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  1. my character has no limits though. she's a break in the universe. she obeys no rules of the universe and is stronger than the universe in order to stay alive while it tries to delete her.
  2. haven't done much animating for over a year, and i made this in a day, so it's not the best.
  3. it depends on who. some are, some aren't. but she has to fight to avoid them.
  4. viewed as an enemy. people from all sorts of groups are sending people after her.
  5. 1. teleport by glitching herself into a different location 2. people hunting her down and as for her personality, for my characters i let it develop naturally
  6. in the context of the animation i'm using her in, she's a glitch in real life. there's no PC to wash.
  7. it's very hard to explain. my points still stand, some of them were not explained in the context of the world however.
  8. in the context of the world she's in, she's a break in the universe.
  9. exactly. she's a glitch. she falls under no rules of anything.
  10. but in the world she's in, that world is the real world. the animations she's in ignore that it's minecraft, and treat it as if it's real life.
  11. she doesn't obey the rules. she's a glitch. she's not supposed to follow how things work.
  12. that's the thing. you can't get rid of her. her code can't be removed or fixed, she'll travel from one computer to another, she'll always find a way to be there. watching you.
  13. heyyyyy so long time no see everyone! i'm back, i've become a different person, and i made this!
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