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  1. This series is inspired by the "Shadow of Israphel" from the Yogscast! The Day of Reckoning is going to be something amazing! I really do feel like I did something great with this! Please take a look and consider subscribing!
  2. I hope you enjoy this roleplay! It's inspired by Shadow of Israphel!
  3. The story of the Elemental Kingdoms Long ago there were many groups people, each with their own special powerful element. They constantly fought for power, wanting to rule over the others with an iron grip. However, none suceeded. It wasn't until the first Elemental Mage was born. The Elemental Mage was all-powerful, He had the ability to use each element. Because of this power, he was able to unite the different Element Tribes into a single Kingdom, which was called Elem. There, the Elements lived in peaceful harmony for generations, intermingling to create a generation of mixed-Elements. Peace lasted for hundreds of years, each Elemental Mage had one offspring. It was their job to train their child to be the next Elemental Mage. Until one day, one Elemental Mage had a sterile daughter. The Mage hid his daughter's defect, so that there wasn't a revolt of the Elements. When the Mage died, his daughter took his place. She made youth elixrs to last a little longer, knowing after she died the Kingdom of Elem would fall into chaos. But, seventeen years ago she was killed by an unknown assassin. The Kingdom was shocked, then war once again broke out between tribes. Their mixed-Elements children were either embraced and used as peace treaties to form alliances, or cast out by distrust. Elements formed their own kingdoms, the strongest being the Fire Kingdom, the Ice-Shadow Kingdom, and the Enderite Kingdom. Here is where the story begins. Elements: Format for making a character: Name: Age: Gender: Equipment: Skills: Element Kingdom: Appearance: (Please add photos in spoilers) This will take place in the world of minecraft, which means things we can do in the real world can be done in this rp, such as deflecting an arrow with the flick of a sword. We will also include rubies, and some modded mobs. Like brown bears. Rules: Do not make joke roles. Do not be overpowered. Do not be rude or control the rp. Have fun. If you break any of the rules you will be ignored in rp, and you won't be allowed to join others.
  4. Hello guys tooday where making a cros over wit minecraftman356 and he's roleplay Trapped in the Nether and mines Stranded sooo yeah Character forum: Name: Gender: Age: Items: Ruoles: -No OP -No SWEARING -ABSOLUTELY NO SWEDISH DONT TALK ON SWEDEN >:C IN THIS VERISON OF NETHER ALL SWEDN IS DEAD SO YOO WILL ROUIN MY LORE -Okai thats all the rules Okay goys thats it have a nice roleplayen g experience hello gois this si my forums Name: WILL54 THE DESTROYR Gender: STRAIGHT Age: 999999 but he looks 14 becoz he's a demon Item: Super Deathblade sword, Crippling depression (thos one is passive)
  5. A LOT of us know what Yandere High School is as it is fairly popular in the Minecraft Roleplay community. A couple months ago, me and the former co-director decided to build a school on a small server which then turned into a huge project with a town on a server that can host over 1000 people. This roleplay will be recorded and put on my channel; ScottPlayzMC and the pilot on my channel (which was way worse that it looked when we recorded it) got over 1,200 views which is a decent amount for me. ANYWAYS, me and the Team, which has about 20 members in it, are looking for people to animate the action scenes, the intro, and even montages . Episode 1 is completely done and the script is updated to Episode 7. The series will most likely have 9-12 episodes and we have body actors, voice actors, and script writers, such as myself. I am going to take a BIG risk and put the sample script here on view. The sample script contains the plot overview for episodes 1-5 but not the lines and everything else. The risk is people stealing my idea but... who would do that? Anyways, if you are interested please reply or private message me (No idea if you can do that on the forums). Ooh and lastly, this is complete volunteered and there is no pay. The links down below to the Vimeo videos are some animations i've received from my team... Most used templates from other Youtubers, have faults, or could be too slow. The speed, I can fix but if you want to see what we want and what we don't want, you can view them for yourself. https://vimeo.com/user75117766 IF YOU READ THIS ALL HERE'S A COOKIE ?
