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  1. From the sky [Collab]

    @Quickstreak @ZephyrAnimations @HeYoNia so are you guys still planning on doing this?
  2. We have the same amount of rep again... :D

  3. noice, this should be pretty helpful to new users
  4. 1st Post

    that was hilarious x^D 1+ rep keep it up
  5. i just noticed, what is "rich text"? I got a message saying "this has been pasted as rich text" when i tried to post a link to a YT video

    1. Dannyboi


      Rich Text is like formatted text.

    2. lifecraft


      so is that the new way to embed things like videos?  

    3. Dannyboi


      I think, not sure. From what I know it does stuff like Bold text and Italics.

  6. Blue Dragon Rig by Daffa the One

    love it, I can see you put lots of effort into this. keep it up
  7. The No Motivation Collab!

    I'm in, and u haz seen my vid already, I just need to cut mine down
  8. We have the same amount of rep... xD

  9. [Character rig] OC

  10. Fidget Spinner Rig [V1: 5.12.17]

    yay, i love cake
  11. Fidget Spinner Rig [V1: 5.12.17]

    get winwar, or (in theory) you can just change the .rar text to .zip
  12. Yo, Is it okay if i ask somethin' random?




    Can i have your Character rig?

     I need it for uhmm...a wallpaper

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. HeYoNia


      For a wallpaper of some dudes chillin'

      or i can just use ur skin lel

    3. lifecraft


      oh, in which case I'm ok with it

      sorry for the slight suspicion, just seemed kinda odd for you to say" for uhmm...a wallpaper"

      also, a quick warning is that my rig is super heavy

      anyway, thank you for considering me and putting me into this, I appretiate it :P

    4. HeYoNia


      well ty then.

  13. 2 words.


    1. lifecraft


      @Sword i had 2... xD

      i hope someone does a 3 word addition

    2. Twotorule


      3 words.


  14. Mighty Rig 2.0!!!

    it is ok, it is super edgy, but i have nothing against edgy
  15. [ ► ] - First Take Productions Group

    i am not going to apply since i know you would not accept me, but a tip is do not treat one other like co-workers, treat each other as Friends, often times a big mistake people make is trying to act too professional, still know how to be a leader, but don't lead them like a dictator.
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