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Hello, Minemen im looking for several others that might be interested in collaborating to create a lore piece from a server that I commonly play. I haven't started on it since my last animation but the script is practically already prepared for us and simply needs to just be animated and voiced over. This lore takes place in an Orcish Culture so some of the dialogue may seem a bit confusing but I assume those who read this can get an understanding. I already figured how to create an Orc voice over but there will probably need to be skins and schematics created for this project to bring out the best detail of it. I would hope that I would not have to pay for help with this but i am a working man and it is considerable although  I do plan on contributing what I can. 

This lore is essentially the background of my Clan on the server that follows the ideals of one of the greatest Orcs sons. There are also other sons that feature in the story returning from war. Also I apologize for all the spelling errors in this story

A three part story explaining all the cool facts of Lur. Why we like to hunt,why we like to be independent and the best question of all.Why lurs like to piss so much??



Part one:The Feast

The sun had just seted over the mountains and that ment for the orcs that the time for the feast had just started. An orchish feast was not for the faint hearted. The drinking the fighting and the shouting could easily kill a human who does not know the way of the orcs. But the feast had reasons to be even violenter and louder. It was a celebration for the sons of Krug who had just raided and killed a human town and lost nearly none of their men.

“Kause uf ma Zult we won da battle klomped almust 400 uf da skahing umies”Rax had been shouting this ever since the battle had been won.


“Lats be full uf skah Rax dere were 600 umies dere. Huw lats klomp mure den half uf em?”Gorkill had had enough of Rax’s arrogance and decided to challenge his word.


“Lats be blahing dat me be Lieing?” Rax spit and unsheathed his sword. “Me shuw lats huw me klomp all da umies!!” The soldiers knew that Rax hadn’t killed 400 humans. But none dared shout that to Rax. As first born of Krug Rax was the most arrogant of all of the orcs. He saw him self as the heir of Krug and never got tired of shouting that to the orcs.


“Me nub blah lats be lieing. Me jus blah dat lats be full uf skah!!” Gorkill threw his mug of ale to the ground and got his axe “Lets klomp brudah!!” Gorkill jumped across the table and kicked Rax in the gut. Gorkill fighting with Rax because of Rax’s arrogance had become a common sight around the camp and many of the orcs had no interest in watching they klomp again over the same reason


“Wha ‘bout Lur? Huw many he klomp?” The orcs asked around but none of them found Lur or knew the answer of their question.


Lur was far away from the Feast and of all of the orcs. Lur was in the wilds hunting. Lur never understood why his brothers insisted to feast after every single battle. It was not that Lur did not like to drink and talk with his friends and brothers. He specially liked talking to the goblin, the Trickster; he always had a different perspective of a situation from the other orcs of the camp. But Lur would much rather be in the wilds alone with his spear and his prey. He was one with the spear. He was one with his prey. He was one with the hunt.


Lur had been in the same battles his brothers had been but unlike them he knew the exact number of humans he killed and would not increase it just to fulfill his ego. While his brothers fought each other to see who was better. He hunted to fell at peace with the wilds.


Back at the camp the feast went on.Rax had won the klomp with Gorkill by making his axe fall to the ground then started hitting him with his fists and his sheer strength and being bigger then Gorkill. The orcs kept drinking and fighting as the night went on. Rax had gone as he said to play with his human slaves. Gorkill had been in his corner for the rest of the feast to see what he could have done to win the klomp.


It was going all good many laughing, many bleeding in the ground and of course all drunk. Then they heard it, first a howl of a wolf. Then a scream of pain scream of pain that few had ever heard, most orcs did not acknowledged but they all knew it from their enemies they killed. But this was different.

The orcs, the ones that were sober enough to stand at least, went into the main part of the camp and saw the creature. It was something none had ever seen. A huge white wolf as big as the tent of Krug. Its fur was white as snow from the north. Its teeth were the size of small blades the elfs used. And its claws were the size of an orchish sword. In its mouth was the body of an orc wearing armor.


The orcs instantly shot arrows and threw spears to the heart and limbs of the creature. But they all bounced back from its skin like he was made of iron. They wolf’s claw cut the leg of one of the orcs who tried to spear him. But one of the strangest things about it was that it seemed like it was chuckling while he killed orcs. He hit one of the torches into the tents and started a small fire.

