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  1. How do I fix these shadows?

    Try increasing the size of everything. That's how Skibbz fixes it.
  2. Okay okay okay I've been making a lot of status updates about amateurs on the forums so I might as well slap this one on.

    "Hate" is defined as different things nowadays, which means a lot more can be passed off as such. Criticism is not hate. If someone does not like something you made, don't tell yourself "Nahh they're just hatin'." Well, all hate is based off of something. Just like all exaggeration is based on truth. If someone doesn't like what you made, find out why. Otherwise you'll never improve yourself.

    And also be careful of who's giving the criticism. Nowadays on the forums I see a lot of new people telling other new people that what they made was good, when it really wasn't, and neither is the content they make. If people who don't know what they're doing either tell you you're doing just fine, it's not reliable and will not improve you whatsoever. And to the other side of it: don't tell people what's good when you have negative reputation for what you've been making. Of course, be confident in yourself, but also don't ignored people with legitimate criticisms.

    hope you enjoyed my powerpoint god bless have a safe drive home

  3. A tribute to the server.

    Why would anyone have a problem with no bends?
  4. Also one more thing. Sorry for the double status but

    To all the newbies out there, "smooth animation" is not something that can be taught. You can't watch a 20 minute YouTube tutorial and call it a day. In fact it's naive to think that you can learn everything you need to know just by watching tutorials. There's not how art works. You put work into art. Animation is art.

    Smooth animation is something you achieve by experience. You earn it, not learn it. When making art, you can't just ask some other artist "Hey, could you record yourself painting that picture again so I can do it just like you?" And the problem is that to some of you that sentence might not even sound stupid.

    Art is not "Hey what are they doing on theirs?" Art is "Hey, what can I change about what I'm doing to make mine work better?" Of course I'm not saying using others as influence is bad. Inspiration is definitely important. Copying someone else's techniques, however, is never beneficial. You will not grow as an artist. You will not learn for yourself how to further the quality of your work, and you will be sorely unprepared for the real deal.


    Thanks guys I'm going to bed.

    1. YoshiHunter


      Thanks for saying that! It makes me feel more expectant that my first animation that I will share here will not have the best in animation.

    2. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      @YoshiHunter Definitely! No one's first animation is the best. Just keep practicing and putting your heart into it!

  5. Add It On Collab 3

    Aight. @noelbello05 yer up.

    He makes animations on occasion. Also he seems like a nice guy and he stays in Random Talk so I don't frickin care. Not like he breaks any rules by posting actual Minecraft videos.
  7. Honestly guys, "no pics no clicks" needs to stop. Especially if they're brand new to the forums. You don't need to be so blunt and vague about it. It makes it sound like it happens all the time you're so used to saying it. But they're new. You don't have to distance them even further than they already feel.


    hope you enjoyedy powerpoint god bless have a safe drive home

    1. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      I'm sorry I'm tired I didn't construct a full argument.

      but you get the point right?

  8. Mine Imator Face Rig

    But he's new here, so he wouldn't know that.
  9. Mine Imator Face Rig

    You should add some pictures of it so we can see what it is before downloading it. Here's a guide on that:
  10. Im Dead!

    good call
  11. I made a thing

    Yeah, he's made wallpapers with him and his boyfriend.
  12. The physics simulations would be cool but that's way too complicated for the engine it's built in. Removing the bend limit I think is a good idea. That would be a nice option. They've tried making a Team Animate thing, but it didn't work because of lack of resources. It lagged a lot and had a hard time connecting. And the skin problem can't be fixed because Minecraft themselves changed the way they store skins, and no one, not just Mine-imator, can actually access them. And they can't upload to Steam because they use assets from something they don't own (Minecraft). Built-in languages would be good but I thought they already had built-in languages. @Jake_28 How about you tell him what you disagree with rather than disliking him just like that.
  13. Armour Up - 4K

    Reminds me of the first scene of Tales From the Borderlands in a way (which btw I need to finish, I'm halfway through the 4th episode).
  14. can't import scenery!

    If it's really big you might need to zoom out to see it. You almost might need to move it up a bit if it spawned in the ground. I would also try going into the settings and turning off Cut Edges Off Big Schematics (I forget the exact name).
  15. MI HomePage ideas

    Definitely well-made, but seems too much like a video game menu.
  16. Add It On Collab 3

    Actually at the moment it's @noelbello05 after @CRafter27, but you can go after noelbello.
  17. shoot man, olan rogers gave you a retweet


    1. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      I don't even follow you on Twitter I only found out about it because I follow Olan Rogers.

      Also you haven't been on in a week but hey. shrugs

    2. Dr. Nexil

      Dr. Nexil

      I just looked on twitter about half an hour ago! I can't quite believe it.

  18. Is there anyway to change my forum name?

    You need to message a moderator. When I changed my name I messaged Frossa, but I don't know if he actually hangs around here anymore, or if he's even a mod anymore. I would ask Emunator about it though since he's kinda the main mod around here.
  19. My first intro (critick pls)

    It's really long and complicated, I would shorten it down to at least 10 seconds, maybe even shorter. You have a really good start though.
  20. I need my account deleted...

    Just don't use your account anymore and no one would notice.
  21. AlphaPixels in Skin displays wrong

    Your English is fine, don't worry. Sorry it didn't work and I hope you find the answer you're looking for.
  22. AlphaPixels in Skin displays wrong

    That is a good question. Try moving the render depth of the hat layer up. If that doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you. That is a good question though.
  23. Add It On Collab 3

    @CRafter27 You're next. Just download Emerlad's file and add what you want to it.
  24. Amnesia [A Minecraft fight Animation]

    It's hard not to get called a REALITY rip-off when the original formula the Tiggity Tan used was really basic and really raw. He's basically the father of MGB animations. The only way you can really escape being called a rip-off of a test animation is to not make a test animation.
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