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15 hours ago, 9redwoods said:

This looks very blurry.

Also again, try changing the FOV. It just feels claustrophobic.


15 hours ago, Cubic Ralsei said:

It looks like you tried imitating bloom in 1.0.6


4 hours ago, Davi12345 said:

a bloom but blurred.

Yeah y'all are right. I'm thinking I probably could've put a light or something closer to the camera to get a sharper image, I'm trying to find all my favorite camera settings based on what kind of environment I'm doing. Back to the drawing board.

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It looks great, but the lighting could use more work. It doesn't look like there are any shadows and overall it's dark.

Thanks. And yeah you're right, the whole thing is kinda shadowed, so if everything is a shadow......then nothing's a shadow. Which  is why it's also really dark.

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