But then it left. It ran to the Mountain to the north of the camp. The orcs looked around and saw the damage the creature did. Three tents burnt, eight dead orcs and 15 injured. The creature had taken a toll to the camp and it hurt the pride of many. The creature attacked them and he got away.


Rax went out from the tent right after the creature left wearing only thin loincloth and holding his sword in his hand. His sword was one of the best weapons the orcs had. It was crafted with the bones of his enemies and the smell of it was made from the smell of his enemy’s swords. It was blessed by shamans so it would never break. Its design was simple a single edged blade and its handle was made of bone. But the blade was serrated so it seemed like it had teeth.


Rax looked around the camp and saw the destruction the creature caused and he shouted so that every orc in the camp could hear him

“Me Rax first born uf Krug guna klomp diz beast.Az me right az first born me klomp it!!!”




Part 2: Rax’s and Gorkill’s hunt


The camp was a mess. After the attack, the orcs had kept watch the whole night. Many of the orcs were exhausted the next day. The rebuilding started when the drunk uruks of the feast woke up. They needed to rebuild tents and burn the dead of last night.


Rax had spent the morning preparing to go kill the creature. He got his sword, packed some food and went into the desert following the creatures tracks. Rax had all the things he needed to succeed. Though he was strong, brave, and the most skilled orc with a sword, he didn’t know the first rule of the hunt. ”Know you're prey or you would become its’ prey”.


Lur wanted him to wait, to learn how the creature acted and killed, and where it came from. But Rax would not listen. He said that Lur wanted to steal the kill. To steal his right as firstborn. So Rax ignored Lur and directly went to hunt for the Creature.


Rax walked for almost two days until he found the lair of the beast. A snow storm has just started as he walked into a cave that was situated in the middle of a mountain range, the place was dark and dank with skull and bodies strewn about.


He spotted the creature peering over at him. It was like he knew Rax was coming. Rax got his blade and charged at it without a second thought. He went right for its neck for he knew that the rest of its skin was impenetrable. But he missed it by a few inches. The Wolf jumped to the right and then charged at Rax. But Rax was smart enough fighter to guard his flanks.


As it charged at him, Rax moved quickly out of its range to the right. The wolf could not move as quickly and hit it’s head on the wall. Rax took advantage of this and jumped on the creature wielding his sword. Rax, on it’s back now, started stabbing it.

“KOME KLOMP ME HUR HUR” Rax could not help but laugh because of the situation. ”Lats tu weak. ME bubhosh!! ME klomp lats!!” Because of its iron clad skin, Rax while not cutting deep still managed to get some good hits on it ”Lats guna be flat!!! Lats head guna be ma thruphy!!!’’


Rax was about to cut the wolf’s head off when he was toppled by the wolf throwing him onto his back. The Wolf was on top of Rax. His sword was only inches away. If he could only reach it. If he managed to do it, he might have a chance to live. If he failed he would be wolf food. But it was better then nothing. He rolled to the right just as the Wolf’s paw went down to attack him. Rax got the sword and without blinking. He jumped wielding his sword above his head. He striked at the neck of the creature and prayed for krug to guide his blade.


Blood went to the ground,a thick red blood and then a thump sound. The head of the wolf fell to the ground and Rax picked it up with his hands”Hur hur. Whu be flat nuw!!? Skahing beast!!”He kicked the corpse of the beast while he laughed. He picked the head up and placed it in a bag. Rax wanted to skin the wolf as well but that would take to long and he wanted to leave before the snow storm got worse.


Rax arrived at the orc camp when the sun had just seted over the mountains he just left. he droped the wolfs head to his feet and shouted. ”ME KLOMPED DOZ BEAZT AZ ME BLAHED FU ME BE DA FIRST SUN UF KRUG AGH DA MUZT BUBHOSHAR!!”

When the moon was in the middle of the sky the orcs started to feast in honor of Rax’s kill. Gorkill was drinking and thinking that this would be great for Rax’s arrogance not only did he think he was the strongest orc in all the camp now he thought he was the best hunter and killer in all the camp. Gorkill wondered what Lur was thinking about all of this. But then he heard an orc saing that Rax was going to be the heir of Krug and Gorkill and Lur would get nothing. HE knocked that orc out hitting his ale mug in hes face. Destroying the mug and breaking the orcs nose.


