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  1. Rendered in MI 2.0.2 using 128 samples No editing Twitter link The Minecraft map
  2. DoctorMWM's Dalek Rigs These Rigs were inspired by an old rig back from 2015 by Allemn ( https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/profile/21936-allemn/ ) The outdated, original rig can be found at Personally, i found it a bit annoying that the original rig featured so little movement for its parts, so I made it better in terms of looks and movement. This is the reason that I did a complete rework of the normal Dalek and made the Special Weapons Dalek myself. Since I spent much time and energy on these rigs, i must ask you to credit me in your official animations (e.g. on YouTube or something like that). Please, do not upload these rigs as your own work. Pictures: Features Dalek: + can be fully recolored + moving head, eye stalk and "arms" + Thruster and Eye emit light + "ears" can be lit up (speech) Features Special Weapons Dalek: + can be fully recolored + moving head and cannon + Thruster emits light + the "head" can be lit up (speech) once again: please credit me if you are using these rigs Thanks! Have fun exterminating! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6ghrg13vdemgg1d/DoctorMWM's_Dalek_Rigs.zip/file
  3. DoctorMWM's Sonic Screwdriver Pack Greetings, fellow Whovians! In this pack, I present to you the Sonic Screwdrivers of Doctor Who. These aren't all of them, I will add the yet missing ones from time to time, so stay tuned! Currently available in the pack are: + 8th Sonic + Warrior's Sonic + 9th/10th Doctor's Sonic + 11th Doctor's Sonic + 12th Doctor's Sonic + River's Sonic Some images: The Sonic Screwdrivers have all mechanical functions from the show, meaning emitting light, glowing and in some cases they're extendable. IMPORTANT: If you're gonna use these rigs in your animations, please credit me Download latest pack version (V1.2): http://www.mediafire.com/file/ewike8x9f649t50/Doctor_MWM04's+DW+Sonic+Scr.+Pack+V1.2.zip/file Changelog V1.2 + fixed a cloned cube on the 9th/10th Sonic Screwdriver + added Warrior's, 8th and River's Sonic
  4. This is a cyberman rig I made. If used in your animation, could you credit me please. Enjoy! Download here --> http://www.mediafire.com/file/v6mpx3160eyzge1/Cyberman_Rig.zip/file
  5. So i have been wanting to do animation for a while now but i just could not be bothered to learn it, but i recently pushed myself to learn how to do the basics and i made this. I saw some videos on youtube of doctor who animations from TheVale and i wanted to try and make a doctor who one since i love that show And this is what i got, keep in mind that i did start like 2 days ago so its not going to be good TheVale: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuzemkJ4sKvazbyGObcNWzQ
  6. I'll try and make another trailer but I'll do that when the episode fully complete I created the music in the trailer as well
  7. Allemn

    Allemn's Dalek Rig

    First Doctor Who Rig: Dalek Features: Rotatable Head Glowing Eye stalk. Glowable Ears (Use Brightness on DalekLeftEar and DalekRightEar) Changeable colors. Wood planks = Yellow/Body color Spruce planks = Orange/Highlights on the bottom parts. Stone = Grey/Stand Cobblestone = Light Grey/Rods and Gun Birch planks = Black/Eye stalk and Plunger Bedrock = Outer Grill Gravel = Inner Grill Jungle planks = Grill Stand Download Now! Direct Download 2015 Rigs /index.php?/topic/36099-egg-rig"><< /index.php?/topic/38808-allemn-animations-500-subscribers-trophy-allemn89/">>>
  8. Hi guys! As always after a long break, but Oh well. This rig took me more than 3 weeks ( Lazy :b) Made due to the fact that the memory of the computer flew off to hell, but the console is required. The old remake was stupid and I made a new one. So, welcome! Console of 9th and 10th Doctors! *Fanfare of Happy Wheels" Yet to put the rig I can't, because the console is not completed yet. ( laziness )
  9. It is here! The Valeyard Colelctions Mark 2 set is now available FREE for use of PUBLIC! Below is the extensive list of models and mobs in this pack as well as the download link so you can use these aweome creations. Please credit me for any use! Here is what you get in the pack: 1st Doctor 2nd Doctor 3rd Doctor 4th Doctor Regenerated 4th Doctor 5th Doctor Regenerated 5th Doctor 6th Doctor Regenerated 6th Doctor 7th Doctor Regenerated 7th Doctor 8th Doctor War Doctor 9th Doctor 10th Doctor Regenerated 10th Doctor In Blue Suit 10th Doctor in Blue Suit and Coat 10th Doctor in Brown Suit 10th Doctor in Brown Suit and Coat 11th Doctor Regenerated 11th Doctor Series 5 (No Tweed) 11th Doctor Series 5 (With Tweed) 11th Doctor Series 7 (No Coat) 11th Doctor Series 7 (With Coat) 12th Doctor Regenerated 12th Doctor Purple 12th Doctor Grey 13th Doctor Regenerated 13th Doctor 1st Doctors TARDIS 2nd/3rd Doctors TARDIS 4th Doctors TARDIS 5th/6th/7th Doctors TARDIS 8th Doctors TARDIS War Doctors TARDIS 9th Doctors TARDIS 10th Doctors TARDIS 11th Doctors TARDIS (Black Windows) 11th Doctors TARDIS (White Windows) 12th Doctors TARDIS 13th Doctors TARDIS 2005/WAR Dalek Dalek Sec Weeping Angel Enjoy them all! https://www.mediafire.com/file/p5t80cc4ab036u7/Valeyard_Collections_Mark_2.zip/file
  10. I have created a classic dalek, 2005 dalek, and supreme dalek (red) • Time controller • Classic Guard Dalek • Dalek Supreme • Classic grey dalek • 2005 Dalek • Davros • Classic silver and blue dalek
  11. Hey Guys! Im back with a new TARDIS Exterior model for you all, this is the Whittaker 2018 Box I use in my animations and I've been asked to allow others to use it, so finally, here it is. Hope you enjoy it. How to use: Extract the .zip using a program such as WinRAR of 7Zip. When in Minimator, look for "exterior.miobject". The model has been set to 0 22.4 0 due to the scale. so just be aware that if you want to move the model, you will need to make an exception for the 22.4. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5iefx76ux4rrro4/Exterior.zip/file
  12. TheVale