  6. Ether: Adventure Beyond 1916; an era of new technology and discovery around the world. While the Great War continues to devastate people from every corner of the earth, in the background there’s groups of explorers as far and wide as the eye can see, from all countries; trying to make a living exploring places that no man has seen yet. You probably forgot, but a fellow by the name of Scott Fellman, great visionary, you meet ‘em at the local bar; he invited you to an expedition. He was probably inspired a bit too much by alcohol, but the vision of going around the world seems grand. Will you accept his invitation or go work at the factory for dirt-poor salaries? Rules -The roleplay takes place in 1916, consider creating a character that fits in this time period. -You can only create two characters, and you can only create a new character if Scott is explicitly inviting new people, or if a new humanoid specie is found. -If a character dies, that’s it. Said character cannot be brought back to life. -Friendly firing is possible, but strongly disadviced; if you kill someone and there’s enough evidence to support it, you can be shot and killed without penalty. Fill-in-Form Name: Age: Gender: Equipment: Appearance:
  7. StrandeD RECON .16 “It’s the year 2815. Earth has started a massive space race. A once empty void is now habitated by colossal rocket ships. The bravest soldiers have been sent on the search for the unknown, a whole space to explore. They’re called the Recon, scouting the planets, days on end” Rules -You can have a maximum of 4 characters simultaneously. -Overpowered characters/items/abilities are not allowed. -This rule also includes total edgelords. -Dying is permanent. -Anyone can take control of your character/s if you're inactive for too long. -You can apply your characters any time. If the roleplay has already started, they will appear in the "Main Ship" -Ed, the character from the original Stranded, will not appear as a character. Meet The Recon Yes they're all real names Flynn, the pilot Appearance: A dark cyan jacket with the sleeves trimmed up, brown pants, white shoes, prosthethic arm. Wyatt, the tank Appearance: A very dark blue vest, blue shirt with a "special force" symbol on the sleeve, black pants, boots, a yellow backpack. Finley, the scout Appearance: Dark blue vest, light blue sleeveless shirt, bandages around hands, white pants, black shoes, yellow strap-pack Nash, the engineer Appearance: Military jacket with a "engineer" symbol on the sleeve, black sweater, brown pants, white shoes, yellow dufflebag Fill in form: Name: Age: Gender: Species: Weapons/items: Appearance:
  8. THE TRANSFORMATION Hunters needed There is a select group of people in this world that have the ability to turn into an animal (of your choosing but only one. It doesn't matter if it's real or extinct or whatever), but only once a day (in rp time) Plot Recently though, hunters have been looking for these creatures to kill them, because they have some sort of magic in them these hunters want (yeah we thought it was just our DNA or something). As more of the shapeshifters die, the hunters become more common. Assuming you've already read the "Absolutely do not do" page on the Mine-Imator Forums RP wikia, here are some things to do and not do in reverse order. No-no's -Intense romance. Like, we get it you're in love. Having deep long pages of "he puts his hands on her waist" makes it really awkward. -Romance. Not at all. -Having overpowered animal forms. -having horrible intense backstories if they don't have to do with hunters Totally Chill With -One (1, i, uno, 壱, singular, 2 less than 3, |-1|, y=x/10-1 when x=20 ) special power other than your animal. (Be sure to include in your form if you have one) -Extreme fights will blood and gore and death and stuff -Having an animal that isn't real (dragons, werewolves, etc.) -Having animals that aren't in minecraft (bears, zebra, etc.) -Alliances -Capturing slaves -Retaliations -Duels -Explosions If you want to join, Name: Gender/Sex: Personality: Animal or Hunter: If animal, what animal:
  9. Hello, everyone. I thought I would give to the community, something we need. As we all know, roleplaying it pretty much dead, but with this Discord, I think we'll have lots of fun. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE TO DISCORD CHAT These are the rules, read them. 1. Use proper grammar in chat, that means capitalization, quotation marks, etc. Spell check, no one wants to read your typos, it puts them off. Typos are fine, of course, but make an effort to spell check your posts. 2. Keep roleplays to the channel you are roleplaying on. 3. No edgy "original" characters. 4. Speak English. You can speak other languages but don't just use that language. 5. If you start a roleplay, you can make your own rules for that roleplay, I or a mod will create a channel. 6. No NSFW. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me. Another note, I am looking for mods.
