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GlaDOS V1 (v2 will be better

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This is my rig of glados its the after beta glados its not the beta glados beta glados its in portal 1 so its the portal 2 glados  


                 i add some picture 











and the link  for guys no use mega you need to click on download as zip https://mega.nz/#F!kbYnWLJb!t0evYcJlIqSayHetSPZ7wQ





add credits when you use my rig  but you dont want a rig like thats 2 dislike 1 like so i should delete

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i should do a better rig so its good for the v1 

1 hour ago, PhiliP said:

so fat

you can click on GlaDOS and change the size i dont know the exactly size i keep the size default

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