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  1. oh yes about that, that annoyed me too because i was gonna add a video card and a subscribe element but it won't let me because the video should be more than 24 seconds.
  2. i'll try to change a little, i may add gory in the next videos but Thanks for letting me know anyways
  3. i know monster school, but does it look similar? i hate monster school though.
  4. i'm going to create more of these Science Experiments i hope you like it and if you have a video idea, tell me about it so i can make it in the future videos . Video:
  5. Bat Rax

    [PUBG] Loot Crate

    a pack that's a great idea, i didn't think about it. im still a beginner but i will try to improve the Textures too, but Thanks for your feedback anyways!
  6. Bat Rax

    [PUBG] Air-Drop

    Samples : DOWNLOAD :
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