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Found 38 results

  1. Listen, I don't mean to say the forums look bad or boring (still debatable), but it's definitely outdated to say the least. It uses the default color scheme that comes with the Invision package, same default layout, everything. Not to mention the fact Invision has been putting out numerous new features and not one of them is being used. Of course, none of this stuff is really necessary, some of them would just be nice I think (file sharing and gallery are already out of the question though for storage reasons). I tried out a little demo and had a bunch of users test out each of these (except e-commerce for obvious reasons). All of them were tested but the one that really stood out I think was the Clubs feature. It basically lets your users create small groups together, which would be perfect for animation teams, collab organization, etc. Plus there are a lot of options you can give or take. There are a whole bunch of different options that you can give in terms of clubs. You can change how exclusive individual clubs are, you can give them a mini forum category inside the club itself, you can even use it in tandem with the Calendars feature so they can schedule certain events as a group, such as the release of a certain animation or the deadline for a collab (that collab deadline thing would be a huge reason to include the Calendar feature). Plus you can make it so mods have to approve clubs after being made before they're usable (which might be appealing to this particular community). That is why I think the Clubs feature would be a very useful thing to have considering the nature of the forums. And then, there's the design of the website itself. It's pretty outdated. It looks okay, but it could definitely be spruced up a bit with a modern, Modelbench-like color-scheme. The current scheme may have worked for older versions of Mine-imator, but now we have a shiny new concept for Modelbench that looks so much more colorful, elegant, and still professional. Perhaps Voxy could help out a bit and you can update the colors a little? That would be very fantastic. Apparently I'm not the only one with this opinion I've found. Thanks!
  2. Sticky has set on a spiritual journey to gather all the infinity stones in order to eliminate half of the forum members to bring balance to the website. The forum's finest heroes, developers, veterans, newbies and members of all types must set aside their differences and join forces in the forum's most ambitious crossover event to stop this imminent threat! MASSIVE THANKS to EVERYONE who were so kind to share their skins and character rigs for me to use in this wallpaper, this includes @BaconSandwich, @BoltedJames, @BBruce7815, @Che3syPlayz, @Rollo, @EthanForeverAlone, @Jake_28, @KaryuGraphics, @mbanders, @MachineGunInc, @MYSELF3200, @Nimi (I love you magneficent bastard), @Pigeon_, @9redwoods, @Skjold, @Swift, @tditdatdwt, @YoshiHunter, and fellow discord buddies Gabe, Hozq and Tug the Fox. And oh what the hell I'm gonna thank @david for giving us Mine-Imator. 23 People in a wallpaper heh? Total pain in the butt to ask one for one permission to use their character and pose them afterwards, but hot damn it was worth it. For the occasion I wanted to make a different type of "more-than-one-member-wallpaper", because since I saw that these types of wallpapers often include only people who are in a certain group/server/team, I wanted to include a large variety of forum members themselves to represent how diverse the community is. All the rigging styles, all skin styles, everything clashing together in one wallpaper. Thank you all very much! V V Get your own Infinity Gauntlet rig down here! V V DOWNLOAD No need to credit for the rig, enjoy it. Don't claim as your own. Thank you, everyone.
  3. ? "Versions of Mine-imator" ?️ Hello everyone from the community! With the new version 1.2 of Mine-imator that we have known, I wanted to do a survey to know what they think about it, to know what versions are currently the most used by the community and why they use it. In this way we can know the opinion of the people and take better advantage of the program. This survey will be open until the new version of the program comes out, that way, it will give people more time to vote. Without anything else to say, I hope you enjoy it.