Krug had left the camp some moons before the beast came to the camp. Something had to die Krug said before he left the camp and then he left. Gorkill and Rax had fought for leadership of the camp while he was gone but it ended in a draw.

Rax was telling the females and the young orcs how his batle went. How he entered the cave with no fear and that he punched the orc in the face breaking his teeth and then hr decapitated the wolf. He pointed at the wolf head above his chair and he held his blade and did a cutting motion. The young ones said they wanted to be like him. And the females wanted to bear strong children like him. Rax spit and shouted to one of his orcs,Xarkar an orc with only one arm to go get him his helm or else he would lose his other arm as well


Lur listened to Rax’s story then he looked at the wolf head. ”Rax blahed he punch it in da mouth agh da teeth fall out”Lur thought. He looked at the right and the left side of the wolfs face. There was no marking of a punch. The wolf’s face had no dirt mark. And someone who had been walking for 2 days should have some dirt in his hands. Lur looked at the teeth as well. All of its teeth were there. ”Diz meanz dub dingz”talked drunkenly Lurs friend the Trickster after he told him what he discovered”Ash. Rax nub klomp dat wulf dat way agh wha ebar he did in kave waz much less heroic agh brave den wha he be blahing nuw”Lur thought about that and went into the wild’s to think about what the trickster said. When he was in the wilds he could think as clear as water


Xarkar went quickly to Rax’s tent to find him his helm. He once had been a proud and fierce soldier of Krug. He fought and killed for Krug no matter what. He killed many and got many scars from the battles but that all changed when he was given to Rax as one of his men. Rax was a brave and a strong orc. He never backed away from a fight. But he also did not care for the life of his men as long as he managed to get his goal. In one of those occasions the price was one of Xarkar arm’s .


Rax ordered the majority of his men to go to the high ground in the hills. But he left some of his men back so they could lure the enemy to their position and the rest of the orcs would charge at the enemy”s flank. It worked. The enemy soldiers charged at Xarkar with fury and killed many of them before Rax and his men attacked they're flanks During the fight Xarkar lost his arm and his brother his life. He talked to Rax about it and he said it was a causality of war.


Ever since that day Rax treated him as his servent not as one of his brothers or as one of his soldiers. He was always insulted him and made fun of his missing limb. Xarkar found the helm in the middle of Rax’s tent. He grabbed it and then rubbed some pig excrement that was out side the tent. He laughed. The more discomfort he could give Rax the better. He proceeded to drink some of Rax’s best ale kegs that Rax got from a raid on the dwarfs.


Xarkar spent hour’ s drinking alone and laughing at his old days as a warrior. He thought about the Creature Rax killed. That would do wonders for his moral. He already thought he was the best orc in the camp but now others thought the same thing. He laughed and jugged some more ale. He then saw two black eyes on him. The wolf’s head was watching him. His eyes were big and seemed threatening and imposing. Xarkar said”Hur hur strange me dinked dat diz waz in da hall near Rax hur hur. Lat nub kan stand him az well ?Hur hur”He put his arm inside the wolfs mouth and laughed. Then he felt pain and he fell to the ground while the wolf’s mouth snaped on his arm. The blood was around his hole body and then he stoped laughing.


The Wolf had killed four orcs before the soldiers finaly found it gnawing on the bones of two of the orcs on guard that night. Lur was with them. He knew that Rax should had waited,that he shouldn't had charged at the problem like a idiot withought studing this beast. Lur saw it now as clear he would in day light. It looked like before. A huge creatue,with thick white fur,and his eyes were stone cold and yelow. But it changed, it changed into something,unnatural,to something only an evil force like Iblees could do. It had one fierce and angry head with white fur. Then it had another one. A black furred head that looked like it was laughing as it chewed through the bones. It seemed stupider then the other head but just as ferocious.


The orcs stared at the two headed beast for a moment before charging at them. They ran with rage on their eyes. This creature had already once again to their home and gotten away but now it did it again and had not been stoped when Rax went to kill it.


The orcs were half way to the creature when the black head rose and shouted a howl. A sound that had never been heard before,a painful howl that made even the most seasoned and hardened warrior’s fall to their knees in pain. Orcs did fell pain but they never showed it. To show it was weakness but now all of them felt such pain that they couldn’t hide it. When Lur heard it he stumbled a little and fell. He felt the pain and it was nothing like he had ever felt before. He saw one of the humans slaves that walked along the camp get a knife from an orc and stab him self in the chest to stop the pain. The beast bashed some of the orcs with its paw’s then he ran back to its lair.


The orcs got to their feett after the howling had faded only to find that the Wolf had left theire home. Gorkill was one of the orcs closest to the creature when it emitted the howl, he was one of the ones that felt the pain the most. He got to his feet and grabed Rax by the neck and shouted”LATS SKAHING BASTARD!!!LATS BLAHED DAT IT WAZ FLAT!!”Rax grabed his hands and pushed Gorkill back”Lats idiot me did!!Me haz da ead uf da Beast ta prove it!!!Me klomped id bu. . . . . bu it kame bak fum being flat…. ”Gorkill spat picked up his axe and followed the trail The wolf made.


Lur wanted for him to wait. To not make the same mistake his brother did. To study it. But he knew it was useless to try and argue with him. Gorkill went into a state of mind where everything beside his goal and to kill did not enter his mind. So even if Lur managed to stop Gorkill he would not be able to make him listen. So it was useless even to try to stop him.


Gorkill marched for over 2 days when the first snow had started to fall on him. Gorkill had rarely stopped his march since he started it. He wanted to kill this creature for all the pain it caused and the shame it brought to some orcs. He had stopped only twice to sleep and when he needed food he eat it while he marched.


He started the climb to the beast’s lair. It was a slow and hard climb. One wrong step and he would fall to his death or worse he would become a cripple . When he finished climbing his torch had almost gone out but it still could have been used.


He entered the Cave with an axe in hand and the torch in the other. He still had two throwing axes strapped on his back. The wolf had been sleeping but once Gorkill stepped into the cave it woke up. The white head rose and maintained a steady look at Gorkill’s axe but the black head seemed to be laughing and was distracted. But Gorkill realised what he was tyring to do. It was going to Emmit that howl to stun Gorkill then kill him. But Gorkill was smart so he grabbed his throwing axe tightly,aimed at the black head’s throat,blinked and threw it. The axe hit it directly in the middle of the neck and got it by surprise and prevented it from howling.


Gorkill ran and threw the other axe but the creature was smart enough to fall for the same trick twice. It jumped to the wall and began to run towards Gorkill and Gorkill ran towards the beast. Gorkill meet it with his axe and the white head tried to snap his arm off and the black one stroked with his claws at Gorkills back. The white one missed but one of the claws slashed through his back but not deep enough to make it a deadly wound. Gorkill got some damage as well hitting the white one on the eye with the axe cuting one of his eye’s out. It shreiked in pain and the other one apeared to laugh at his brother’s injury. Doing this just angered it more.


Gorkill steped back a few steps and held his position. The wolf stoped and watched him,it walked around the cave like a normal wolf stalking a dear. Then it charged at Gorkill. The timing must be perfect,he could not miss or he would become a chewing thing of this monster


He didn’t miss. He hit the wolf in its frontal right leg and snaped it right off. The wolf lost its balance and fell to the ground. It tried to get up but couldn’t bear its weight on only 3 paws. Gorkill approached slowly and always keeping an eye for the creature’s paw’s and its jaw. It might be cripled but it was still dangerous. He spat at the creature when he got close. Raised his axe. Then lowered it with all his streght on one head,he did the same to the other one as well.


He left the mountain range with ought looking at it. Gorkill was happy. He had done something which his brother Rax could not do. He slayed one of the most fierce monster to have faced the orcs. He laughed as he thought about Rax’s expression when he came back


Gorkill decided saw some foot steps of what seemed to look like human or elf. Gorkill hit his chest with his fist thought to him self. ”Hur hur me guna klomp wha ebar me face hur hur”. Folowing the tracks lead him to a small camp by a water hole. Every body of the elfs was turn apart and mutilated. ”Somending mad agh big klomped diz pinkz skinnz”

Turning his direction the orc camp he marched but this time at a slower pace to try to regain some of the energy he lost in the fight and in the march. Gorkill finaly had the orc camp in sight. He let out a small grin,but then he saw smoke. Coming from the horizon




Part 3:The Wolf and Lur


The beast had come just after dusk. It’s fangs lusting for blood, unlike the first two times the beast came it had been slow and seemed to enjoy the torment of the orcs but the last time it was quick as ever. The beast was merely a blur to some of them picking off men that were away from the others and he striked fast. He seemed to have targets now and he began attacking funeral pyres and knocking burning logs in to the tents and thus making a wild fire throughout the camp.