  10. umg i dun even now if ppl stil wolepay Hey Guys ! I have not roleplayed on this forum in a while, I read comics lately and wanted to make a comic inspired roleplay based on "Justice Leauge: War" comic and the "X-Men Apocalypse" movie. Seriously it's been 2 years since I've roleplayed and I hope to see people do so! R u l e s : 1. Even though this is mostly based on DC, do not be too op. 2. Don't control other characters, if you attack me and I block it, then I blocked it. You can't say you defeated me unless I somehow fall. 3. Related to Number 2, think of reality, if someone does their most powerful move, you're probably hurt. If Goku does kamehameha on you, you're obviously not gonna withstand it, you'll get hurt. Please don't be that person. 4. I'll be part narrator, so I'm in control of the story, not you. 5. You can also be a villain/monster or superhero. 6. Feel free to bring your Minecraft OC's into this, just don't get too Minecrafty, adjust it a little. 7. This is for random people, If you just wanna join in the roleplay for 3 minutes and be a random citizen, feel free, you don't need to apply for that. Just know that if you're doing this you're only a citizen, nothing op, just a random citizen. 8. Multiple characters are allowed(3x) 9. You can get your powers as you go through the roleplay, it's optional. Story: Forget everything you knew, on Earth, there are humans, and "special" humans. Humans who are mutated, powerful, strong, different, etc... people take this to their advantage to be a hero, or a villain. Life has been like this for a millennium. The cavemen had "different" people who helped fight animals. In Ancient Civilizations, there are people who fought crime. Today, there are people who fight crime, do crime, help the world, or end the world. There's just one legend that stood out in history, Moarke, an ancient beast that can destroy anything, even the strongest metal. Though he has been sealed deep underground in Antarctica, something horrible happened, a crack. Moarke's tombstone has been exposed to sunlight, now it's the roleplay that continues this story. Application: Superhero, Villain, Non-Super Hero, Bystander : Powers/Abilities : Backstory : Looks(Picture or just describe) : Age : Hero Name : Gender/Species : Current Location : Weakness : Intelligence Test, whats 1 + 0? : My Application: Superhero, Villain, Non-Super Hero, Bystander : Superhero Powers/Abilities : Superspeed, Wing-Chun Martial Arts Backstory : My name is Joon, I was born in San Francisco, raised by my only family that I know of, my mom, she was a scientist/engineer. When I was 15, my mom and I were just looking at the stars at night. At approximately 8:05 PM, a blurry man fell down from the sky landing and murdering my mother, the only thing he said was, "For your own good." and disappeared. I wasn't sure what that mean't but I was crying and called 911. They did believe me, but couldn't figure out how to get her back, I was crying and sleeping at my friends house. When I woke up, leaving the house on my way to school, it was 8:05 AM. Suddenly I was struck by lightning, and was in a coma for 6 months. I woke up at TRON Laboratories, I immediately ran into a wall in a millisecond. From there I was trained by a wing chun master, and became a crime fighter known as bolt. Looks : http://imgur.com/a/j5w5C Age : 19 Name : Joon Peters Hero Name : Bolt Gender/Species : Male/Human Current Location : TRON Laboratories in New York City Weakness : Ice Intelligence Test, whats 1 + 0? : 1/1 + 0/1 = 1/1 = 1 I will start once the first application has been accepted.
  11. Hello everyone! To those that do not know, yesterday I launched a Wikia, named Mine-Imator RolePlay Wiki. It is free to use, and you just need to sign up to post on it. This is going to be used for those that do a lot of RPing, as you can go on my new wiki, and post bios of your OCs. Here is the link.
