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Found 86 results

  1. Hello, I made this Portal Turret render in 4 days, I would want to hear your opinion. (visit my youtube channel for an animated version) Credits: BaconSandwich - Textures, Door, Panels Mr. Darl - Core Me - Turret and cube models Older version:
  2. Credit to @BaconSandwich for the cube and portal gun and credit to @anima cryses for Freeman model glasses and crowbar
  3. Credit to @BaconSandwich for the portal assets Chell by me
  4. PLEASE LINK BACK TO TOPIC IF USED World Download (Never know when you might need to edit something!) Alternatively, Schematics Download I will try my best to keep updating this.
  5. This is my rig of glados its the after beta glados its not the beta glados beta glados its in portal 1 so its the portal 2 glados i add some picture and the link for guys no use mega you need to click on download as zip https://mega.nz/#F!kbYnWLJb!t0evYcJlIqSayHetSPZ7wQ add credits when you use my rig but you dont want a rig like thats 2 dislike 1 like so i should delete
  6. LINKS: Episode 1: OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the world of TERA, a land of not just Humans, but Dragons and other creatures that may be lurking in the darkness. Henry is an escaped prisoner from the Overworld dimension who is hiding out in the TERA Dimension from his world's military, the A.C.A.U unit. Join Henry on his first adventure in the world of TERA, where not all is as it seems. UNOFFICIAL SECOND DESCRIPTION: A mysterious kingdom, another world, and a dragon. Things do have a way of going south for Henry Jackson, a former military solider from the Overworld who ended up in the TERA Dimension after having to escape from his own dimension. Henry may find that things are not what they seem in the world of TERA, and things have a way of working out. Q&A: Q: How long are episodes of TERA? A: The opening special episode is 26 minutes in length with credits, every episode after Episode One will be 20 to 22 minutes in length and will be posted only on Mondays or Fridays. Q: How many episodes will there be of TERA? A: I have thirteen episodes planned for the first season, and ideas for a second if people like the first season and want more. Q: Where did I come up with TERA? A: TERA actually is the by-product of another project that has (so far) never seen the light of day. TERA started out as test animations to see how far I could push Mine-Imator with my skills, and eventually it evolved into a series of 13 episodes. Q: is there an Intro? A: Yes, but it isn't in Episode One because there simply wasn't enough time to include it, it will be in Episode 2 and on however. Q: Is Herobrine or any other of those characters in TERA? A: No. What I want with TERA is a story that focuses on two characters who grow and change and evolve alongside the world around them as they face challenges both old and new, and Minecraft' existing catalog of characters isn't really able to handle that without it feeling cringy. Also, I wanted TERA to be unique, everyone is using Herobrine and the others, so I go in the other direction and introduce new unique characters you can enjoy without feeling as if there's a thousand of them. Q: Who is/are the main character(s)? A: The first main character is a man from the Overworld named Henry Jackson, a former military solider with 11 years of experience fighting in some of the nastiest wars to plague the overcrowded Overworld. I can't really go to much into the second main character, as he is in Episode 1 and if I did, it would be SPOILERS. So I will refrain from doing so.
  7. Took me 30 minutes to make
  8. Probably my last wallpaper for 2018... As always, 100% Mine-Imator! Constructive criticism appreciated! Thanks to @__Mine__ for the title
  9. Here's a turret rig. I don't know if I'll finish the Portal animation, I've made too many commitments, and I cant work on my own projects for now. But here you go anyways. (Also, I know the laser beam goes on the eye, please forgive me) Download here Maybe if you want I'll release the Chell and portal gun rig too
  10. Yeah. Portals. Done. Here. Take 'em. Animate them. They ain't nothin' special. TAKE THEM!!! Images Portals.zip Rules: 1. Credit if used. 2. Link to THIS PAGE, NOT the DOWNLOAD page.
  11. This process is somewhat difficult due to the amount of pieces and how I'm going to make them bend properly, but I'll find a way. I'd keep up to date with this topic to see the latest additions I add onto ATLAS and P-Body when the rigs are near complete. ATLAS (FINISHED) P - Body (WIP)
  12. Got bored. Let me know what I need to improve (besides the bloom, it was excessive on purpose).
  13. god damm it morty theres no rick and morty r-rigs morty for mine i-imator some one needs to make one
  14. just making some wallpaper with nether portal because why not? bye
  15. Portal 2 Companion Cube Rig Pack Includes: Download The Companion Cubes Here
  16. Companion Cube Rig Download Now and Have someone to Love You!
  17. Hello and Welcome to the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Center We hope your brief detention in the Mine-Imator forums has been a pleasant one, Your specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin the Rig Showcase. Before we start however keep in mind that although Skills and Learning are the primary goals of all Enrichment Center Recources, serious problems may occur, for your own safety and the safety of others, Please make sure to Credit me if used. Aperture Science Multipurpose Lift Platform : Download Broke Remember. When life gives you lemon Don't make lemonade.
  18. foodhatesme

    Portal 2 rig

    This is my first rig so please tell me how i did (please tell me how to upload a pic to here) So this portal rig comes with 2 portal guns 1 portal stand 2 portal balls (for shooting from the portal gun) and 2 portals. they are they are schematics and don't need custom textures. installation: step 1 open the rar file and take all schematics and place them somewhere you can access them thru mine-imator step 2 open them thru mine-imator as schematics step 3 resize them to fit your needs and thats about it for now if you guys have suggestions feel free to ask and i will read them. I do plan on adding more if you guys like it in case if you have a question on were the link is DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.mediafire.com/download/cae6vszkcovzu29/portal_2_rig.rar enjoy
  19. Hope you enjoy this test animation What do you think? Don't watch the player walking or things like that. See the portal gun and the portals, and the teleporting player. Tell me what do yo think.
  20. Made With:PhotoshopCS6 i know it's so bad
  21. This's a Mel's portal gun from Portal Stories : Mel I edited it from my old portal gun A few pictures for this Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/e9taku7ov0wxzum/Mel's+Portal+Gun.rar
  22. A turret from Portal!!!! More Portal/Portal 2 rigs coming soon. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t2wx0dadoiql8bi/turret.object?dl=0
  23. This is an end portal frame that you can turn off or on. The particles are not perfect, but very good in my opinion. I'm not entirely happy with the lighting in the demo, but I'll get it next time. https://youtu.be/WS03wc01G4I http://www.mediafire.com/download/5wckby1cnijte1d/End_Portal.object Credit to me or a link here to your work would be nice if you deceide to use it.
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