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Hello there friends!
Holloween is almost here!
I am making 5 wallpapers based on zombies!
Here is my first one!

I tried making a timelapse but the PC I have now is not good enough!
gettings a new one soon!

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3 hours ago, ziyadkhalq said:

ohh nice, but next time you should put a gore warning or something, because lots of people dont like violence.

last time, I put a gore warning no one clicked on it.


i put one in the prefix

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14 hours ago, Skjold said:

Nicely done.

Hey I clicked on that. Maybe you posted it at a time that Americans aren't online, at school or sleeping. Maybe you should try to release it at 1-3pm US time

BTW you have 8888 posts!
I will try and do that next time ;)

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