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Found 69 results

  1. JB Animations

    All Of My Logos TWAOS ep 2 will be coming out tomorrow or maybe sometime later depending on how lazy I am, so I thought Id show all of my logos I know it's totally random but, I havent uploaded anything in a while so this was my first logo this is my current logo and this is the new logo I made but havent used yet


    I was working on a project and then it started to act a little funny, so i decided to exit and reopen. when i did, it said the project was corrupt.. I was very mad so i decided to open the backup project and it said it was corrupt too! I don't know how this even happened, this was an unexpected error / glitch.
  3. HOW TO FIX THE ALPHA BUG! For noobs. Are you stuck with a pesky alpha bug like this? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! I'll show ya how to get rid of it! Select the object with the glitch and look at it's info! See that render depth right there? That's what causes the bug! It's set to be at 0 by default, and for most people that causes the issue. I had to bring it down a bit to demonstrate the bug. Edit the render depth to be at least 2. CONGRATS! YOU JUST FIXED THE BUG! Note: This topic is for newbies that have not figured out how to fix it. If you already know how, good for you. This topic is not intended for you. *If you are experienced with Mine-Imator but have not figured out how to end the bug, I do not intend to offend you. I also do not intend to offend newbies.
  4. Ok, I'll ask to fix it again '-' TEXTURE USED: The same bug occurs with Custom 3D Models (JSON Models... Whatever ): As you can see I already asked to fix this ****: DAVID, PLEASE STOP TO IGNORING ME and fix it ;-; #iLoveYou The first it occurred was when i updated to Mine-imator 1.1.1, and again in the 1.1.2 and 1.1.4 (I didn't updated to 1.1.3 but I think that the same bug would occour ;-; )
  5. SGMB_Boyd

    W.D.Gaster rig DOWNLOAD

    My 3e rig (3 rigs in one day lol) So this gaster took longer than all the others and that is because I dind't work on it anymore so now it is finished Video (no sound ): ) W.D.Gaster rig download: PS. if you have seen the video the eyes mouth fingers and head can move. Double have to move the head with your Rotation bar (If you don't know what i mean it is the thing on the richt if you clicked on gaster head.)

    Some sort of error...

    I am working on an animation and when it loads, it gives me a bunch of error messages saying "Win32 function failed".blaw blaw blaw blaw blaw blaw it loads the animation, it looks fine at first, but then every particle and text from every frame before the one shown is gone (all though the key-frames are still there along with the files for it). Does anyone know how to fix this? When the blaw blaw blaw it loads part was being edited, my computer was selecting the whole letter it was on and i couldn't be unselected when i clicked.
  7. MasterArcher12

    Block Sheet Glitch

    Um, yeah. It glitches
  8. So i've been trying to render this project for 3 times, and it always turned out to be like this: How do i fix this?
  9. mbanders

    Glitched World Artwork

    So I didn't have a rig to make today. Oh, well... have an artwork. Unedited: Go ahead, set it as your desktop background. I did. If anyone asks who made this, tell them it was me. Please don't claim it as your own. Okay? Thanks.
  10. jakubg1

    Alpha Glitch Mouth Rig [v. 1.0]

    A simple mouth rig with teeth, bendable tongue and expressions. Can be smiled or frown. Two simple renders: Download >>> <<< If the link doesn't work, let me know, I'll reupload the rig. I'll be glad if someone put the rig on another hosting, where the rig will stay more than a month. Let me know when the rig is used
  11. In the last week, I decided to Update Mine-Imator to the version 1.1.2, and the same bug occurred on 1.1.1 version. This is what happens when I use a custom texture (This texture is the second image) in a cube (THIS WEIRD LINE): This is the texture that i used in a cube: I already updated my graphics card driver... @david please, fix this weird bug, a similar line appears in the custom models (I think that in 1.0.0 this didn't happened)
  12. Help, when i want to open mine-imator (newest one and other versions) there's huge mess when opened ! http:// http:// I want to animate but this aint gonna work !
  13. CzeeZ