  4. Hello, everyone! So I had a lot of questions about the forums as a community, and their varying opinions on certain topics. So I decided to make a survey! It's 37 questions and if you take your time and read through the questions carefully, it should only take about 6-8 minutes. I say 37 questions but a lot of them are actually just continuations of an answer to a previous question. I would love if you would take your time and read through them carefully, and be honest with your answers. Everything is completely anonymous, and I can't see a single thing about who's answering. I asked Emunator whether or not it was safe, and he said it was totally fine, so you shouldn't have to worry about anything there. Without further exposition, the link to the survey is down there. Take your time, there's no rush. I will reveal the results of the survey in a few days, maybe a week, depending on how many results I get. I'm interested in seeing what it'll show! Thanks, everyone! https://surveyhero.com/c/04bd0ed4
  5. Man, It's been quite a roller-coaster ride for me. 4 years of trying my best (most of the time) to create animations for people to enjoy, and to make myself satisfied. 4 years of just being myself and progressing through the stages. 4 years, and i am not gonna stop at 5 or anytime soon unless I have completed what needs to be done. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've decided to make this compilation to show how much I've improved over the years, and to show what potential i have also gained. Sure, my content most of the time takes a long time to do. But, I'm not gonna go and post content that A. I'm not satisfied with B. Will get me a lot of views just because it's a new trend. So, here's the compilation. Enjoy, and thank you everyone here for a wonderful 4 years. And for those interested, here is a small clip that features 2 old animations from the Urban Run Collab (Which i missed the deadline for) one after the another to show the progress from 2015-2018
  6. These are rules that aren't necessarily mentioned anywhere in the rules, but most people who've stuck around for a while know what they are. Discussion Related: Colored text is generally looked down upon. Colored Bold Comic Sans is very looked down upon Super edgy emo OCs are generally looked down upon Kissing Skibbzs' ass behind is looked down upon and is annoying. Content Related: Use the latest edition. It's always better, no exceptions. Pictures on a rig's topic are a must. Use Imgur; it's quick, easy, and free. Overuse of any special effect will be downvoted, no exceptions. When making an animation, avoid using yourself as the actor. These are how OCs (Original Characters) get started, and it will make it harder for the video to be original. (Not really a rule, just a suggestion) Don't try to host a collab You are here for Mine-imator first, the community second. If that's not why you are here, then you have no reason to be here. Even if you intend on staying, keep that in mind: this program is why the forums were made in the first place. Please try to give credit to people for things. Especially, if they ask/tell you to. Criticism is a thing. Don't get mad at someone because they said this or that was bad and needs to be improved. On the flip side, don't just spew hate at some newbie's content, give them some advice, and actually tell them what's wrong. (Calling someone's thing "garbage" and then running away doesn't really solve anything) Make your works a bit more distinguishable and original as well as interesting. If it can't stand on it's own, it's not worth sitting down for either. (This includes fad, Monster School, Frame-by-frame copies, etc.) Parodies are usually ok, but only as fan-works, nothing more. Don't build hype, build a following. Don't make a fanbase, make an audience. Don't make a short, make a scene. Statuses Related: Statuses are strictly for baiting idiots into arguments and talking about pointless things. If you have something reasonable and meaning to post, take it somewhere else. Your Cards Against Humanity games better be pretty damn good, or nobody will play. Chatroom Related: Remember the 4 forbidden acronym: RAPE Religion Abortion Politics Economics It's fine to have these brought in a late discussion, but they make terrible icebreakers. If you wouldn't say it to someone you like, it's probably worse to someone you don't know. No matter your stance on the issues, it's safer to just not deal with the headaches involved. You do not roleplay in the chat. You do NOT roleplay in the chat. Moderator Related: Respect your mods, or you most likely won't be given any mercy for future punishments Not all mods are the same. Just because one mod is lenient does not mean the other one is. Don't expect a pass from every mod for a small mistake. Even if you think you are winning an argument, you should stop what you are doing and address the situation if mods are involved. While Philosophers are previous chat mods/moderators: They can offer advice on how the system works, they can't police the forums. They are just like any other member. Your Philosopher rank is only a representation of your retired duties. You should only mini-mod is deemed absolutely necessary, but never take advantage of that especially if the mods tell you to stop. Miscellaneous Related: You must give thanks to Lord David everyday, or you will be downvoted, no exceptions. If you know of any other ones, post a reply and I'll add them to the list! credit to @Shane for the idea. And a big thanks to @ÜberKiller for all of the suggestions/feedback!
  7. How does one PM someone video files in the forums?
  8. So I found a bug that I think has only happened to me. I can't reply, post topics, send PM's... But this only happens on my pc since I upgraded to Windows 10. But (I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time I say but ) I can still write the titles and things that don't involve the "text box" ,the thing that shows the emoticons.. a.k.a. the thing that I'm using to write this. P.S.: I'm using my cellphone to write this. Please help me...
  9. I made this wallpaper a while ago, finally decided to release it!
  10. Soo.. You can get a warning instead of a warning point but.. doesnt that ruin the purpose? Warning points are simply just warnings. So why get warned for getting a warning? Actually, When I think about it.. The whole ban system is flawed. You can simply just misunderstand the rules 10 times and boom. You're banned. Talk about rules, Why doesn't they make you sit through the rules RIGHT when you join? Heck, Why not have a link to the rules right on the front page of the forum? This would make a lot of people be able to find/navigate to them easier. Also, Theres more than one set of rules. I can name 4 topics with rules on the spot. Some rules even have massive loop-holes and are even unclear at times. Even the mods are neglecting it with Frossa saying they'll do it "some time" and even saying "too lazy" This is unacceptable. The moderators are here to keep order on the forums. Not just give warning points to those who "deserves it" Also, Appeals. The majority of the forum doesn't even know that they could appeal their warning points unless they have read the obscure rule topics. All these things - All these flaws just come together to prevent these forums from its true potential. Its such a shame to see a nice forum go to waste.. ..that is, unless it gets fixed of course. Sources: http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/3-the-rules-of-the-mine-imator-forums/ http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/29621-what-is-spam/ http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/27607-mini-modding http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/27787-guide-to-forum-ing-v2/
  11. Just had to get this out, cause this is probably what goes true my mind most of the time when the forum goes dead is it still hip to say dead hour?
