sticky Follower!

I appreciate the people who support me and I thank them for it. :D 


Thanks! ;D




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