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  1. Listen, I don't mean to say the forums look bad or boring (still debatable), but it's definitely outdated to say the least. It uses the default color scheme that comes with the Invision package, same default layout, everything. Not to mention the fact Invision has been putting out numerous new features and not one of them is being used. Of course, none of this stuff is really necessary, some of them would just be nice I think (file sharing and gallery are already out of the question though for storage reasons). I tried out a little demo and had a bunch of users test out each of these (except e-commerce for obvious reasons). All of them were tested but the one that really stood out I think was the Clubs feature. It basically lets your users create small groups together, which would be perfect for animation teams, collab organization, etc. Plus there are a lot of options you can give or take. There are a whole bunch of different options that you can give in terms of clubs. You can change how exclusive individual clubs are, you can give them a mini forum category inside the club itself, you can even use it in tandem with the Calendars feature so they can schedule certain events as a group, such as the release of a certain animation or the deadline for a collab (that collab deadline thing would be a huge reason to include the Calendar feature). Plus you can make it so mods have to approve clubs after being made before they're usable (which might be appealing to this particular community). That is why I think the Clubs feature would be a very useful thing to have considering the nature of the forums. And then, there's the design of the website itself. It's pretty outdated. It looks okay, but it could definitely be spruced up a bit with a modern, Modelbench-like color-scheme. The current scheme may have worked for older versions of Mine-imator, but now we have a shiny new concept for Modelbench that looks so much more colorful, elegant, and still professional. Perhaps Voxy could help out a bit and you can update the colors a little? That would be very fantastic. Apparently I'm not the only one with this opinion I've found. Thanks!
  2. keep making status updates

  3. Rollo

    The Confession

    Kinda makes me mad that this many people have made a version of this clip and not a single one knows where it's from.
  4. Hey, I'm gonna make a post about something and I need y'all to help me out. I'm testing out all the possible features this forum software can get, and I need users to test certain things. Just spam things, no rules or anything. Just want to get a good sample size.

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    2. Swift


      A lot of hentai

    3. Rollo


      Yes, a lot of hentai. Please don't warn me, mods.

    4. DuallyElemental
  5. Rollo

    Computer Rig [Beta V1]

    rtx off
  6. Rollo

    [ Animation ] "The Escape" ( Remake 6 out of 9 )

    I love the thought-out fight scenes as usual. Very nice
  7. Have you tried pressing X on the top-right, then activating it again with the button on the top bar (looks lkke a rectangle inside a rectangle)?
  8. Rollo

    Remove the reaction limits

    It's not to protect from bots, it's to protect from rep-abuse, aka downvote-bombing or upvote-bombing. However, I don't feel like it gets that job done well.
  9. Rollo

    Play of the Game Collab

    I'm a little confused. The play of the game screen shows what you said, but there isn't really an option for a 5-7 second clip if you don't wanr us to show the actual kills. What do you mean show the ability?
  10. Rollo

    Wendy Rig

    Features: -Dynamic dress bending -Cute ponytails -A square deal -Lovely shoulder puffy things Make sure to import the .miproject file, NOT the Modelbench file! Uses @RedAnimator's Female Template and @SKIBBZ's face rig.
  11. Finally, the Modelbench Community Build has arrived, with a whole bunch of cool stuff! Features: Theme is set to Dark by default. Framerate settings (30, 60, and Uncapped) You can now animate inside Modelbench itself! (we had to replace the UV editor for it but honestly, who used that thing?) Bloom! Multi-player Editing (Say hello to my friend Dave!) Discord Webhook API (So you can make Discord say things like this!) Extrusions and IK obviously. A complete mobile port for Android and iOS devices! (just find it on your favorite app store!) PC/MAC DOWNLOAD ©Adobe Autodesk, 2018
  12. Rollo

    Modelbench: Community Build

    Ah, can't say I'm surprised. But you did give us Modelbench in the first place, which is an obvious step-up from modding. So I guess there isn't a real need for a community build lol.
  13. Okay, there's some stupid stuff going on between Swift and 9redwoods and I just want to hopefully put an end to it, since people have been mentioning me and wanting me to be apart of it. Take it as you will, this is all I'm going to say on the matter, and I'm going to stay mostly neutral. Yes, neutral. Anything I say here should not be taken as a personal offense, because everyone is at fault and it can be fixed.

    I'm going to explain everything either side is doing completely wrong and why this feud still exists. I'm telling you all this so you can understand where the problem lies, and so that we can fix this together. At this point it should be us against the problem, not us against each other.

