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  1. I have translated 90% of the file the rest I have considered that it should remain as it is. I also consider that he does not need translation, but hey ... I was bored Mediafire Download
  2. I've tried it now and nothing, I've also removed those blocks, added again and nothing, I'll always stay inside the leg, I'm going crazy
  3. Hi, I created my first model and everything is fine, the limbs work as they should, the light of the eyes shines and everything is fine, but when I open it in Mine-Imator the lower part of the leg that should stand out (as in the upper part) It doesn't, it's inside the leg (sorry my bad english)
  4. Hi everyone, It had been a long time since I entered here. how much has happened? six years? whatever. I recently downloaded it again and been testing until something decent came out, here I leave it is based on one of slamacow's videos
  5. if you want I could take care of the translation to Spanish officially, would be happy, all you would need would be the script, the spoken English I do not understand very well.
  6. when the progam this rendering nor belittle or open another window, leave work until the end, I explain
  7. It's simple, when you finish creating your animation do the following: export has movie> follow the steps> compresor: Microsoft video 1 or you want> waiting for the program to do its job> open Handbrake ( )> spend your video to mp4 and you can upload it to youtube
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