Lur went to meet the beast when he had heard the first sounds of combat. As the Wolf was breaking an Orcish veteran’s neck, Lur had spotted him. The Wolf had lost most of its wolf features and now it was deformed and now looks like an abomination. The white head was missing one of its eyes from what appeared like an axe wound while the other black head was mostly burnt, but now it looked more like a monster than a wolf.It now head a third head, which was brown and slightly smaller then the other two and it appeared to be a female.


Lur ran towards the monster ,gripping his spear with all of his strength. He went to stab him in its back leg but the wolf was faster then Lur expected. It backed away from him and tilted his white middle head towards Lur then tilted it back towards its mountain lair trying to lure him towards his mountain lair.It ran towards its lair leaving a trail of death and limbs killing any orc in it’s way.


Gorkil came back the very next day but didn’t stay long. He left to pursue the elf bandits that had attacked one of the villages in the desert border. Lur knew that he was drowning his anger for not being able to kill the Wolf by killing the elves. He also knew it was now his time to hunt him down.


He went towards a small forest riding his wolf to hunt small game and think of his strategy. Lur had mounted his wolf and started to stalk his prey. He hurled a javelin into a boar and hit it perfectly in its heart. He heard a cracking of branch from behind and turned quickly with his spear tip and held it next to the neck of the intruder


“Wha ya duing ere Trickster? Lats gruk bettar den tu kome up tu me while me hunting. Lats kould be bleeding in da ground righ nuw.“


The small goblin laughs and replies. ”Me gruk dat lats would gruk id waz me. Wha oddar small,smelly gobo dat lats gruk? He heh he .Su lats be dinking bout dat wolf yub?”


“Lats gruk me well brudah. Me a bubhosh huntar bu ebery tik itz killed id komez bak strongar. Agh keepz killin uruks. Me dinking ub way tu klomp id agh keep id flat.”


“Ohh dat easy. Lats juz needz tu du sumending dat Rax agh Gorkil nebar did.”


They went quiet and Lur considered it and recalled everything that his brothers had done. They both had charged mad and withought a plan. They marched straight for many days but what else?


“I hunt id nuw.” Said Lur

“Bubhosh luk brudah.Hope dat id nub komez bak diz time.” Said the small Goblin


Lur mounted his wolf he and started to ride where the tracks of the beast lead. He took his time looking for the wolf. He studied the beast’s movement’s by watching its tracks. It was surprisingly consistent and not chaotic as most people would attribute to such a twisted creature. It didn’t stop as well. It never seemed to stop to rest or eat it just ran straight towards its lair.


Lur tried to think of a strategy to kill it but all he thought about ended up with either the wolf dying and then coming back or ended with Lur dying. He decided it would be better to trust his instincts and to improvise. He arrived at the mountain range that the wolf made its lair after a few good day’s ride. He had rested and was at full strength something that his brothers might have forgotten when they came to attack the Beast. Lur then pointed at his wolf.

“Lats tay ere.Ib me nub kome after siz nights gu bak tu da camp.” And then he began his climb. Lur never looked down,he was determined to do this and could not think of failing or retreating no matter what.


Lur entered the lair in complete darkness.He had one of his javelins in his right hand and his spear in his left ready to switch it to the right hand once he threw the javelin. He heard a laughter,a dark malign laughter. He then found the beast. It looked just as it did before.Like an abomination to everything natural. But what it did next would be engraved in Lur’s memories for ever.


The Wolf talked. “KEKEKEKEKE.Lur the son of Krug ,the most disappointing one I would think kekeke, he finaly arrives.” Said the black head with every word it spoke like a laughter. “We’ve been waiting for you, Little Lur.” Said the brown head which had a strange calm female voice.


“Your brothers came to us and tried to slay us but we only came back stronger.If they did not succeed what chance do you have?” The main head the white one said it with a thunderous voice that echoed through all the cavern.


“SHUT UP AGH KLOMP ME!” Lur took his position and hurled the javelin at the beast and hit it fully in the back but it charged at Lur not caring for the injury. Lur ran out of the way to avoid the impact. The Wolf turned and started to snap its jaw and strike his claws at Lur but he avoided all of the strikes always backing away from the strikes just before they hit.


