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Found 23 results

  1. I made a rig for a minecraft cape/elytra! You can make the cape or the elytra invisible if you only want the other thing. Picture cape: Picture Elytra: Download When you want to use it, notify me and give credits to me. If you have rig ideas for me, comment them and I will try my best on making it. If someone gives me a idea, he/she doesn't need to give credits to me. Hope you enjoy the rig!
  2. Hello everyone! Today, the IKIT Team is proud to announce IKIT V2. IKIT is an animation pack targeted to intro makers and animators. Our objective its to make animation easier and more high quality. Our pack includes Extruded Reflective Items, Armor, better Steve and Alex rigs, face rigs, animation presets and WAY MORE! You can check out the IKIT V2 Trailer on Nelsony's channel by clicking here. You can download IKIT at https://www.mediafire.com/file/layaqaconxvcdld/IKIT_Patch_3.53+Final+Editon.zip/file . Huge thanks to Nelsony for making all of this possible. Please note that this pack is currently not maintained so no updates will be released for now. Have fun animating!
  3. Hiya again. Honestly I've been enjoying making wallpapers. The feedback is great and is helping trying to improve. And I finally won my first day ever during the four years i've been on here. Anyways lets not get this too emotional here. A few people here might've seen it already. But here it is C a p e Big credit to @Hozq for the cape rig. I made this wallpaper pretty much to showcase it. Again let me know if you have any feedback below. Good day.
  4. Here's a lovely easy-to-use Cape Model! Includes 20 different textures! https://i.imgur.com/N2Vv2j1.gifv More pics: Video: Download Here! Let me know what other things I should make! P.S. Please add credit when used. Kinda sucks not to be recognized for your work
  5. Pictures Features of Humans Null: Eyes glow, Has particles, Eyelids Herobrine: Eyes glow, Full face animations, Optional Cape Steve: Full Face Animations, Pupils, Optional iron armor Adding yourself Did you know you can add yourself? You can erase part of your face on your skin, change the skins settings for Steve, then change the colors for the mouth and eyelid parts. Here is an example gif of a custom skin with these models: Note This is my first post ever on these forums. I hope you like it! Download https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnRhNNiCVY_fnzw4BXR7OMH9ioFB
  6. I decided to make another test animation, but with a little PIZZAZ I added a couple of capes, dramatic camera, sounds, and a classic feel! Please leave any feedback you have below! Thanks!
  7. The reason this is in textures it because it's how to get a cape in Mine-imator It's simple! Add a banner. Make the stand invisible (I mean in the colour tab, in the keyframe tab it will make the whole thing invisible) Parent the banner to a character's back. Done! To create a custom texture for it, I advise Nova Skin More specifically: https://minecraft.novaskin.me/resourcepacks#default/textures/entity/banner/base.png Thanks for reading, enjoy your completely customisable capes!
  8. Hello! Heavenira here! I wanted to celebrate for my 100th post with this rig! I've never seen MCWarrior's cape rig, so I thought I was the first one who got up to make this. Anyways, this isn't you're normal flat cape. You can give it wind effects, make it derp out and stuff. From this, I think it will be a new begginging to rigs. To all you riggers who want to see how this was made, go ahead. This will begin new sphere or circle rigs in the future made by other people. If you want to learn how to skin the rig, play the video below. Please comment and hit that button! I hope all of you guys like this rig! Also, a big thanks to zeldcraft for letting me use his channel and assist me with the tutorial! Download Rig Images: Rig Tutorial:
  9. I made use of Mine-Imator's texture offset/repeat settings, and I was able to make a simple, easy to use Cape rig. It consists of surfaces and 1 texture. How to use: 1. Import the object file into Mine-Imator 2. Replace the cape texture with your own 3. Parent the cape to the body of your character 4. Remember to credit me Because you have to. DOWNLOAD
  10. Good day to you my good fellows, TheManOfTheAsylum here and today I bring you an updated a rig that The Glorious David showed us in one of his update thingies. I plan on adding any other capes that you suggest, so comment on what you'd like me to make! Pics: Download Link: Demo Version V1.0 Make Sure To Give Me Credit If Used In One Of Your Animations!
