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  1. Hello, Minemen im looking for several others that might be interested in collaborating to create a lore piece from a server that I commonly play. I haven't started on it since my last animation but the script is practically already prepared for us and simply needs to just be animated and voiced over. This lore takes place in an Orcish Culture so some of the dialogue may seem a bit confusing but I assume those who read this can get an understanding. I already figured how to create an Orc voice over but there will probably need to be skins and schematics created for this project to bring out the best detail of it. I would hope that I would not have to pay for help with this but i am a working man and it is considerable although I do plan on contributing what I can. This lore is essentially the background of my Clan on the server that follows the ideals of one of the greatest Orcs sons. There are also other sons that feature in the story returning from war. Also I apologize for all the spelling errors in this story A three part story explaining all the cool facts of Lur. Why we like to hunt,why we like to be independent and the best question of all.Why lurs like to piss so much?? Relevance for a Clan that is similar to the Lur Clan: Feel free to leave your discord below if interested
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