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"Endless" Team Request

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Hewo people of the MI forums! So you may be wondering "Fray, where the hell have you been"... well, I got busy with school and have been spending more time on discord. 

Anyways, moving on!

Some friends and I have started working on a new project called Endless.

The basic storyline is about space and the Earth died and most people live on Mars. (not going to spoil too much, more info will be shown when you get accepted)

We are looking for the following (and you can have 1 or more of these skills) (also you will be asked to show what you have created)


-Music Composers 


-Builders (you will have access to a Minecraft server)


-People who can do lighting


If you have one or more of these skills, feel free to join and tag either me or Sunkiss. 


(this discord link will be taken down when we have reached the number of people we need)


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16 hours ago, Fray said:

Join the discord server and then I'll give you a role so you can fill out a form!

For the test I will use the simple mobs with out extruded face


I am good at making Rig skin for other rigs i will need a texture maker

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