  12. I just whipped up another animation, I would say this would be my longest animation yet. Please subscribe, I post pretty much daily now, because I'm fasting Im too tired to do anything else. And it's not gonna be quick until I stop fasting. So yeah. Enjoy! (read the description if you're confused) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZorB6TfzFM
  13. I Already Know You Need BBCode On But What The Code
  14. Sorry, kinda had a little malfunction. It posted before I even started writing Happy New 2015!!! This last year that went on for me was quite good. Out of the forums, I gained more friendships, got WAAAAAAAAAAAY better at GD, MC, Animation (Even though I still suck at it), and art. The only suckish thing was that I didn't get to have my birthday party and now everything is kinda messed up in schedules which makes my mom and dad go crazy (lel). I was a little sad cuz I did not get to post a 2015 wallpaper or something like that because of DirectX ;n; which made me feel a little left out but I am totally fiiiine! Well, since I never got to tell you my part of the story of coming on these forums, I thought that would be a "New Year's Surprise"! Since my stream did not go so well because of not too many people and malfunctions on my laptop, this story might be a Make-Up. It was also preeettttyyyy late at night anyway...so lol! I hope you guys enjoy! My Story- Thank you all, especially the ones who helped me through the forums! Please leave a like if you liked my little Thanks letter. ~Snowlee
  15. It's a special day today, so i took my time to make the most detailed wallpaper i have made. + Really detailed schematic + A lot of skins + A lot of lights + A lot of items + Rigged David face + Allemn89 + Enderdragon So now i wanna talk about the forums, after i joined the forums, I've realized that it really became a big part of my life, the forum is great fun! and great entertaining. To have such awesome forum is rare, it's not as big as some forums, but that's probably why it's so good, and the rules really keeps it clean. Enjoy the rest of the day, and let celebrate this day with a And no, the is not a lie. + Rate button + What u do button Any creative Feedback is really appreciated, and if you have any thought about the forum, i would like to hear it ^^
  16. So this is based off this: http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/statuses/user/24145-willbl3pic/?status_id=75506 Look down through the comments and you will see that Peanutbutter timelord said about how Rubin is now a girl with 12 arms etc... You should be able to see enderbat being insane, peanutbutter timelord being the president of tomato, and Rubin being a girl with 12 arms. Oh, and Gabe Newell being dead...
  17. Snowlee


    Ok so the story is: You all were on a airplane but the system failed and it crashed. You had your luggage stuck on the plane and it exploded and you gotta restart with your few supplies that you took BUT you landed in a warzone! You guys are in Asia and you have to find a way to fight against the rebels because you find out they crashed on purpose because the secret agent service chose you to help fight against the rebels. Your mission is to get rid of the rebels. You are allowed 3 ocs and 2 powers. Here is the form: OC name: Power: Age: Looks: Personality: Weapons: Here is mine Ok I will start! Snow: (crashes onto ground) Ow! D: *runs out of airplane*
  18. I made a new team on the forumss The Cats do you want to join??? btw this is the team logo:it has alot of swag
  19. can it be possible in the forums that in the recent topic section there can be a "See All Recent Topics" button,because sometimes i seem to miss something that i get excited for a few days before. Example:
  20. I'm making a Wallpaper with hopefully a lot of people, if you want to be in it, your welcome to join. FORM Skin: Pose (optional): Holding (optional): Interact with anther person? (Optional): Basically you just need to give your skin This is a example so you don't think i'm terrible. Also how do i move this post ? Moderators helpz plz
  21. Ok, so you guys may know that I'm making rigs, right? But you may notice i always put links for the pics... It's because when I post a new topic with that image extension, it tells me this, "YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE THE IMAGE EXTENSION TO THE FORUMS" I followed the tutorial of David about posting images, but i can't... PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP MEE!
  22. Hello, some of you may know me, some of you may not. Anyway drawing warriors in armor is my biggest passion, i like to draw other things too, but i think I am better in drawing armor, than drawings flowers for instance. So I just felt like sharing with you, how I've aged with my warriors Following there will be 2 pictures, one I drew like 2 years ago, o r so, another I drew today. Also another purpose of this topic: I'd like you to give me constructive criticism and feedback, I'd really appreciate that ) 2 years ago Today Thanks for taking your time to view this ))))
  23. Sup, doods! I made my own logo for Mine-imator Forums using Photoshop, here it is: I hope you liek it! =D Oh, and also. Check out my own Mine-imator logo
  24. Hi, everyone So, I bet most of you are wondering how in the heck I already have 300+ rep yet I've only been on for a bit more than a month. Well... this guide'll tell you, and help you to achieve crazy amounts of rep every day (Okay, maybe not that much, just more than you normally get.) This guide includes a few good ways to get more rep, and why it helps. (Sorry if this is confusing and/or vague. I'm new to creating tutorials/guides.) The Guide To Earning Respect: Hope this helped! Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  25. So... I was thinking maybe all of us don't want the same theme. Maybe we could have DIFFERENT themes. Here are some ideas: Original Theme (This one) Winter Theme (The other one) Enderman Theme (Endermen everywhere!) Creeper Theme (Creepers!) Diamond Theme (Struck it rich!) Fighting Theme (Booty-kicking time!) Nether Theme (Ooh... scary) Wither Theme (He's always watching) Herobrine Theme (Run!) Tell me what you think!
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