  12. It's the year 3XXX. Money's low and you're in debt with shady-looking characters. So you take the risk and go on an space adventure with a star-looking assh*le. Rules: -No Op characters. -No excuses. Mechanics: -There are missions that grant you GOLD. -With GOLD, you can buy personal ships, equipment, and upgrade the MAIN SHIP. -Your character perma-dies if you don't have a clonation chamber in the MAIN SHIP. -If your character respawns, the character will have amnesia. -You can make another character if the old one dies/prefers to stay in a planet Fill-in form: Name: Gender: Species: Age: Abilitys/Powers: Starting equipment: Appearence: Name: Ed Gender: Male Species: Nova kid Age: Possibly older than 100 years. Abilitys/Powers: Ed can survive even in the most dire situations; he is extremely viable. He has misterious powers. Starting equipment: Ed's mauser and Ed's blade (Both are extremely powerful) Appearence: He uses suspenders and a white camisole. His hair is pointy and has no brand-face. Ed: Dude, are you still fillin' out those forms?
  13. Welcome fellow forumers! I present you a new roleplay/story that I have made (and had in mind for about two years)! "What is Guardians, and what can I do in the roleplay?" you may ask. Guardians is a story where a lot of species have advanced and evolved! Timelords, galaxy kings, etc! But sixteen races are the most powerful species in the whole universe. One of them are Eternals. Each Eternal have their own profession, like Eternal Guardian, Eternal Farmer, etc. What is your role? Become one of them! You will start out as a child, and start your journey into one of the most OP beings there is. "How does my actions change the story?" You also may ask. It affects the story, your companions, the characters, and etc. You can be someone who is friend to all good, or a genocidal child how destroys everything in it's path. FOOOOOOOOOOOOORM Name: Race (Human, Extraterrestrial, etc) Age (Must be below ten for now!) Weapons: Initial Skills: Personality: Backstory(?): Anything else? You can't be incredibly strong for now. Otherwise, you might end up creating time distortions. Once you apply for a forum, you can start roleplaying, since I just need to see how I would balance the story more. The roleplay can be silly or serious, so yeah. Date: Fith of October, 2028 Location: Planet Earth Stranded on an island, you wonder why you were on an island. It doesn't seem surprising, doesn't it?
  14. Hello. Lots of you don't know me, but I'm a really old roleplayer. Either way, this RP focuses on Mancer City, a city full of mancers, (full list below) Pyromancers (fire), Aquamancers (water) Terramancers (earch) Aeromancers (air-All dead, cannot RP as this) Musmancers (Extreme strength) Accemancers (Extreme speed) Magimancers (magic) All races live in Mancer City, a hypermassive, Walled-off city. Each group of mancers have their own walled-off wedge. Meaning Pyromancers life in one wedge, but aquamancers live in another wedge. The only way to travel inbetween the wedges is through massive checkpoints, full of armed guards, main battle tanks, and ability neutralizers (which prevents a mancer from using their ability close to the checkpoint). Humans, however, may pick any wedge. They must stay there. Travel in between the wedges are for emergencies and business only. Application format: Character Name: (first and last) Character Race: Weaponry: (may only have two) Looks: (picture or description. If you give a description, only give information a person can gather from looking at your character.) Thats it! Try to keep your characters human or mancers. Naturally, there are always exceptions, so if you have a non-human non-mancer character, go ahead and apply. Normal RP rules apply, and if you are pulling some stuff like that, I will tell you to change it. Meaning, you character CAN die. They CAN be injured. To prove you read this, type the words "Jar of Dirt" somewhere in your application, for it to be accepted. Neither your character nor my character are "main characters". Do not act as if they are.
