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  1. Corex

    Future House music

    I guess I'm gonna post more of my music here. Well this time I tried to make something in the Future House genre, so enjoy. ^^
  2. Corex

    I didn't know

    In your playlist? Wow thanks! "enjoy the views" uh wha- XD
  3. Corex

    I didn't know

    I use FL Studio 20. Maybe not really much of a Progressive House though. Thanks anyways. Thanks a lot!
  4. Corex

    I didn't know

    Had been going around as a musician when I didn't know you actually can post your own tracks here... So I made one a few weeks ago. Take a listen, sit down, enjoy.
  5. So yeah, a fanmade shot of a snowy scenery based on a song. What else ? https://imgur.com/a/b37X2CY
  6. Yes. My first post here. Nothing else. ? https://imgur.com/a/7vYl1Ve
  7. Looks like I'll be posting some of my works in the forums, not too sure though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  8. Not even past 1 hour after creating an account and you guys already have replied and reacted to my first post ;O

    1. Jake_28


      we have faith in you

  9. First post, nothing else lol ?

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    2. Jake_28


      wow you got a good start lol

    3. MasterArcher12


      okay, why did I not do that when i joined lol

    4. Jake_28
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