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Found 10 results

  1. Fryzzle The Pork

    Discord HoverBoard rig

    HoverBoard Download link: Hope you all like it bye Oink!
  2. Jadturentale

    Discord problem

    I got banned from Mine-Imator for no reason,anybody unban me? User: Jadturentale AKA taguelequipue
  3. GamersOnVideos

    Unofficial Noteblock Studio discord
  4. AnimateTHIS

    Mine-Imator Discord

    I can't join the Mine-Imator Discord. I try the joining link but it says "It has expired." Please help me.
  5. Lapis Productions

    ProjectPlexi (Discord Bot)

  6. Season 2 off provision (animation group if you didnt know) is starting. we started fresh again with a low amount of members.. if you want to sign up you can sign up here: in the couple of days most of the sign ups get accepted
  7. Lumie

    HD Forum Emojis (Art)

    Inspired by the Discord Emojis (because they are so beautiful to look at) Example of discord emojis Trying to learn Adobe Illustrator, so i'm gonna start a little basic. These are by far my favourite Forum Emojis I'm up for criticism, unless it's about the hands, that's not allowed, my hands are perfect. sarcasm
  8. EthanForeverAlone

    Unofficial Mine-Imator Roleplay Discord

    Hello, everyone. I thought I would give to the community, something we need. As we all know, roleplaying it pretty much dead, but with this Discord, I think we'll have lots of fun. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE TO DISCORD CHAT These are the rules, read them. 1. Use proper grammar in chat, that means capitalization, quotation marks, etc. Spell check, no one wants to read your typos, it puts them off. Typos are fine, of course, but make an effort to spell check your posts. 2. Keep roleplays to the channel you are roleplaying on. 3. No edgy "original" characters. 4. Speak English. You can speak other languages but don't just use that language. 5. If you start a roleplay, you can make your own rules for that roleplay, I or a mod will create a channel. 6. No NSFW. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me. Another note, I am looking for mods.
  9. Pharien

    So I Made a Discord Server...

    If I wasn't copying SKIBBZ enough as it is... <-- When even youtube's formatting is messed up ;P
  10. Cat Optimist

    Who has Discord?

    I just wanted to see how many MIForumers have Discord. Also: