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Found 381 results

  1. Mike

    Portal Turret (Rig)

    Here's a turret rig. I don't know if I'll finish the Portal animation, I've made too many commitments, and I cant work on my own projects for now. But here you go anyways. (Also, I know the laser beam goes on the eye, please forgive me) Download here Maybe if you want I'll release the Chell and portal gun rig too
  2. I have officially completed the TARDIS console rig I have worked so hard on. I finally added the interior to the time rotor, and love how it turned out! Download:'
  3. A timelapse of the Monk's TARDIS as seen in the 1965 episode, The Time Meddler. Download:'
  4. A timelaspe of the Statenhiem Remote as used by the Rani in the 1985 Doctor Who episode 'The Mark of the Rani' Download:
  5. A timelapse of a 6.5 mm Carcano rifle which, if you remember your history, was used on November 22nd, 1963 in Dallas, Texas to assasinate the 34th president of the US, John F. Kennedy. I will use this in an upcoming animation too. Download:
  6. Unedited: Edited: (My style of editing) Please do not bash on how I edit, this render was me testing effects and filters of colors, and shine. I used a Tablet to Edit I used Mineimator (Community Edition) to make the render
  7. A timelaspe of a grandfather clock. I could't render the images on camera because the software glitched and said a process failed or something, so I compromised and rendered the images in a new project off camera. I am very happy with how this turned out, and I also might use it... Who knows..? Download:
  8. A Timelapse of the Rani's TARDIS exterior. I have a feeling I will use this in an upcoming project... All in all, I love how this turned out! It's based off the Second Life adaptation of her exterior. I am also trying out a new watermark for all my future videos which I like. Since I obviously looove Doctor Who so much, and the show is owned by the BBC, I took it upon myself to create a BBC style logo featuring my numbers, 780. Referance: tardis exterior&newwindow=1&client=aff-maxthon-maxthon4&hs=6At& Download:
  9. Craftman780


    Something is coming...
  10. Pic : - Download: Update: Bugfixes If You Want To Use This Rig In Render Or Video Please Put My Credit Into Your Video/Render (Also Sorry For My Bad English)
  11. A timelaspe of a toolbox rig. I decided to upload something, and this was it. I know it's not much, but there will be more to come in the future. Download:
  12. I made it 12 seconds because the MI version is now 1.2, so yeah... Tested new feature of MI 1.2 on this video: bloom, animated DoF, spinning item, glowing object, custom biome, vignette, more colour sheep, and minecraft story mode style cloud. maybe just it... any question or something?
  13. Ideories

    2 Folders & A Camera

    I have seen people using 2 folders to get really neat and smooth animation...well how do you do that ?
  14. A timelaspe of the SIDRAT as seen in the 1966 Doctor Who episdoe, The War Games. A time capsule used by the War Lords to kidnap humans, and make them into soldiers for the games. Download:
  15. MahdiGamer145

    (FIX!) Smartphone

    This is a phone model hope you enjoy
  16. T_Medic_T

    First art work

    Well, it's my first art work I thaught it was not good work i need to practice more,make some rigs or something else can help my mineimator work looks great And upvote pls if you liked it
  17. MahdiGamer145

    Glue Gun

    This is a glue gun model for minecraft
  18. Rollo

    Humbordre's Animation

    i made this in like an hour with plotagon as a joke because plotagon is awful fair warning, this has some naughty words in it (nothing too bad, but it does have some swearies ) yeah mine-imator is 1000 times better than plotagon, but it was fun to make because i didn't have to try very hard to make something as good as plotagon can get am i right guys ayy.
  19. HELLLLLLOOOOO EVERYONE TODAY I AM RELEASING THE FIRST RIG I HAVE EVER MADE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC DXRACER Rig : Video Preview : i worked on this for a straight 5 hours all for you guys!
  20. A timelaspe of a rig I used for my video, Trial of a Timelord: but I forgot to export it as a .object file! So, five months later, I finally made an official timelaspe of the helmet. I'm glad I did, and loved how it turned out too. the download can be found here:
  21. TheCobaltCreeper