    First off, Redwoods and his pals. @9redwoods, you're a huge hypocrite. You tell Swift and Karyu to stop downvoting everything you say, and that the rep button should be used for things you agree or disagree with. But you do the exact same thing. You downvote what they say for the same reason they downvote you, because neither of you agree with each other. What both sides need to understand is that everyone is doing something wrong and everyone thinks they're right. You, Redwoods, don't take criticism well at all, and it rubs off on the criticism you give to other people. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of criticism and wallpaper-making in general and act like your way is the only sure-fire way to do anything. You give people advice that not even you follow in your own wallpapers, namely the whole camera angle thing. You seem insistent that placing it lower and facing up is the only way to make any wallpaper, since you comment that on every wallpaper ever. That is not how criticism works. That is terrible advice. The camera is meant to bring attention to certain areas of the wallpaper, and to possibly make it more exciting. Which means it's very conditional, every wallpaper is different. There is no one way to make a wallpaper, otherwise every wallpaper would suck. And when people call you out on this aspect, your two excuses are used interchangeably. One says "that's how I've always done my criticism" and one says "I've changed, I used to give that kind of criticism and now I don't". Which are complete polar opposites. Make up your mind or come up with a better excuse, because that's the reason no one falls for that bullshit. It feels like you don't actually know what people are telling you is bad, or just don't want to, so let me spell it out for you. You give bad criticism because you have a very strict and actually incorrect standard of wallpapers. There is a difference between short and blunt criticism and just not giving a shit. You're extremely unapologetic as well. You don't care that people don't like what you say because "that's just how you've always been". People get mad at your criticism because it doesn't actually help the creator of the wallpaper. Sure, it's not rude or anything, but it tries to get a mindset into the creator that we don't want them to have, which is that everything has to be a certain way, your way. And also that their work can only be improved if they do it the way you would do it. It's so frustrating to people because they know there's a problem, they just don't know how to call you out on it, and that's why you get so defensive when it's mentioned.

    Then, of course, there's the rep circle. No matter how much the little rep circle over here can downvote yours, your circle with MikTRF and all those guys will always be enough to boost you back up. In that regard, we're all at fault, so it's best if we all just calm down and recognize that the digital down-arrow is pointless to the person we're fighting against, on BOTH SIDES. Let me repeat myself, BOTH WE AND YOU ARE AT FAULT. The rep circle argument is really stupid and I hope everyone reading recognizes that, because Redwoods could easily turn around and say the same thing about Foreign Affairs. Listen, rep circles aren't an inherently bad thing. Most of the time we don't even notice they exist, as with Redwoods right now. But they can also be weaponized, and that's when it becomes rep abuse. Soon enough, the upvote circle becomes a defensive downvote circle, hurting others while boosting itself. That sounds dramatic and yeah, it's stupid. But that's how it works. And it works.


    Alright, now @Swift. Just like I said before Redwoods's, don't take this as a personal offense. I'm just stating my opinion on the current situation, everything can be fixed. Swift, I agree with you on a lot of the stuff you've said, but there are problems aside from your opinions on the matter. There is a point where it's healthier to just ignore them. And I know you've heard that a thousand times, so I'm going to elaborate. Clearly, the methods you've been using to argue against him are not getting to him at all. He's a lost cause, so I would just leave it. Don't give him the attention. If you downvote him, he accuses you of rep abuse. If you reply to him, he thinks it's blind hate. If you bring it to DMs or even Discord, it all ends with a plain misunderstanding of the other side's opinion, so there's honestly nothing else to do. And I know Redwoods is probably like "Yes, just leave it alone, Swift! It happened a long time ago so just leave it alone!" But Redwoods, you're guilty of the same thing. The same exact thing, actually. Redwoods, you are no better than Swift and Swift, you are no better than Redwoods in that regard. That part's on both of you.

    And then there's the part where Redwoods and MikTRF downvote anything you and Karyu say, regardless of whether or not it's meant to hurt them. Yes, that is a valid thing to be concerned about. However, you need to remember that they think you do the exact same thing, which you might. There's no way to argue against it because they can argue the same points towards you and have just as little meaning. So, at that point, I would just report them and try not to stoop to their level. Revenge rep is never a good thing for anyone, because then you can't actually get someone punished for rep abuse because you're guilty of the same thing by definition. So stay level-headed, keep your head up, and let mods know about it without doing it yourself. It's a really easy pit to dig into, so don't let yourself fall into it. Because if there is actually something bad going on, the mods won't do anything about it if everyone involved is guilty of something.


