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  1. can you customize it to make it look like a banner?
  2. you have to donate $10 to get the cape -.- so im selling half price
  3. im selling my optifine cape for $5 amazon gift card, if you'd like to buy msg me on here or on skype Skype: grayson.lanham
  4. Ok so, in this collab you will need to make a Halloween costume of any type and post the picture in this topic. EX:http:// ends 10/31/16 List of people entered:
  5. want to hear my 2 Halloween projects im working on.....


    t-rex costume


    glow in the dark stick figure costume

  6. I was messing around with my friends and I was making voices one of them said I sounded like that ginger bread man from shrek so yeah.... if anyone needs a high pitch voice actor that sounds like a living cookie im your man Skype: grayson.lanham
  7. who here would pay to here what I first did on mine-imator before I posted rigs/wallpapers (P.S. nobody is paying just a joke)

  8. would you ever release a +18 version of that female rig you've been working on? lol
  9. what should I make next?

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