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Modding "Negative scaling" tutorial

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"Negative scaling" has been a feature people have been requesting to be in Mine-imator for the longest time and since it's not too hard to add, I thought I would an easy tutorial to make. Also, adding negative scaling does bring about some bugs, so beware.(Turning on backfaces fixes the problem most of the time if models look inverted.)

Step 1:


Be sure to have the code up, and correctly set up. When you have that done, do a global search(Ctrl + Shift + F) and search "tab_frame_editor_scale", and press the second list option.


Once you have 'tab_frame_editor_scale' open, you'll have to replace the first 4 instances of "snapval" to "-no_limit", change the first 2 instances of "max(0.0001,tl_edit.value[XSCA]/50)" and "max(0.0001,tl_edit.value[XSCA+axis_edit]/50)" to "1/8".


It should now look like this.


Step 2:


Now, do a global search for "tl_value_clamp" and open the first result. Now replace "case ZSCA: return max(val,0.0001)" with "case ZSCA: return clamp(val,-no_limit,no_limit)".



And done! You got rid of the limit Mine-imator has for scale, so it goes under 0 and can now invert models.


Details on compiling here:


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I will note that rigs don't work well with this system. On most objects you'll want to disable Inherit Scale, but cubes and shapes don't need this, so any rigs that use cubes or surfaces won't invert properly. It is cool to mess around with, if you get the chance, but it is very buggy and behaves in ways you wouldn't expect.

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If I just change "case ZSCA: return max(val,0.0001)" to "case ZSCA: return max(val,0)" will objects disappear?

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