    Long story short, everyone is at fault for something, so it's best to be able to recognize your own problems, so you can avoid them in the future and let the mods handle anyone who isn't able to do so. Both of you. Don't think that just because I'm calling the other person out that you're not at fault for the same thing, that's a really easy mindset to get into. Redwoods, you are at fault. Swift, you are at fault. Mik and Karyu are at fault too.

    That's my opinion, stop messaging me.

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    3. Foxtrot0806


      @9redwoods I do just want to point out as you said yourself; We all have different styles. Sure, you think that the camera looks best as a ground shot looking up, but there are different angles for different scenarios.
      I too have been playing a lot of Horizon 4 and experimenting (It's a great game) and yes, the lower angle for the camera does look better for the scenario of highspeed CARS.  But, if you go and look at pictures of cars, that's what makes a car look nice in a lot of pictures. But, if it's a scene of a house or garden or something like that, that wouldn't really be a good angle. Cars are small and a lot of the details are near the bottom whereas a house is large and has detail scattered. Yes, you are free to have a personal preference, but try to keep it out of your CC. Read around and look at other stuff and figure out what fits what and what doesn't. I've been studying this stuff for a while and that's one of the biggest things I've noticed. Preference exists, yes. But, so does personal style.

    4. Rollo


      I feel like you think I'm putting words in your mouth and that everything I said is false because you aren't very self-aware. The purpose of this status was to hopefully help you see some of that, and Swift definitely did, he made his amends and expressed that he wouldn't carry on this stupid feud. So clearly, it's not my status that's the problem. I don't have any personal vendetta against you, I took everything I saw and laid it out unbiased, on both sides. It's looking like the reason you think everything I said was false is the same reason the feud went on for so long.

      In any case, the argument is over. Swift made the mature decision of ending it right here, so why are you insistent on starting a whole new one on the same topic? And yet still play the victim? You never answered that the first time I asked it.

  14. Rollo

    Modelbench: Community Build

    This was an april fool's joke, sorry! Unfortunately I don't think Modelbench source code is available to download, so we may not get an actual community build for it in quite a while.
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    2. Hagus


      This is exactly the problem with today's society. Trust is almost non-existent, and if you do trust someone, the second they make a mistake to lower your trust it's ruined. I mean, in flipping WW1 men with armed guns from different countries trusted each other more than we trust each other now. I don't know what it will take to regain trust into society, but I hope we figure it out.

    3. DuallyElemental


      Governments should be run by dogs. Heck, there’s a dog-mayor up in Alaska and all I know is that Alaska’s community is way better than mine.

    4. Rollo


      @DuallyElemental No I didn't make it, I just wanted to share it because I thought it was really good.

  15. It should be fine, but I would message David about it to make sure.
  16. Rollo

    Mine-imator Legal To Sell Animations?

    Trust me, you're good. Monster School is on Amazon Prime. You can't sell recording from within Minecraft itself, but this is a completely separate entity from Minecraft and isn't affiliated with it. Although, I would still ask David about it.
  17. When you download the program it should tell you inside the installer. They're pretty lenient though, you can make whatever you want in it, you can monetize your videos with them, you could choose not to if you want. It's all up to you, it's free and open source. Plus I don't really think they're able to put more restrictive terms on it considering it's based around a game they're not affiliated with.
  18. Rollo

    Survival(Wallpaper Collab)

    They tried that, multiple times. Didn't end well. They also tried talking about it on mine and Sticky's server, Foreign Affairs, but that also didn't end well. There are numerous factors on both sides that led up to this that I don't have the time to explain.
  19. Rollo

    Survival(Wallpaper Collab)

    I agree with all that, but he also tried all this before, and was relatively calm about everything without downvoting. It was when redwoods got defensive about his own methods and personally insulted his disability that tipped him off. Yes, redwoods did somewhat try to give Swift what he wanted and I guess none of that will ever be enough now that it's escalated this far. It's also kind of funny to provoke him with something meaningless lol
  20. Rollo

    Creeper Issues.

    This is actually really nice. If you were to give it actual scenery (which I'm guessing you didn't because it's just a test animation) it would make it a lot better, maybe if they were sitting around some sort of meeting table or something. Very clean.
  21. Rollo

    Survival(Wallpaper Collab)

    I'm getting confused about what you're trying to say. Why is being disagreeable a good thing? And why would that make you immune to downvotes? He doesn't agree with what you said because it wasn't up to his standards, and still didn't address the problems he had with it originally. It's fine if Mik agrees with it, Swift doesn't. Why is his downvote any more impactful than Mik's upvote?
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