    The Way Some People Judge Content

    The Way Some People Judge Content And Why It's Kinda Stupid I've been using Mineimator for about a year now, and I feel like I've grown so much in my abilities as a rigger, an animator, a map builder, and just a content creator as a whole. I used to be really bad and made some really crappy animations like you'd see any other new person make. And I've made some really broken rigs and models that didn't look very good or work properly when I first started out. But now almost everything I make looks absolutely amazing and I'm so confident in my skills I would even consider myself a professional MI user. But like I said I wasn't always good, I started out making F.N.a.F. rigs which everyone reading this knows is hated by some of the community. I personally got hate by a few people on the official Mineimator Discord just because it was F.N.a.F. which totally put me down and made me really upset as any new content creator would feel. It makes you feel like you'll never get good, and you'll never be able to achieve that goal you just set out for yourself because you think you're not good enough and never will be. I feel like just the way people treat others just because of something they like or have an interest in is more "trashy" or "cancerous" than what those kinds of people are saying the content creator's work is. It's honestly really just childish and immature and I hate seeing it which is partially why I'm writing up this little rant/speech you're reading right now. My question to those people is, why? Why waste your time typing out messages just to feel like you're stronger or better than somebody else and just to push them down when you could be trying to make a good reputation among this community and others. Do you really just want to be seen as that guy who just says "ew fad" all the time? Why not try to help people, instead of just telling them their content is bad tell them what they could improve on. How do you expect to live a good happy life and have people treat you right if you don't do the same others? What about a future job you want? Who would want to hire somebody who used to or still trash talks people on the internet and harasses them about things they like just because they don't like it? Now onto the present, how I've come this far and how I'm recognized by this community and others. Even though I got put down by some people, I also found others who treated me and my creations like people should treat one another. I got noticed for my effort and even though my content was still kinda "eh" at the time a lot of people encouraged me and pushed me to keep working on what I was doing. Instead of saying "ew fad" after every F.N.a.F. post I made, people actually looked at my content, thought about what I had created, and told me how I could improve. And after that it's been like that ever since for me, yes I still got hate but it was only from a few selective individuals and every now and again somebody new who was just trying to *fit in* thinking that's the norm just because they see one person say the same thing over and over again about somebody's post. But I realized those people don't matter, why listen to somebody who has nothing good to say but the same two words every time you make something. People love my content, even a lot of people who hate fad or just don't have any interest in it tell me my work looks good. I'm seen as a good quality content creator by the majority of the communities I'm a part of. What really sucks and honestly upset the most is that I see a lot of other people making new and original content but sometimes they get hated just because it's about or related to a certain thing which is really messed up if you ask me. I understand if you dislike a rig just because it's a retexture, or an animation because it's actually crappy, but you shouldn't just call it trash. You should talk to them about their work and give them some points to improve on, for example if the rig is just a retexture of another rig, tell them they should try to make something themselves. If one of the legs seems to be having a seizure in a walk cycle, tell them how they could fix it. Nobody starts off perfect, and everybody likes their own things. I don't care if they are part of a fandom that made cringy content or was over saturated or even has porn of it, I don't care if you're into a movie about aliens fighting rocks riding dinosaurs, I don't care what kind of music you dance in your seat to while you're alone driving home from work, I don't even care if you dress up like an animal and go hang out with other people who dress up like that. I'm not going to judge you for what you like or what you're into or whatever something you do is about. I'm gonna talk to you and treat you like you're a human being and that's all I'm gonna do cuz that's how you should treat somebody. If you want to crap on something somebody likes just because you don't like it, you're just acting stupid and immature and you're making a bad name for yourself and probably setting your life up for disaster. I know this rant/speech probably isn't going to change the way some people act. But I hope I at least inspired some content creators to keep doing what they're doing because some people are gonna hate what it is no matter what you do. But who knows, maybe somebody immature will read this and actually decide to grow up a bit. Anyway if you read all the way to the bottom thanks for reading and sticking to this long mess of words, I really appreciate it. -Cobalt Creeper Edit: Please read some of the comments below that I and others have made as well because they do bring up some valid points.
  22. The Nighitnglae and the Wanderer leave Galifrey behind. The TARDIS crashes, and lands in the 1960's. The Time Lord meets up with an old friend. (ALL RIGS MADE BY ME, 76 TOTTERS LANE MADE BY PANDABEAR2006 AND MYSELF)
  23. Could this possibly be part of something bigger..? Wait to find out! I am also very happy with how this turned out.
  24. ExoticBuilder

    Scuba Diver Rig (eh)

    Download So here's like my second rig on the forums.... um..... I know its not very good but i'm still learning to rig stuff so yeah Please give Constructive Criticism in the comments please no hate