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Hero | October 7th | She/Her | Taken 1/2/17 <3 ?

Zodiac: Libra
Sun: Cancer
Moon: Scorpio 
Rising: Pisces

Heya person who clicked on "About Me"

I am a Digital Artist and Animator + Modeller 

I have Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) which is linked to Learning Disability, I am quite sensitive to noise and images


Who am I?

Well, Greetings. I am an American Digital Artist and Animator who wants to be recognized by many artists and animators that are like me

I am known to have a strong sense of humor when it comes to games, jokes, and memes. The downside, I am very sensitive to certain topics and offense. 

I like to roleplay as well, I always stay in my character with their personality and backstory




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