  15. Hey guys my name is kyle and i run a youtube channel i want to make roleplays that are successful but i need builders i was working on this with 2 of my friends the only problem is we are not making that much progress we built a school but not the town because like i said we need builders it took us a couple of months just to build that one school which still isn't finished yet we are just 3 people just a little help would save us lots of time Put your skype down below if interested If you aren't interested dont comment down below you can if you want to but there is really no point in commenting thanks for your time :] If you dont wanna build V images of what we have done so far V
  16. you make animations, to react. this means it is not a normal rp, it takes good animating to make it good Rules 1. only 3 powers your character has 2. No being mean unless your character is mean 3. you can make a showing vid of your character too, but you can just write it too so now to the fun part: creating your character you really HAVE to rig the Character, and you must make animations to react to the other things, you must give your rig to others to make it able to meet all. You write it like this: Character Name: Powers (only 3): Inventory: Backstory: Likes and dislikes: My character Name: Evil-Sadness Powers: Dividived mind, Energy creating to use as all kind of things Inventory: Diamond aarmor, diamond sword, something to eat Backstory: she was going around in the woods util she met herobrine, and he teleportet her to the lonely woods When it starts it starts when I have made the vid, given the rig download and world download Download of the world and my rig: Download Video Video link! Info: Rp has startet, you can join, just jump in!!!
  17. yeah, i made this quickly because i was bored. the one with the ears is the other person, i made this quickly. don't ask why, and i am not what you think i am. its called roleplaying. this was hard to upload...
  18. Emunator

    My Rigs! Yeah.

    Ello' Everyone. I'm here to show off my first ever Rig i made! Rig's I have made in blender! Things to note before commenting. *I made this these from scratch *I did not get another rig and do 'small edits' *I spent HOURS spend hours on all of these *The original skin's were not mine, But was Majorly edited to fit and make the rigs look nice -------------------------------------------------------- 2013 Models. The fully Finished 3-D version! OMG GUYZ Models I have made for people! I made a Another RoleplaY character from a friend again. Made from scratch, But I didn't give it a full 3-D effect like I usually do...But I gave him a beard that is move-able! Random models! SuperSayin' Guy in armour thingy Blocks, They are easy to do, But I find it annoying to texture every face -.- Note: After I finish a few, I shall add my special 3-D effect to them! Random Models all made form scratch by me A auto-sentry turret A Realistic Subway scene! 2014 models. MC related: Kickgun, Original by Ayhay and Frossa on MM. Updates: Finshed Robot Rig 2-D. Finished Robot rig 3-D!!!!! Finished Roleplay model of my friend: Navir Finished Roleplay model of Another Friend: Golbolco Finished 3 Blocks, Oak wood, Normal grass block leaves with transparency! Added cowboy assassin! ;3 Added Super saying Guy thing Added Another section for random models. Added Hyperion Robot. Added Auto Sentry turret Added A Subway scene in the Random models section! Added a 2013/2014 section Added new models into 2014 section. Added kickgun and Clockworker.
  19. (Logo by Pen.) It's back! Long time ago, forgot when, Lachlan created the Mineimator roleplay wiki. It was used commonly but suddenly faded away... Ok fine, it wasn't that dramatic, but it has been innactive for a while, so i've tried keeping it up as long as I could to bring it back. Recently it was redesigned by Pen, so i hope you enjoy the new-ish wiki! http://mineimator-roleplay.wikia.com/wiki/Mine-imator_RolePlay_Wiki We have a few tutorials and guides up to get you started too. I may be unaware of the fact that there could be another Mineimator Roleplay Wiki, but i doubt it :3 (This may have been a status update but not really o~O) Moderating Team: DJSniv7 (Me!) PenEcho SectorCTestLabs (Aro is pink cuz he is fab~) (Atleast one person has a regretful name. (me))
