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  1. There is my participation in the "Drawing a blank" by @Pickyduck14. mouth, cig and lighter are from the FC5 pack.
  2. Did I just changed an entire setting ? yes. Why ? I don't know, maybe I felt swamps were a little bit too generic for a post-apocalyptic universe, so why not the seas ?
  3. Render commissioned from Conn for 3.5$ Do you reckon it's worth it to him?
  4. At night, campfires are both the safest and the most dangerous place in the Swamps, you're not alone for long. You can be visited by other Swampers, by the ghost of the fallen comrades or by death himself.
  5. Behinde the scene: Not much to say, enjoy the render!
  6. A Minecraft clock animation I made for the 2022 Clocks of the BBS Collaboration on Newgrounds.com - rendered in a Youtube Short format. This was rendered in true 8k 60fps. The file size was huge because I care about having the highest quality animation.
  7. Skinny steve with misaligned texture
  8. PC RIG: Myself Monitor RIG: Myself KeyBoard RIG: Myself (LINK) Game Console RIG: Myself (LINK) Chair RIG: Myself
  9. Enjoy this new render I've made after what feels like months! I'm pretty new to using Highlights, so if you have any type of suggestion regarding Highlights, it would be really appreciated!
  10. Sometimes i feel alone. I feel like i'm not interesting or fun to be with. I know that its normal, that it's not uncommon. But i don't know how to directly talk about that to my relatives.
  11. Sorry for being late. What is he thinking? Comment what you think about what he is thinking.
  12. It is a quiet night... right? The two characters in the picture are my own design Male character: Graham Female character: Claire The works in the first two posts were made not long ago, and now this post is my work today, I hope you like it. Oh, yes, I made a small animation of only 37 seconds and posted it on a video website, but not on YouTube. Video link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV18q4y1V7o2?share_source=copy_web Carton model: Teddy bear model: Bed model: The ink demon model in the animation: Record player model:
  13. Download Available Soon!!!!!! Changes: New Eye Options New Mouth Options Better Bending at:[Arms, Legs, Body] !!Extra Skins!!
  14. Almost 9 years of exploring, it is the first time you see a cave like this one. I'd say that it looks very strange, but you keep thinking it will be fun to explore. I respect that, but don't forget to be quiet. It might be listening to us... Sorry for being gone, by the way.
  15. You don't know who built them, you don't know why they were built. All you know is that you aren't strong enough to fight whatever is in there. Luckily that woman seems crazy enough to go with you.
  16. Your only objetive: survive and probably the best idea you could come up in 2 minutes was a dirt house, now you just wait till the danger is gone... any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  17. Your dog wouldn't fall asleep as it was excited, so you decided to take it outside for a moment. Unfortunately it looks like that you aren't the only ones walking tonight. These creatures seems to be quite friendly, but let me give you an advice... Keep your eyes away from theirs.
  18. Don't you ever feel like adventure doesn't satisfy you like it used to ? That you just want to go back home, back to safety ?
  19. henlo! its been a long time since i create a wallpaper lol i was a bit lazy and busy at the same time back then. plus, this is lazily maded because i was both lazy and tired here it is note stuffs - please do not reupload this thing because am not wasting my 5 minutes creating this and posting it just for you all to reupload it. rlly! ight thats all am too lazy typing these also so dont mind spelling errors
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