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Ho ho ho! Happy Valentines Day! And A Happy New Year!

So I've been using Mine-imator for like years now and I've got a lot of renders. So I guess I'm gonna post it here with all beauty and glorious jolly. And since I respect the Mine-imator forums and I've read the rules- I'mma keep my topics at minimum.


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  • Here we see Alkaide by the hot campfire.




  • Here we see Alkaide so happy- happy after eating McDonalds. Finger lickin' good!~ Wait, that's not right




  • Alkaide and his human-form Alde because it's so hard to animate a freaking dragon and we're all humans who are expressing creativity and I don't even know- so why not?



  • How about the fact that when Alkaide first came out from the shadows and revealed myself to the Mine-imator community every single one thought he was an enderdragon and it's just messed up.






  • Or how about Alkaide jumping on the Caac?



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plop. And that's basically it, these were very old renders back in June and July of 2018. Idk, I can show more better renders (I think they're better) if you're interested. Just reply if you want to see some of it and I'll just reply back here in the same topic. I'm gonna post my videos too later. Someday. I'm advertising.

Yeet, that's it. Done.

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The first one got me confused.... How did he build the fire? Why does he need a sword? :0


( oh hey look... a soobscribe button. You have earned yourself a new soobscriber)

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