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Found 15 results

  1. I present to you a wallpaper inspired by the song: "Daniel In The Den". Honestly, I lazily made this with lots of bloom and a small amount of blood (That doesn't mean I didn't put effort into it, however). ! For maximum effect, view while listening to this song: ! I would love to hear feedback/criticism. If you want to see another wallpaper inspired by a song, please let me know! Even suggest a song to make one to!
  2. MC19Player

    Christmas Tree

    I've done better, but I don't have the time nor the patience to do a good one. So here: Don't bother crediting me. It's to simple.
  3. Yes I was lazy animating this one. But as always I would appreciate anybody's criticism and advice for animating on this vid.
  4. Hi there! Some days ago I wrote a status update about the episode list of my incoming series strife, I also mentioned I would revamp/redesign some characters, i'm also doing some trivia about 'em, so if you're curious about my inspirations on this project you can read the spoilers, also, if you think another of the characters needs to be revamped, just tell me. LET'S START! GOOD ONES! ME! BRUCE!! (revamped) img: trivia: DEMIAN! (revamped) img: trivia: MOMO! (not revamped) img: trivia: LUKE! (not revamped) img: trivia: NOW THE BAD ONES!: PHANTOM! (revamped) img: trivia: JAW! (not revamped) img: trivia: STUNNER! (not revamped) img: trivia: SENTINEL! (revamped) img: trivia: Well, that's it, thanks for watching! for further info about this series you can watch the last topic: So, as I said earlier, you can suggest if a character needs a revamp. See you later! Gamers & Freaks!
  5. Im bored as Feck, so i made this. Non Edited Edited Yeah sorry for my shitty photoshop skill Program used Im ready for le critics
  6. i made a fight animation with 2 friends of mine @Badger and rick kid (not in the forums yet
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM5tGGRTizQ Everytime, the story changes... and then this happens Staring Nostalgia Critic Spoony Lalilkajfw... whatever his name is
  8. We all have our lazy days... (The quote above is from a certain manga. Can you name it?)
  9. Gride

    My Drawings

    Hello i just found a bunch of my drawings, and i felt like sharing these with you Please note, that most of these drawings are made 2-3 years ago Please rate them from 1-10
  10. I need a car with any color and must be advance, so as the police car, Thanks
  11. Hello, you may know who I am, you may not. Anyway I am LazyChunks The King of slimes. This will be my drawing topic. I will post drawings here from time to time, so be sure to follow this topic. I don't want to create many topics that contain 2 drawings or so. That would only flood the forums... So here we go! 1. A medieval orc warrior with cyber claw ( ridiculous ikr) 2. I tried to draw Renji, but since i was drawing completely from my mind....
  12. LazyChunk's Profile pic/avatar workshop I can make avatar according to your skin, or a custom one. I started making these on learning purpose, i want to get better. They are completely free I am on vacation right now! The shop is closed! To do list: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Already done: 1. AndyIsAwesome 2 Jord_Spider 3. Zipslash 4. MrDonoB 5. AwesomeGianni721 6. Joshinja 7. RedHawk007 8. 9. 10. Here is the form you need to submit in order to get in to my to do list: The ,,Acording to skin avatar" Name: Minecraft Skin: Backround: The ,,Custom avatar" Name: Hair: Special items: Backround: Eyes: Skin tone: Mouth: Top: Here are some examples: Here is the list of what i can include in your avatar (for custom avatars mostly) Hair (Dont forget to mention the colour) Emo Bold Spikey Army cut Short Mohawk Special items Headphones Devil's horns Angel's halo Retro Glasses Aviator glasses Baseball cap Goatee (beard style) Soul patch (beard style) Pirate's eye patch Backround You will have to fully describe this to me, or send an image you want to be used as a backround. Eyes (All possible colors are available) Normal Shut Stunned (the spiral ones, like in anime) Hurt (the ones with veins on the eyeball, when you play video games too much) Skin Tone Every color is available Mouth Happy Neutral Sad Shows tongue Bunny teeth TOP You'll need to describe that to me (shirt, t-shirt, tank top....) Also don't forget to say the color you want it to be.
  13. Toumouniek

    Some Mobs Rigs

    Hey guys, in this post Ill make a pack which will include facial rigs for every hostile mob little by little. 1 - I saw the creeper rig Block master did with a different skin. So I made a different rig with the original skin for those who love vanilla Here's how it looks like : It has moveable eyes, eyebrows and you can modifie his mouth as it is a schematic! Here's the download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?j1chzfgv1uvxbnx Dont forget to mention me in the credits if you use my rig please!
  14. Hey guy's just made a lil test animation in 2 mins with Casmic Studio's rig. (thanks casmic it's so awesome). Well anyway here it is:
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