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  1. Hello, This is a Expansion Pack to The White Plague Infected This comes with 6 Types of missing body parts on Infected updated: added Female and Burned Infected skins. (Blood Warning cuz some people are sensitive to blood) Bloater: (comes with black skin to) Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lQiGVta_WdxsThV4HymSpQVtanY95MwQ
  2. Normal version OCs used Franklin Miller for the 2023 version and James Allen for the 2022 version Credits Face rig: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/89287-lapis-face-rig-v200-―-for-the-community-by-the-community/ Jacket rig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D-VpOxWBJg
  3. Render commissioned from Conn for 3.5$ Do you reckon it's worth it to him?
  4. It's been a while since I posted my render. Here's a found image of Oblivion slaying zombies. Legend has it that he is still ripping and tearing through zombies, until there are none left. Oblivion 6.0 and Oblivion Battle Axe rigs by @SharpWind Bonus Image: Oblivion Dark 6.0 is also made by SharpWind.
  5. Hello guys, I'm making a new rig for now, it is minecraft story mode rig pack. The rig I had complete at here were Zombie Pigman, Villagers (I'll make Nurm later), Jesse (season 1, 2, & my own creation (Admin Jesse)), and the hardest rig at here (for me), Axel. I hope it'll be a good rig pack. If you have any rig suggestions for me to make please tell me, I'll make it if I can.
  6. The One Exit: Horde... Falling Back: Last Opinion:
  7. Didn't have any inspiration for a wallpaper today, so instead i did some renders !
  8. By taking the wrong turn you have awoken the creatures that have been lying in these abandoned mines. This fight cannot be your last one, it will not be your last one, you will survive, and you will keep going. You cannot lose.
  9. With both accounts verified and the games installation done, two friends begin their journey on a Minecraft LAN world. They have lots of fun making torches and punching wildlife animals, but their safety is only temporary. The sun is setting, and at night, the vibrant block world becomes a very dangerous place. Out of a nearby cave stagger two braindead zombies, groaning and mumbling as their feet drag across the ground. It won't be long before the forest is littered with monsters of all shapes, and sizes. This one was a lot of fun to do. I don't do many Minecraft renders with Mine-imator, but I wanted to start learning how to do them properly, so here's one! I got a few criticisms over the skybox used, and that's fair! It's actually the same skybox I used in this render of Eve. It was going to be a daytime render, coming from the mouth of a cave, however I felt the composition worked better from further out of the cave, but then it started to look like they were walking in broad daylight. Of course zombies burn in the daylight, so that wouldn't work. I tried adjusting the coloration of the skybox, and it didn't work as well as I hoped it would. I'm keeping that one in mind for future renders. I'm still figuring out how lighting works and all, so please let me know if there's anything wrong or that could use some improvement! I want to hear your criticisms, that's the key to improving my work!
  10. Hey guys i hope your having a fantastic day and i wanna show you this wallpaper i made
  11. Atago from ShinColle Mod DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/shingel42/art/Mine-Imator-Atago-767929000
  12. Yeah, new wallpaper. Only 4 things I want to say: 1. This time I focused mostly on posing 2. Nevermind the name of this topic 3. You have free space for CC (I know that lighting sucks, it's my weak point) 4. That thing behind that black "demon" in golden AK-47, nothing special Here's the wallpaper (5120x2160, my standart resolution) (btw. I was inspired by one wallpaper here on forums) More silly "version for phones", simply "silly phone wallpaper" (720x1440, my phone screen resolution): Credits: Face rig - SKIBBZ
  13. weapon model by:crustyjpeg
  14. Rig used: backpack made by Batman4014 weapon model made by crustyjpeg
  15. This is my first longer MineImator animation. I put it together with some previous animations: Here's the final result (I added some other parts to the animation and revised the sounds a bit, too): (Sorry for not embedding the video here, I couldn't get it to work somehow..Is there a cap of 2 Videos per post or something?) There will be more animations made by me, at the moment I'm working on a Christmas animation
  16. This is my New test/ fight animation Note that im still very New to mineimator yeah
  17. Mutant Creatures Mod: Mutant Zombie Rules and DL in DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/shingel42/art/Mine-Imator-Mutant-Zombie-Rig-DL-804273536
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