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  1. ever since Plague Inc. discovered that they can make money out from Steam they forgot all about their mobile version, which was their stepping stone. :(

  2. So David promised years ago that if I download Mine-Imator before the "full" version comes out, I can get it for free. Is this true? (Can't donate 'cuz not everyone has a credit card)

    1. Voxy


      When on the "upgrade" page, you can choose to either donate or get an upgrade key for free.

  3. What if Super Mario Maker is made by Nintendo so Mario fans can keep playing Super Mario courses made by other fans from around the world, distracting them from Nintendo's plan for closing it's franchise and keeping Su

    1. StarGamer


      Dangit stupid keyboard disappearing randomly! Anyway,per Mario Maker the only game active in their company?

    2. Ocelot


      Even so, it's just about time, don't you think? Their golden Aquatic bird who must not be named needs rest.


  4. Using MCNBS be like:

    *in program* "Meh"

    *Exported midi* "ERMAGHERD IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL

    1. Emaniplex


      (He means Minecraft Note Block Studio...)  :D


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. StarGamer


      The Doors of Death had been reopen my friend... a new batch of 7 demigods need to close this and stop [insert any evil Greek deity here]!

    3. Japnoo
    4. Skjold
  6. beat Martin Leung, the Super Mario Medley, DO IT! haha
  7. Finally installing Double Action: Boogaloo in 20 minutes at the speed of 1204 kbps! *Insert speedy music here*

    1. Skjold



    2. DigitalEvorian


      @Skjold no mine is... mine goes up to 2000 and over.

  8. I don't know man it kinda looks like a day care center (I miss my day care center, now it's a small market)
  9. You're the first person to not really care about me borrowing your profile picture.

    1. StarGamer


      Sasha Grey: "Thank You"

  10. Cool! I Didn't Watch The Vid But It Was Cool!
  11. I just asked if Digital Eve is he's an athiest then he instantly threwa tantrum on his prof. feed, wierd.

  12. Now there's a sample for Diamond Rain, parody of Chocolate Rain, the song is simple so I expect someone would volunteer to sing the parody (lyrics still in the making though). I can't sing it as I don't have a laptop, the major Fajardo problem. So yeah, thanks in advance (not sure if anyone would like to do it). The scenery and skin will be animated after someone would agree, his skin (his because... well, I'm not a chauvinist but it just seems right to have a male voice) would be used in the making, or this project is cancelled. The scenery will be changed as this is just a sample, also including the microphone and add a new headset. Recommended voice should be Baritone to Bass (optional) Take note: The intrumental will be improved in the future
  13. Hi guy! Just uploaded this animation 'cuz I've been vacant. Sorry if you are disappointed by this animation, I know, it sucks... But thanks for watching anyway! (If you did watch...)
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