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  1. idk what to say in the beggining so yea.... this is lazyly maded ' this people fight over creeper. the handless dude protect the creeper and the pink hoodie dude with the skeleton want the creeper for something. vote in the poll what should happen next?
  2. idk if you ask or not, kavya is my friend on discord. so yea... this is it stiff pose yes ik... so yea. bye! have a good day/afternoon/night/midnight/whatever
  3. Hello everyone ^^Today, I wanted to share with you a small creation that I made. This is a animated short film, obviously based in the world of Minecraft. This episode is a pilot to a mini-series of independent episodes, named Creeper Stories.In this first episode, we find ourselves in Russia, where Russian Creepers have managed to get their hands on a human hostage, and they want to smoke it and then retrieve the loot. However, they are hardly sharers and all want exclusive loot. To decide between themselves, they will engage in the game of Russian Roulette, a deadly explosive game ...
  4. Yup, I decided to complete the set! The EnderChest Creeper's eye is movable and can be made to glow, and the Festive Chest Creeper's ribbon on his back is bendable. ! EDIT 13/04/2020: Updated the models using the new Modelbench. As a result, the models are now a little cleaner. Festive Chest Creeper's ribbon bends are also no longer broken. Download them here! If used, credit is appreciated!
  5. /summon mine_imator:command_block_creeper ~ ~ ~| The seventh set is here! ...at long last lol This pack contains six Creepers; two Command Block Creeper variants, two Repeating Command Block Creeper variants and two Chain Command Block Creeper variants. Each of the lights on the body and head are individually colourable. The body also has an openable door. Additionally, the head can be toggled between Conditional or Unconditional using the "Conditional Toggle" part. Download them here! If used, credit is appreciated!
  6. I remade my two Funtime Animatronics, Foxie and Freddie, cuz honestly my old ones just looked like crap. And sadly I cannot type the names of the animatronics right without it changing to something stupid.
  7. Woah! The sixth set is here! Sorry for the extremely long delay! I've had a lot to deal with recently. ;~; This pack contains six Creepers; two Dispenser Creeper variants, two Dropper Creeper variants and two Observer Creeper variants. The Dispenser Creeper and Dropper Creeper have a hidden door on top of their heads that can be opened by rotating the "Top Door" part on the X axis. The pulse on the back of the Observer Creeper's head can be toggled on or off using the "Active" part. Download them here! If used, credit is appreciated!
  8. The fifth set is here! Five sets now, woah! Thanks for all of the continued support! This pack contains four Creepers; two Note Block Creeper variants and two Jukebox Creeper variants. Also contains thirteen miniature Music Discs, which can be easily parented to the Jukebox Creeper's head via the "Inserted Disc" part. Download them here! If used, credit is appreciated!
  9. In celebration of the Creepers' birthday, I decided to make a wallpaper-ready render of my Chest Creepers! ...yeah, I ended up making this very quickly due to lack of ideas. I would've made a render of Dave instead, but I couldn't come up with any other ideas in time and I suck at making things to a fixed deadline ;~; Links to these guys and the rest of my Cursed Creepers can be found down below on my signature. Enjoy! :}
  10. The fourth set is finally here! And it's by far the biggest set yet! This took way too long to make... ;u; This pack contains eighteen Creepers; sixteen Crafting Table Creeper variants and two Enchanting Table Creeper variants. The tools on the Crafting Table Creeper's body are individually movable/rotatable, as is the book on the Enchanting Table Creeper's head. The book can be easily opened/closed with the "Book" part's Bend slider, and also comes with eight individually-rotatable pages. Download them here! If used, credit is appreciated!
  11. Surprise! Inspired by @9redwoods' Mini Player Model, I decided to make this little guy! I know it's not much, but I figured some more Creeper content from me wouldn't hurt, right? Since that's kinda my thing ;u; Download here! If used, credit is appreciated!
  12. Oh look, I finally made something after many months! ;u; ...and no, idk why I keep making these either, I guess I just really like Creepers and find them cute lol ;~; This pack contains four Creepers; two Furnace Creeper variants, the Blast Furnace Creeper and the Smoker Creeper. The visibility of the flames and the coals inside can be toggled, and the doors of the Blast Furnace and Smoker Creepers are openable. ! EDIT 13/04/2020: Updated the models using the new Modelbench. As a result, the models are now a little cleaner. Download them here! If used, credit i
  13. The third set has arrived! This pack contains four Creepers; two Piston Creeper variants and two Sticky Piston Creeper variants. The head's "Piston extension" comes in two parts, both movable from 0 to 4 on the Y-axis. When fully extended the head will be twice its normal height, like the normal Piston block is. ! EDIT 13/04/2020: Updated the models using the new Modelbench. As a result, the models are now a little cleaner. Download them here! If used, credit is appreciated!
  14. __Mine__

    Chest Creeper

    Therapist: Chest Creeper doesn't exist, he can't hurt you. Chest Creeper: Inspired by @AmazingWolfGamer's Cursed Chest models, I couldn't help but make my own contribution to the chaos by creating this little guy! Features: Simplistic, no-bends design (since Chests are made of solid wood and therefore don't bend) The mouth is openable The head is hollow It's one more Cursed Chest for your collection "Too... heavy..." A cursed abomination, or adorable walking storage? You decide! Download here! If used, credit
  15. Hey guys. Here is a little wallpaper i made. Im still new to all this so if you have got any tips for me on how to do better please let me know
  16. What Do You Think Of This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI15sVwWCG8&feature=youtu.be
  17. DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/shingel42/art/Mine-Imator-Creeper-s-species-Kemono-Beam-746926137
  18. Welcome back with me Blasterdooms. As you know, I've previously shared my Iron Golem Rig. Now I'm back with other mob rigs. Let me show you my other mob rigs. I'll not create a zombie rig, I think it like a normal player rig.
  19. I made a Toy Bonny poster as a teaser for an upcoming project of mine. The forums autocorrects "B-o-n-n-i-e" to Clyde incase youre wondering why I spelled it the way I did.
  20. Steve dances when threatened by World's Best Dad(Creeper). Pls make sure that you are signed in to Youtube while watching. Rate and comment to help me be better than myself.
  21. I thought my last animation was kinda crappy cuz the lighting sucked and the ending was rushed so I decided to remake it. It's a collab part for a friend of mine so it isn't a full animation but I'm proud of it so here it is:
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