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Found 22 results

  1. I made some hats. You can wear them on your head. Now everyone will want to be your friend. Image: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/18r2xj1idf94176/Hat+Models+Pack.zip Last Update: Oct. 19, 2019. I am open to suggestions for what kind of hats to put in here. Includes hats like: Fletcher Hat Armorer Mask Beanie Desert Hat Fisherman Hat Farmer Hat Fedora Shepherd Hat Beret Cowboy Hat deadmau5 Hat Deerstalker Hat Librarian Hat Mario Cap Miner Helmet Party Hat Pirate Hat Plague Mask Pokémon Trainer Hat Royal Crown Santa Hat Snow Hat Toad Head Top Hat Ushanka Hat Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.2 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  2. Hey Is My First Rig Who I Upload Yei Steve No Blend You Can Put Your Skin just Duplicate ''SteveNoBlend.png'' And Put Your Skin adjust and fine 2 Diferents textures to the R and L Legs/Arms And Support Jackets/Hats Link : http://evassmat.com/ATZ0 Post-Data : Enjoy Post-Post-Data : Why Are you continue reading? Post-Post-Data-Data : you are weird leave me alone Post-Post-Post-Data-Data-Data : Rlly? are you continue reading leave me alone you weird and download the rig :3 Post-Post-Post-Post-Data-Data-Data-Data : You End??
  3. Neon`s Auto Hat Rig - NAR 3D Download! it`s full free!
  4. Hi there! Today i will show you a new super mario bros rig! It's my very first rig that I share to the Mine-Imator Community! I hope you will like it! I would like you to do not reupload my rig and tell that you make it! thanks! So here's some Screenshots : I hope u like it! I make this rig for one of my futurs animations because i didn't find another rig that looks good! So bye! Have a great day
  5. Had trouble with the hassle of changing many different textures just to get someone's hair to stick out? Let alone a multi-character animation? No more! This is a rig that requires no extra work, it simply turns the hat of your skin 3d. And it works with any 32x64 skin (before 1.8). Download URL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8njee29v3ony1ay/auto3D-steve.zip
  6. Stolderan

    Black kepi rig

    I don't have post rigs in the forum since a moment,I hope I don't have lost my experience in rigging. DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/xtlctrqz2g2s37x/casquette.object Don't forget to give credit.
  7. Ghatos

    Earsmuff rig!

    Hello everyone! i've made my first rig! download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c728ysb1hyz55xz/EARMUFF+RIG.object no needs to credit me!
  8. BloxTheRigger

    Plague Doctor

    Ok, so I had a request from Sonor to make a Plague Mask. But I took it to the next level, I made a Plague doctor, including a cloak, mask, hat and skin. This is v0.0.1, so there will be more updates on the rig if it is quite popular. -Credit to Mooshim for creating the hand rig. --I hope you enjoy this rig! I hope you enjoy this rig! Plague Doctor: Mooshimity's Hand Rig: BDR3D Texture Pack: Thanks for viewing, and, as always, more to come! P.S Sorry for almost unreadable text :/ --Please give me credit in your video/description -Thanks
  9. Hi, Who wants some Walking Dead rigs??? Well heres the first; Clementine's Hat! -=Requested By hiendiep55=- Rig: Download The Saxy Hat Here
  10. Wazup ! I've created a rig pack for YOU ! THE "ADVENTURER's KIT - DESERT EDITION" A mega pack with decorations and more ! In The Folder : - Fire - Giants Bones - Adventurer's Hat - Skull - Cactus - Adventurer's Belt Download
  11. Forcegamer3000

    Hat Rig

    There Are 2 Hats 1:Normal Hat 2:Bike Hat ------------------------ Normal Hat Image:http://imgur.com/a/p435E Download:https://www.mediafire.com/?p5y5twmyb1asjc1 ---------------------- Bike Hat Image:http://imgur.com/a/VnZf1 Download:https://www.mediafire.com/?hza2i6hxdtj2mgo
  12. Damon

    3D Hats rig!

    I made this in honor of The Animated Player Mod that adds in 3D Hat layers,in addition to much more.I used the Master Chief skin from the XBox 360 version because its a skin that has a hat layer.Side by side:My rig with Default side by side: With Banjo from Banjo Kazooie: How to make your skin work with the rig: Copy and paste the hat layer of your skin into the items.png file packed with the zip,and replace the skin with yours.Swap the images and your done.Will make a video when I get the time Download?No?Okay...
  13. ArticPolarBear

