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  1. Its just a test , nothing more. took 3 hours to finished- tell me your opinion. SP_A
  2. Render commissioned from Conn for 3.5$ Do you reckon it's worth it to him?
  3. Don't forget to @ me on YouTube or discord - Samckone#8308. ( @samckone6482 ) Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y2jVlQQ9s3MUkZ9Ar-m1IPQOuFFMmw1I/view?usp=sharing
  4. So... my "first" McMojang render using bending, so... I personally don't like bending, so here is a bendingless version! 1 Upvote = 1 No-bending fan!
  5. Who will win? I found the map in the description of a youtube video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evG8zHvgC2I
  6. Blood and slowmo Included ^) https://youtu.be/4lmgnFxB_pI Working on matrix episode.
  7. Profanity Warning (And also references to alcohol) An animation I made for the birthday of my good friend, Nausia Animations!
  8. This is a story about when animals turn into cute girls and what will happen in their lifetime This is the most splendid episode for me and hope u will like it
  9. So if you remember back then, i posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming Steve vs other players video... Yeah, the motivation was lost midway due to 'internal suppression' from my parents... so the video is resting in the limbo for months, and decided to upload Hagus' part just now, Ghatos' part had some small progress but project has stopped there. But here we go nonetheless. The video is supposed to be low-quality up until the fight scene, which i devoted my time, skill, and motivation solely on the later part, those were 2 different videos merged together with premiere, and the low-quality video is lost. @Hagus @Ghatos @TexasTony04 @_Blue @Gfamleit @Glitch Block Studios Sorry for that anti-climactic battle Hagus, that one was very intended and not because of low motivation, high ground or not, Steve is just too skilled for you, lol. The same would happen to the rest if the video actually finish. The video was scrapped, i got something else in the works, can i use your skins as the same player who will attack steve AT ONCE? I can't promise whether it's finished or not, but i've set up a new formula to keep my motivation flowing steadily and i hope it works.
  10. xxxlilsavage:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClABN0VjbV_LoT1W4RZ7aKQ
  11. xxxlittlesavage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClABN0VjbV_LoT1W4RZ7aKQ
  12. Hey guys, how long I haven't been here in the forum, anyway, today I came to show my new animation of my series of minecraft animations, I hope you see and if you liked it, you can leave a like and write about what I can improve. Thanks and see you in the next animation
  13. Credits: @jakubg1 for his skin @Phyre for her skin @Hozq for smooth steve/alex model @SKIBBZ for the face rig @TNTRaptor for rendering this Now to say this: Jakub was like a friend to me. He's always friendly and awesome, like many other users in this server. I heard he's gone through nasty stuff in Discord and been banned because of pedophillia, and I messaged him about that thing. He admitted he's been careless, but now he's more cautious. Therefore, he said he has planned leaving the MI community for life since the rendering and animating is beginning to bore him. This left me a mark, and it seems no one had made a mention or appearance of him, so this may be the last render he may appear(maybe not), so...may you rest in peace, old friend. ?
  14. This is my New test/ fight animation Note that im still very New to mineimator yeah
  15. It's been a while since I posted something here but I thought that this would be important to some people. I present... the start to my long awaited series. ============ LONG FORGOTTEN ============ Now I know some of you is gonna get mad that it's a "Reality Ripoff" or "It's a MGB" Tbh, I enjoy making this series, and I hope some of you enjoy watching it. Here is also a little QnA I want to address: -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- Will there be voice actors? There will be in the future, hardest part is finding that are actually good. Can I be an opponent in the series? Since the series has a more thought out plot, it's harder to just add people in left or right. But as a background character, sure! --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
  16. Divided is most definetely my most successful animation I've ever made. It consists of 4 episodes, the fourth one premiering on April 17th - in 5 days as of writing this post. It's a story about depression based on real life. It's shown in a graphical way, where the protagonist has manifested his depression into a physical being and fights it in his head. The story has also got a lot to do with the events taking place in real life, abandoning friends, and so on and it includes a lot of psychological metaphores. It shows really deeply the effects of depression, how it can "devour" an individual from the inside and what an absolutely crucial role is being played by the pacient's friends and family. Divided itself is a project that has took me 3 years and a month to finish: from the episode 1, where my skill was not nearly on the level it currently is, till the final episode, premiering in a few days, while throughout the story I've prograssed and learned, becoming better and better as it went. Each episode took 3-6 months to being finished, with a 2 months break in between, except episode four (the one premiering). Episode 4 took a year and a half, with the first planning started in December, 2017. It started with the script, upgrading the rigs, building the worlds, later on the storyboard, contacting people and auditioning for voice actors and over the course, up till now, the lovely piece of art was growing. It took more than 4000 hours of work, 10 acts, 7 voice actors (recycling voices for several roles), over 2600 blocks being animated by hand, a lot of nerves and a lot of emotional support from other people (who I'd like to thank). It was made to wrap up the story in a spectacle and a meaningful emotional twist. A lot of credit goes to my YouTube partner, Freedom!, for providing me the access to licenced music, which has made the overall experience better on a whole another level - despite the fact that I still had to compose the soundtrack myself, using all the available material and properly crediting them in the end credits. Preproduction and production Animation was most definetely not everything there was needed to be done, of course: - First I needed a script (which I had written in the school cafeteria on a sheet of paper, ripped out of my notebook, and was later on written in the proper script format) - Afterwards, I required all the skins, rigs, voice actors, worlds, and assets that I would use in my animation - The storyboard, with individual shot lengths - A customly made soundtrack, based off which I would sync my animation (the first version including only the voices, and urgently timed events and adding the rest - such as footsteps, cloth sound effects and music - later in post-production) - Then I've tackled the animating part, which took most of the time, going at a rate of 1 second of animation being made every 2 hours or so; exporting the animation in bits of 20 seconds to prevent lagg and improove organization - going through the animation several times to add lighting, camera effects, fix minorities, animate statists, etc. Postproduction After the animation was exported, my work was FAR from done! I had to: - Open the animation in After Effects and create VFX, correct colors, etc. and render it (extra 10h of work per 20s of animated sequence) - Compress the file with professional software - Throw bits of the animation in my Premiere Pro project, arrange them and add every single possible occuring sound effect, going through several times to further correct colors, make sure the sound levels are plausible - Export individual acts as video files Post-postproduction At the end, I had to: - Merge all the uncompressed Premiere Pro project files into one super large one, to prevent quality loss - Do a double-check on sound, replace some sound effects, make sure the volume is right for individual sound effects (over 500 sound effects) - Manually color correct every single camera shot in the entire animation (over 1000 shots) - Run through the entire library of used sources, such as music, rigs, assets and even induvidual skins appearing in the background of the animation - Alphabetically organise the sources and form them into groups - Make the end credits - Export Divided 4 entirely I am currently at the final stage, where I'm raising awareness of the animation to put the year and a half worth of work into use - also known as advertising It's been a long journey and I'm proud of where the animation, that started as a small project and emerged into an enormous story, has gotten. Thanks again for everyone who has helped me with the work, all the statists, all the people from who I just took some of the rigs without them knowing (they are credited in the end credits though), and to all my viewers who were patient enough and understanding. Now i keep blubbering about some "premiere", but never show anything, so here is the link to the final Divided 4 finished animation - and you're all more than welcome to come join us at the premiere on April 17th, 5PM CET time. Thank you all for standing by my side and Stay Sharp!
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