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Hi animators. 

Welcome to my cha, Wait is this A Forum? 


Oh sorry about that. 


So The bug that still enoying me are The Transparent BUG. 


When I load the model, or I restart The Project. 


Or otherwise When I Copy, and paste it. 


The bug will be shown up like a jack man singing in the world, Nah just kidding. 


So For the next Update, Mine imator can fix this bug. 



Thank you so very very plus 8 and much. 

Much much more than much more. 


Thank you so much. 

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On 8/26/2020 at 3:20 PM, SocialMediaAnimations said:

I don't think so, many Mine imator face rigs use the alpha glitch, and if that happens almost every face rig will be broken.

The reason the alpha glitch isn't fixed is because the GameMaker engine is broken and it can't be fixed, not because it would break rigs if it was fixed. There's nothing to gain from having alpha that breaks when trying to render it through depth of field, SSAO etc. The alpha not working properly ruins a lot of cool ideas. I mean when using the slime model you already see the DOF not being properly rendered. But it gets worse when you are trying to for example make smoke that slowly disapears and in the background you are using DOF.

If it was fixed there would still be ways to make rigs but with actual functional transparency.

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On 8/26/2020 at 7:48 PM, Cubic Ralsei said:

you mean the alpha glitch? simply turn up render depth. camera effects may not show up in there though, but it works


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