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  1. The thing that pisses me off most about shootings is not the shooting itself, but the people who whine and complain over it.

    "Oh, if guns were banned this wouldn't have happened!"

    That won't change anything. In fact, it'll probably result in more casualties, due to the fact that law-abiding citizens won't be able to defend themselves as easily.

    Banning guns won't prevent criminals from having them. They get them off the black market, which you can't prevent.

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    2. Rollo


      @MYSELF3200 If people are dying because of it, yes, I believe it should be. You're allowed to think otherwise but if we argued about it at this point it would just be stating our opinions over and over without getting anywhere.

      It's still easier to get an automatic rifle legally rather than illegally. You obviously know how to buy a gun legally, but do you know exactly how to use the black market?

    3. MYSELF3200


      I do agree that automatic weapons shouldn't be owned by civilians.

      The black market is an exchange of services and items through a forum, as far as I know.

    4. MYSELF3200


      This isn't really something I want to argue over (and there's hardly a chance of it happening), but if there's a war that's fought in the USA, it might help for the civilians to have assualt rifles.

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