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  1. The day before yesterday I downloaded the new version of the program and I was testing it three times. Of the three mp4's I rendered I merged it into a 16:9 VHS Found Footage-like video (somewhat unusual) Video here: The thing is about 3 filming of a test subject with my same name in three parts of a fictitious city that I have a little abandoned. I would like to find a way to recreate those light edges that version 1.2.9 had in the characters, settings, blocks, etc., so a little help wouldn't hurt me. Greetings from Argentina.
  2. that's all, that's all this render but I think I'll keep making renders to be able to improve the lighting, well, I hope you like the render can you also give me some rendering tips to improve the image quality
  3. This is a quick test with the witherstorm rig Link:
  4. So it's been a good 3+ years since I did an animation, as I was mainly making models and stuff. But as I've just gotten Discord Nitro yesterday, I made myself an Animated Discord Pfp just for the fun of it, and to be honest, I think it's pretty good. I tried to make it look like a type of pixel animation, like an 8-bit type thing, and I think I did well at it, considering I've never done this type of animation before, plus me not doing animations for 3+ years, but tell me what you think of it. Bonus: My mate @JaystepherMLG also made me an Animated pfp and a Discord Banner, I quite like them both, so I hope you'll do too.
  5. blob model test it's just a test of my new model blob do fnaf security breach
  6. My First Very Owen Face Rig, it don't have mouth rig but this is just a version one of this face rig, for now is just an eye rig here is a rest of my face rig. what do you guys think? pls leave some feedback so i can improve the face rig.
  7. A test of firing and reloading guns in Mine Imator Guns I used:
  9. An upcoming redesigned M9 pistol test animation. For more information, go to YouTube. This gun rig model is voxel-based model.
  10. Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated! I can also handle harsh critizism.
  11. an Test animation of upcoming M79 grenade launcher rig for Mine-Imator Weapon Rig Pack. For more information, go to Youtube. In my imagination, I added a scene in which the launcher is fired close to the ground.
  12. Just a bunch of textured surface meshed together
  13. This is is the peak of gaming. Not in graphics, not in fancy mechanics, but in experience. This is a time where gaming was more special, something more hard-earned. Oh, and just the fact that it's Pac-Man, and that overrides any of your opinions. I just got this rig into a presentable state last night, so I figured I'd go ahead and make something with it. The rig has some extra gimmicks that I'll show once I finish it up. For now, have some cozy Arcade Wallpapers!
  14. This test animation was made to sorta view the way the plants would move artificially as if it was affected by the wind. The movement of these objects are controlled by bends and the illusion of these plants looking 3D make it look more realistic then the built-in wind effect in Mine-imator. Lighting wasn't something I put effort into while making this example. Don't be afraid to send honest ´╗┐feedback Fun fact: I made this rig accidently by importing the HD texture of the plants into Modelbench instead of my intended texture of a pixelated crate.
  15. I spent around 3 days creating the 24 schematic frames in-game. Would you like more content like this from me? Mine-imator reddit post for anyone interested
  16. A Sonic Rig made by me using Modelbench. Mouth rig by SoundsDotZip
  17. Aight, credits: @anima cryses for his custom springtrap and the axe @ShotU for Freddy rig and fnaf1/fnaf3 map @Dannyy_btw for the orange robot Enjoy
  18. I like which result i got while were doing this
  19. Sooo... made a night lamp light, for my upcoming animation. Took in total like 3 - 4 hours to figure out how to make it.
  20. This is a test for lighting and Mine-imator visuals. I know the outside is dark oof. Credits to @Keep on Chucking for his tips on the visuals @anima cryses for his Springbonnie rig
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