    DAVROS Basic

    A very simple Davros Model I made from Doctor Who, Enjoy http://www.mediafire.com/file/5js5ycc86fcp185/Davros.zip/file
  13. I have officially completed the TARDIS console rig I have worked so hard on. I finally added the interior to the time rotor, and love how it turned out! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/x2uy19gu2qxnu22/1st_Doctor%27s_Interior.zip/file
  14. So it's been a while since i was on this form, So for my return i bring you this. Link for the rig itself: http://www.mediafire.com/file/23cu9rbtsfz8niq/The+Tardis.zip If used for any project, Don't forget to credit me for the model and textures
  15. I know what i said about not posting but, (Last post until New Year) I started working on Custom Doctor who Logos and i didnt know where to put the pictures so here we go!! Say witch one you prefer Down in the comments!!
  16. A timelaspe of the 13th Doctor's sonic screwdriver. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/wv2gszardj56chz/13th_Doctor's_Sonic_Screwdriver.zip/file
  17. As im Posting this im not doing to good on the forums but for those who had a go at my chameleon Circuit S1 post, Im here to release another Tardis, well Tardis`s.
  18. Chameleon Circuit Series 1 This is going to be an ongoing Series Until i decide to end it, and until it just gets annoying. It Will contain Different exteriors from the British SI-FI Doctor Who Television Show Including A Tree, A piano [Maybe] And the War Doctors Tardis So, Here are a few Images and the Download Link: DO NOT STEAL ANY TEXTURES OR ANY FILES IN THIS DOWNLOAD LINK (ITS NOT YOURS) ? Anything Wrong with any of the Links please Comment and let me know, and be sure to comment and say you got it And for those who are ready to give some hatred all i have to say is, These are rigs that are old (Not that old) And i Decided it will be good for people to see my rigs
  19. Hey there, fellow time-travelers! This is my newest model, the TARDIS from the upcoming eleventh series of the British sci-fi show Doctor Who! I figured that with a new Doctor and a new TARDIS, it was time to update my old rigs. This model is based on the 13th Doctor's TARDIS (Jodie Whittaker). I might create variants based on the previous ones in the future, so stay tuned. Once again, being a model created with Modelbench, it's only compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.0 or newer. Enjoy! Credit is not required, but please don't claim the model as your own!
  20. So this is my uhhhh TARDIS Interior that I'm currently working on. Go easy on me pls I am still learning.
  21. This really took a long while to make... Credits in description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEn-pS53KOg Have fun watching!
  22. A timelaspe of a rig I used for my video, Trial of a Timelord: https://youtu.be/en9FbXiKhh4 but I forgot to export it as a .object file! So, five months later, I finally made an official timelaspe of the helmet. I'm glad I did, and loved how it turned out too. the download can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/207sk0f4l1bx5ga/Gallifreyan_Guard_Helm.zip/file
  23. Timelapse Video 2005 TARDIS Key 1963 TARDIS Key TARDIS Keys Side by side 1963 TARDIS Key in lock 2005 TARDIS Key in lock
  24. The Nighitnglae and the Wanderer leave Galifrey behind. The TARDIS crashes, and lands in the 1960's. The Time Lord meets up with an old friend. (ALL RIGS MADE BY ME, 76 TOTTERS LANE MADE BY PANDABEAR2006 AND MYSELF)
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