  20. Era of the Interstellar Explorer Really? Backgrounds. "2011" Discover of Kepler-22b, the first known habitable planet 600 light years away. "2016" The first year that alternative reality replaced the real timeline. "2024" Terran Populations: About 7,500 billions First successfully manned mission to Mars. "2029" Terran Populations: About 8,000 billions First AI passed Turing Test. First successful manned mission to Venus's upper atmosphere. "2034" Terran Populations: About 9,000 billions Earth's 6th extinction, the Holocene extinction, has destroyed almost every rare species, the grand resources war started, destroying many countries, brought the famine and stress to the humans. "2057" Terran Populations: About 1,000 billions As the wars ended, humans started to evacuated to the nearby planets. Luna, Mars, Venus, Asteroids, Callisto, Titan is the first spots. Explored Mars. "2102" Terran Populations: 0, Planetary populations: About 5,000 billions Humans now spread across the Solar System. Successfully built the first major space station in the Earth's orbit named Terra Station. Started Mars terraforming project. "2242" The human's home planet, Earth, is now almost uninhabitable. Over three hundred years ago, humans uses resources and pollute the surface, water and air. Now, the planet is inhabited by only hard lifeforms like bacteria, algaes, cockroaches and rats. Mars is now about 17% terraformed. Space stations are now almost everywhere in the Solar System. Wormholes are discovered. Asexual and bisexual is now worked in humans. "2243" Planetary populations: 20,000 billion The research suggest that the Wormholes are leading humans to the 2015's 9 known habitable extrasolar planet's system candidates. ====================================================== WORMHOLES LIST Sun: Tau Ceti System with five planets Mercury: Gliese 667 System with three stars and two planets Venus: Kepler-69 System with two planets Earth: Kepler-62 System with five planets Mars: Gliese 163 System with five planets Jupiter: Kepler-438 System with at least one planet Saturn: HD 10180 System with nine planets Uranus: Kepler-186 System with five planets Neptune: Kepler-22 System with at least one planet ====================================================== You're one of the few peoples who decided to left the Solar System and head to the faraway worlds. How to join: 1. Create the character. 2. Wait until accepted (Anybody can accept, "Unaccept" means you'll have to wait until other comes and accept.) What you must do, Four steps! 1. Read the journal created by the guide. 2. Select the system you want to go. 3. Head to the wormhole. 4. Choose wisely, as the return might be really hard! Or choose to orbit and spectate the planet until you're sure. A group of peoples can team up to create village, town, or even build a space stations. Died RP characters can respawn at the Terra Station. PvP is not allowed on every areas. Character Application Name: Gender (M/F/A/B): Personality: Special Powers (If you have any, not too OP): Appearance: Other: (Like strength, weakness, miscs.) ========================================================================================================= Hypercosmic’s Character Application Name: Hiro Hyco Age: Biologically 15 Powers: Always glides over the ground (Uncontrolable). Fluency powers: Teleportation, Telekinesis. Backstory: He has no parents, however he was raised by Chrono. Gender: B Appearance: A man with fair skin having black hair, sky blue pupils, Wearing cyan T-shirt, dark blue pants, blue vest, oftenly wearing a diamond helmet. -Personality: Friendly. -Strength: Quick, high damage -Weakness: Extremely scares of the Void, and this is why he lost alot of fluency in using powers when nearby the Void. Has lower tolerate to temperature and atmospheric pressure than normal human. -Other notes: He can show his status in hologram form. He has an AI called "Hiro's Personal Informator (HPI)", he's forgetful in anything he didn't care much. ==================================================================================== Journal: Accessable System (As of real date DD/MM/YYYY: 14/05/2015): Kepler-62 System -Five planets -Two outermost which is potentially habitable: Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f -Kepler-62e is an ocean planet with few islands. -Kepler-62f is a desert covered by snow and ice. My note: I don't know if you like this game, it's quite scienctific, probably quite hard to understand. I hope you'll enjoy my FIRST RP game! **Ehh?** Ahhhh, Not that bad grammar again!
  21. So yeah this is pretty simple, Tell me your skype name and I will invite you to a group chat where we can roleplay. this is SONIC THE HEDGEHOG THEMED Rules: No Spamming No Sonic Recolors No Original Characters Just pure, Sonic fun. Reserved Slots: Eggman Tails (you cant be these two in the roleplay, they are already taken) For choosing your character I reccomend you suit the one that fits you best.