  11. Well, I have done capes before, as seen in this topic and I was thinking I should do them for everyone who wants one. Now these will be Mineimator based capes. When any cape is finshed, I'll add it to my cape sheet. My cape sheet How it looks Now the format for capes is 12 by 15 pixels, so I can't make anything bigger than that, unless you want something weird. Request away, and please give your request in detail! If you don't give detail, your request will be ignored! Also if you are looking for a tutorial, check out this video by the amazing HowToAnimateMinecraft channel
  12. Dear Mine-Imators.. i hereby bring you; CAPE RIG ULTRA.. n stuff As You may see, I've worked on this for a very long time! (~1 hour..) And now its finally here! What does it do you ask? Look awesome! Heres the pictures for the nosey of You. 100% RESIZABLE! Every part can be moved! Use it for awesome effects! Customize the colour! Customize your own! So, whats the catch you say? There is none! Use the rig whenever! You dont even need to credit me! Well here it is! Click -> http://www.mediafire.com/download/v2uwx3pabw8bn91/Cape+rig+2.0.rar <- Click (awesome button for awesome people.. go ahead press it )
  13. I was bored and decided to showcase some of my rigs using a wallpaper: Hope you like Rigs used: - By BloxTheRigger - By BloxTheRigger To be honest its the opposite of a kingdom*
  14. I just thought it would be really useful, especially since there are 5 capes to choose from: Cape styles: Hope you like Please give feedback Updates (Hopefully): More Capes (Anything else suggested) Downloads: Mojang Cape: 2011 Minecon: 2012 Minecon: 2013 Minecon: Millionth Customer: All Capes: Thanks for viewing, and as always, more to come! -Please give credit in your video, art or description (or whatever else).
  15. Previous Rig: Hey guys! Here's my 4th rig! Team 36 Cape aka my favorite cape on RS The Sneak Peak Picture in the Status Update Added Rope Seem similar DOWNLOAD
  16. Hi guys, I'm Bryckout and I post a new rig: Rig name:Cape Author: Bryckout Download link 2D Cape: https://mega.co.nz/#!xo0RiSgY!SS2hWwlxUxJqWb2ILVKyElE_T4B5rTBgm7hlVY9-BBE Download link 3D Cape: https://mega.co.nz/#!hpE31aDS!pO-ZMhingzLsFlH1xAnO-OF1iPixCMOXr6ZKlEmB0Dg Description: It's just a rig cape, she flies in the wind like leaves! UPDATE! 3D Cape!
  17. Heyy guys, got a new test animations to see how smoothly I could make a character and his cats walk as well as his cape billowing. The music is background and wasn't meant to be part of the video lol.
  18. Hey guys, today I bring you a Minecone 2013 Cape Rig! I did it in one hour but I had to go to sleep, so I am uploading it today. The cape has 16 Items with 10 pixels each item. This is flexible for the one who is an animator, (not like me, I am just a rigger). In the images it is not that flexible because I am good rigger, but not good animator , so I cant make a perfect bend. Well, time for the pictures! Curve: Cape: Coming soon!: More Capes Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?crjbjur5e5ej233
  19. Here is another rig by me! It includes a lightsaber and a jedi with a hood and cape. The cape and the hood are moveable but the rest of the parts of the hood are in Instances instead of the part where you would mostly see things. ==NOTE== To move the hood, go to instances and you will see the parts of the hood. Just move them from there. I also recommend using the lightsaber in only a dark place. ======= Picture DOWNLOAD LINK:http://www.mediafire.com/download/15d9jz6bmr2ix6o/lightsaber+rig+by+HyperMinecraft.zip Thanks for downloading and checking this out! -HyperMinecraft
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