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Change Your Background Settings! (Tips and Tricks)

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I honestly don't know why I'm making this topic but this has been bothering me. Many of the great animators have left this forum leaving many inexperienced animators. Bad animation is one thing but it is not that hard to change one's settings to make it visually pleasing.

Here is an example:

Low Quality Rendering - Default Settings



High Quality - Default Settings



Altered Fog and Ambient Lighting + DOF Blur + Bloom



You may be asking "What Settings did you use" or "How did you do that". It is really trial and error. No one setting preset will make everything look good. This took me less than 10 Minutes to make this wallpaper. No rigs, point lights, or effects. Now if add more time, rigs, lights, and effects, you have a wallpaper even greater. This is not limited to wallpapers. Animations are the biggest victim of unaltered background settings because visual quality is low priority compared to actual animation. Every scene change in an animation should have background settings checked to see if the best image is being created.

I'll end my rant here.

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