The Wolf appeared tired of this and took his position and the black head prepared to howl. Lur remembered what happened the last time it emitted the sound. He decided that he needed to take the black laughing head out. Lur took out another javelin and he raced towards the wall he was armassing speed fast. He stepped on the wall and bounced off the wall and flew over the Wolf and hurled the javelin with all his strength and the bonus of the speed at the black head with its mouth open.


The javelin hit fully in the eye of the beast and Lur could see the tip of it coming out of the other part of the beast’s face. Lur never stopped moving knowing that if he did he would be dead. The brown head seeing its sibling killed lost its apparent sense of calmness and slashed at Lur while he stopped for only a split second. It cut a big space in his back but it was only a superficial wound. He backed away a few meters from it and started to run around the wolf when it tried to run at Lur.


Lur rolled in the ground with his spear in hand. He tried to stab the creature in the belly but it’s skin was to hard to breach. The Wolf appeared to know this would happen and turned to slash its enemy high in the head. Although, Lur managed to duck the strike and saw an opportunity and took it immediately. The brown head let its neck unguarded and lur speared the top of the neck and he managed to strike flesh. He pulled away his spear from the neck and backed away from the bleeding brown head.

The Wolf now only had one functional head. The middle white one. “Hehehe.Good work Lur .You might manage to kill us. But it will not matter even you kill us we will only come back stronger and stronger until all of your pathetic race will be destroyed and then our Master will be pleased. Kekekeke!”

It charged at Lur the exact moment it stopped talking. Lur had almost no time do defend him self. And the wolf was on top of him. Lur raised his spear shaft at the beast’s neck to avoid the snapping of jaws and hold it back if only for a few moments.


“ME NUB GUNA BE FLAT BY LATZ!!!” Lur shouted in defiance. And he did the only thing he could think off to free him self. His legs were free so he put all his strength in a kick at the frontal right paw of the wolf. He hit it fully in the knee and then he heard a bone breaking sound and the Wolf fell to the side out of balance. Lur took this opportunity to roll to the left and got on his feet.


“Nuw lats guna be flat!” The Wolf was raising again even with a possible broken paw. But Lur was faster he speared the creature in the top of the head until he heard the spear tip reach the rocky bottom of the cavern. Lur released and fell on his back.


The beast was defeated the Black head had a javelin through its face and Brown one had a hole from one side of the neck to the other. And the white one was pierced to the ground with the spear shaft on the top of his head and the tip was stuck to the ground. Lur knew that even though it might be defeated for now it was only a matter of time before it came back stronger. He closed his eyes and thought about the hunt. He tried to talk with the spirits of the hunt but every time he tried to talk with them they didn’t respond.He was almost giving up but then he heard something. It was quieter then a whisper but that was enough.


He walked up to the Beast and did what he was told. He got an axe he kept with him and cut off the three heads. He placed them one next to the other and pissed on all three of them. The piss with the blood coming out of the white head formed a strange color of blue.

Lur descended from the mountain and rode his wolf for about 3 days taking his time to see if the beast really did not come back. When he arrived at the camp he shouted at the orcs. ”DA BEAZT BE FLAT! AGH ID WILL NEVER KOME BAK! GLAZUG VOTAR!” He was received with excited shouts and Glazug Votar! When Krug came back from his journey and he named Lur the Huntzgoth. The orcs had a feast in his honor but Lur was no where to be found. He was in the wilds hunting. For he was the Lord of the Hunt and the hunt had just started.


Relevance for a Clan that is similar to the Lur Clan:

Feel free to leave your discord below if interested :)

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95% of all of these kinds of projects fail.


You also need to make more of a name for yourself around these parts before people will start trusting you.

They want to know that it won't just flop. And frankly, a guy with 1 rep doesn't really scream "reliable" to me.

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Interesting to say the least. But I recommend making your account look more legit before doing something like this, like add a profile picture and all that stuff.

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Like Skjold and Twotorule said, almost all projects like this are cancelled or dies like with many other projects like this i used to join, and you'd need better rep and having a legit-looking account.

But if you had the legit-looking account with rep, then I'd say there might just be people joining left and right, but I'm not sure.

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