  22. So, i have some news. I'm going to make a Comic. what it is about? Well it's a comic about a Roleplay i participated in. so what i mean is i'm going to make this Roleplay into imagery for everyone to view, like a movie, but just images. new parts/chapters of the comic will be added. when the Roleplay has been continued. This is a futuristic RP starring the evil president,a enderman,a soldier & an scientist/professor This comic so far includes the RP characters of: - brentt010104 -Enderman - -Scientist/Professor - -Soldier
  23. Hello everyone and welcome to [see Title] This is a simple roleplay and we go from some of what you see in the movie. I will assign objectives once we reach a max of 20 people participating. I'd like the same format as Into The Nether Name: Age: Power: Personality: Backstory: Yes..Now for those wondering "JACK what's Limbo?" It's not the game. It's a realm that coincides with all realms even in the nether. If a demon such as a Stygian appears you are slowly dragged in. The world around you will start to destabilize and break. Roads will crumble and the area itself will try and kill you. Have Fun The goal after achieving my objectives is to kill Demon Queen (Augil) & Demon King (Mundus) If all goes well I'll move it into my animated plot for the story ~Jack. Also please note that we do have some rules No "I grab the sword of #rekt and kill the demon rulers game over kthxbai" Play it out. You start in the overworld and need to regroup all together to slay them as you all carry a unique weapon located throughout the overworld You may use a familiar (A small symbol of a certain trait that enchances the trait it displays) if you want Backstory: It is a cold night out in this small cubed world. The rain has yet to cease. Not too long ago what seemed like a meteor struck our Earth and sent shrapnel pieces flying. The meteor was oddly shaped and seems as if the shrapnel was elemental. Scientists are baffled to discover small rocks in what they call Biomes have contained guarded weapon shaped materials. They react to those who go near by testing their compatibility. If you are not worthy it will strike you and you will suffer. I'll partake in this quest Name: Elias "Jack" W. Age:16 Power: I am Nephilim the cross of an angel and demon. I also possess the corresponding elements that coincide with these species. Personality: Intelligent yet silent. I do what is right whether I like it or not. It is said Nephilim possess a skill known as Devil Trigger. Neat. Backstory: I was born in a small home with a typically normal family yet I was taken from them at a young age. They said I had meningitis yet they spoke of me not being very human...Meningitis is a human affliction.
  24. Hi, everyone! I'm a big fan of the Percy Jackson series (and Rick Riordan's other mythology series), and I wanted to make an RP of it! **Narrator will tell the time/setting/situation that is going on. My character: Name: Tiffany Bourdella Age: 14 Godly parent: You'll find out soon enough... Lives in: Dallas, TX Any experience with magic/weird stuff?: No, at least not yet... Hair color: Brunette w/ streaks of strawberry blonde Eye color: Brown Personality: Intelligent, pretty, avid reader, brave, caring, loyal Brother/sister: Harry (Brother... I'll need someone to play him) If you want to join, send me a PM with your character info (with the same categories as mine) and I'll decide whether or not you get to join! (I may not get back to you ASAP bc of the excessive amount of stuff I have going on right now, but I'll try as hard as I can!) Rules: 1. No swearing/inappropriate content 2. Stay on topic (like don't talk about random stuff) 3. Don't give yourself too much power if you're the bad guy (or good); remember: good guy always wins (at least at some point) 4. You CAN use smileys/emotes, but not too many. 5. Don't change the time/setting/situation... only narrator gets to do that! 6. If you want me to change something or whatever, just send me a PM so I can consider it 7. No unnecessary insulting (the good guys are allowed to insult the baddies sometimes and vice versa, but no random insults, please) 8. If you want to be someone from the Percy Jackson series or The Heroes of Olympus series, you can. (Not The Kane Chronicles; that deals with Egyptian stuff. This is Greek/Roman.) Have fun! Narrator: Setting: Forest in Dallas, TX. Time: 2:00 PM. Situation: Tiffany is hiking in the forest. Tiffany: *Pants* Whew, rough hike. *Sits down on nearby rock and pulls out phone. For some reason, it's not working* Tiffany: Whaaaat? I knew I charged it this morning...
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