    Top Hat Rig

    Hello Everyone! I hope you've been enjoying my rigs. Anyways, I decided to make a top hat like no other on mine-imator.... you can re-color it by going into the TimeLine area and selecting all the parts of "HatBase", the ribbon is re-sizeable and re-colorable the hat has a new shape, not like the simple rectangle on a flat square, this top hat has a bigger/roundish top. how to apply it to your character, simple just parent it to the head of the human and re-position it to where you'd like and now, the images http://[/url] http:// here is the download link enjoy sorry the download was wrong, I fixed it though here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_pgVyYQzGi3RTlKaVpCb0ViR1E/view?usp=sharing
  14. Really simple but one of my favorite rigs i made Start your flight here: http://deltadinodeltaandrew.weebly.com/downloads.html
  15. Mooshim wanted a top hat for an animation, so I just decided to make a little bit more: Hope you like Please give feedback Updates (Hopefully): Cane Pipe Tie/Bow Tie (Anything else suggested) Thanks for viewing, and as always, more to come! -Please give credit in your video, art or description (or whatever else).
  16. And now, I bring to you, TWO of my new OCs! Meet the "Fancy Proper Pair", Futree's new fighting force. Created in X laboratories (unkown for their recent mech launch), and later stole and reprogrammed by none other than Xia Nightlight, these two brought justice almost as fast as her - with twice the squabbling and social corrections. The one on the left is named Vicktor, professional top hat. Ever since Xia got her hands on him, he could never stop speaking and acting proper, and now has gone through his "super duper mega Über chuck-norris TF2 sized hat and suit" fad, which doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon. Armed with a spy-glass monocle, and a shotgun / bladed gold cane, he now is the long, fancy arm of the law. Vecktor, Vicktor's more mainstream twin, meanwhile, was programmed to be the ultimate hipster. He believes if anyone but him and his partners know anything about anything, "it's already too mainstream for him." He was the first one to Gangnam style, Fox, and Harlem shake, started twerking and planking, and generally, "burning his mouth hydraulics for eating things before they were cool". Hope you enjoyed! Like if you did!
  17. Hi, I have for you a white hat on your character! Overall, I have nothing to say, they judge it. Here is the link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cu0yw9z723p5088/Kapelusz.schematic #EDIT I'm sorry, but I try to post a image, and not work
  18. A hat and mustache rig. It is pretty simple really. Hope you like it! Thanks! I have prepared some images below. ============================================================================ Note! You must unparent the hat or mustache to have it seperate from the player, or when the player moves, that hat moves with him/her. =========Features========= Eyebrows Mustache Hat ========================= ==========Possibly upcoming features====== Fancy suit Cane Bowtie Regular Tie Sunglasses ==================================== DOWNLOAD! CLICK THIS!
  19. Hello There And welcome to my firts rig this rig is a hat that looks like cat in the hat i will use it in my animatoins and i hope u do to BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Oh and here is the download link http://www.mediafire.com/download/6g2p3qs5u2a1mws/Random+Hat+Rig.zip
  20. I shall post all my rigs here for people to enjoy! iPhone Top Hat Glasses 3D Apple PLANNED RIGS /REQUESTS Gravity Gun (Half Life) Trampoline I'm open to suggestions! If used on youtube give me credit! Put this in your description: /----------------------------\ [ Rigs by felinefelix88 ] \----------------------------/
  21. Hey guys its one of my first posts and I've made schematic files and skin files for miscellaneous and hats with my friend and I thought why not upload them?The download is a zip containing all the files.Use the overlay tool to paint misc items. List of Misc/Hats completed: Soldier: Pyro: Demo: Heavy: Engineer: Medic: Sniper: Spy: All Class Hats: Application: Experience do you have? Can you name atleast 5 items in TF2? You must send atleast one Misc/Hat you made via PM. Comments: Why: Age: Current Team List: Damon TheKillerMan ? ? ? ? ? ? Videos Made With It: Changelog: V 3.5 No new items yet,but I updated it a little bit with an explanation of the All Scout V 3 NOTICE : Something screwed up when I posted.Im working on cleaning it up right now. Fixed Now. Added The Demo's Fro Added Snapped Pupil Added All Scout(Which has the all of the current items(The Backwards Ballcap,Ball-Kicking Boots,Stereoscopic Shades,Fast Learner,Baseball Bills Sport Shine) in a single .png) Added MORE ORGANIZED WAY OF DOWNLOAD. Added Dropbox downloads. V 2.5 Working on V 3 right now,trying to test to see if image links work V 2 Added Googly Gazer(Both Styles) Added Business Casual and Fancy Fedora Added Changelog. Added Current Team List!(Will add people whenever.) Added Application! V 1 Initial Release with: The Backwards Ballcap Ball-Kicking Boots Stereoscopic Shades Fast Learner Baseball Bills Sport Shine
  22. I made this a while back. Slow-motion and custom item test, along with starting to use more fluid movement in my animations. The skins used are my own and a friend's. I was planning this to be the debut video example thing for my "Tennis" post, but was too lazy to render the video. Here it is in its raw, unedited form. No sound, just a sword fight and a cliffhanger. Tell me what you think, if I should finish it, what to add, or if you want the skins/hat. Or do nothing at all.
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