    Help, when i want to open mine-imator (newest one and other versions) there's huge mess when opened ! http:// http:// I want to animate but this aint gonna work !
  14. So I was pretty excited to import a face rig I downloaded, but when I did, the program crashed! Please fix! Here is the log. __ Mine-imator log ___ In your bug report, include this full log, along with instructions how to recreate the bug. If the issue concerns a specific animation, upload its folder as a .zip. 9:50:08 PM mineimator_version: 1.1.0 PRE-RELEASE 3 9:50:08 PM gm_runtime: 9:50:08 PM YYC: yes 9:50:08 PM working_directory: C:\Users\thoma\Mine-imator\ 9:50:08 PM file_directory: C:\Users\thoma\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 9:50:08 PM OS: Windows 9:50:08 PM os_version: 655360 9:50:08 PM os_is_network_connected: yes 9:50:08 PM os_get_language: en 9:50:08 PM os_get_region: US 9:50:08 PM USERDOMAIN: SHAPPHIRE 9:50:08 PM USERNAME: thoma 9:50:08 PM USERPROFILE: C:\Users\thoma 9:50:08 PM APPDATA: C:\Users\thoma\AppData\Roaming 9:50:08 PM NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS: 4 9:50:08 PM PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 9:50:08 PM PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER: 9:50:08 PM PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 22 9:50:08 PM PROCESSOR_REVISION: 3001 9:50:08 PM video_adapter_subsysid: 2180321340 9:50:08 PM udid: 37ac1363-7c0d-4ce3-89dd-8346ca75363b 9:50:08 PM video_adapter_vendorid: 4098 9:50:08 PM video_d3d11_context: 0629105C 9:50:08 PM video_d3d11_device: 0628DE34 9:50:08 PM video_adapter_deviceid: 38993 9:50:08 PM video_adapter_sharedsystemmemory: 1850216448 9:50:08 PM video_adapter_revision: 64 9:50:08 PM video_adapter_description: AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics 9:50:08 PM video_adapter_dedicatedsystemmemory: 0 9:50:08 PM video_adapter_dedicatedvideomemory: 521068544 9:50:08 PM Library startup 9:50:08 PM Data\file.dll 9:50:08 PM Data\movie.dll 9:50:08 PM Movie init 9:50:08 PM Data\texture.dll 9:50:08 PM Data\window.dll 9:50:08 PM working_directory: C:\Users\thoma\Mine-imator\ 9:50:08 PM Trying to save files 9:50:09 PM surface_save OK 9:50:09 PM texture_create OK 9:50:09 PM file_delete_lib OK 9:50:09 PM Create vertex format 9:50:09 PM Shader init 9:50:09 PM shaders_are_supported: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_ssao_depth_normal compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_ssao_blur compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_ssao compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_light_sun compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_light_spot compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_light_point compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_light_night compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_light_apply compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_fog_apply compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_fog compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_dof compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_high_aa compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_replace compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_draw_texture compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_depth_point compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_depth compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_color_fog_lights compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_color_fog compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_color_camera compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_border compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_blend compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_alpha_test compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM shader_alpha_fix compiled: yes 9:50:09 PM Make transitions 9:50:10 PM Transitions OK 9:50:10 PM Loading language file: C:\Users\thoma\Mine-imator\Data\Languages\english.milanguage 9:50:10 PM Windows startup 9:50:10 PM Found key_file: C:\Users\thoma\Mine-imator\Data\key.midata 9:50:10 PM Loading settings: C:\Users\thoma\Mine-imator\Data\settings.midata 9:50:10 PM load_format: 24 9:50:10 PM Render init 9:50:10 PM Loading Minecraft assets version: 1.12.2 9:50:11 PM Unzipping: C:\Users\thoma\Mine-imator\Data\Minecraft\, C:\Users\thoma\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\Minecraft\1.12.2\ 9:50:26 PM 2842 files were extracted 9:50:29 PM blocksize: 16 9:50:36 PM Saving block previews: C:\Users\thoma\Mine-imator\Data\blockpreview.midata 9:50:36 PM Loaded assets successfully 9:50:36 PM Ground vbuffer init 9:50:36 PM Resetting project 9:50:36 PM Destroying instances 9:50:36 PM Project resetted 9:50:36 PM Show popup: startup
  15. So I tried out the 1.1.0 pre-release, and I found a glitch. I ran the program as administrator, and the models were invisible (except for the human's Steve and Alex variations), even though there are still skins for the models in the Minecraft data .zip. I tried to delete the settings data, and it didn't work. Here's a screencap:
  16. MasterArcher12

    Save Bug

    Okay, so after making a whole bunch of lightsabers, i closed it and it didn't show me the save option, instead it just closed and it saved nothing except for the ground and the time. Give me my project back
  17. Mr_Awesome007

    Graphics Glitch

    I just downloaded Mine-imator (newest version) installer, and the install went fine I downloaded it all and it installed fine. Then I clicked the little icon it put on my desktop, it opened fine then it started glitching like the graphics were messed up it looked like this Anyone know how to fix? P.S Did re download installer and reinstalled it twice. Still looks like this.
  18. No matter what I do, Mine-imator won't start, it just tells me there's a problem and gives me this error message. Someone help please.
  19. PostRenders

    Texture bug??

    Hi... I used texture pack in my Mine-imator scene, and I've done setting up the entire scene. Then I saved my project. Then I close Mine-imator. Sometime later I open MIne-imator again and all blocks suddenly turned to solid pink. The texture has gone. How to fix this? Thanks!
  20. Hello, I was using the Mine-Imator Software for my thumbnails on my videos for my YouTube Channel. The problem is when I put the Alex Model, it seems that the cloths layer is glitch when I load a skin with cloths, here's some screenshots with my skin with the actuel problem. Just look at the left arm.
  21. Hello guys !!! Please help me ! When i launch Mine Imator 1.0.0 , 1.0.6 or Community Edition i have this showed up !!! with letters poping up and weird red things please HELP ME
  22. superpanda

    ugly visual glitch

    I just discovered this program and I have been having fun until right now where I can't seem fo find a way to fix this problem I wanted to give the scene a moody vibe so lowered the fog level and made the background blurry with the camera thing, it was still missing something so I added a nice touch with the yellow light aura on the torch, it was looking fantastic but after I pressed the render button, you see around the circle of the light it makes it look bad, no fog or blurry background around light please tell me how to fix this, i want to continue working on the animation
  23. So recently when I put a sin onto a human mine-imator has bee removing right two rows of pixels from the back of the arms, and the left two pixels from the bottom of the arms. what is going on!
  24. So when I start it up, It just glitches. The Log and an image is shown below. Please help me! I really want to use this tool! Log: ___ Mine-imator log ___ In your bug report, include this full log, along with instructions how to recreate the bug. If the issue concerns a specific animation, upload its folder as a .zip. 4:49:46 PM version: 1.0.6 4:49:46 PM gm_version: 1.4.1749 4:49:46 PM build date: 03/12/2016 6:10:39 AM 4:49:46 PM YYC: yes 4:49:46 PM working_directory: C:\Users\Brandon\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 4:49:46 PM file_directory: C:\Users\Brandon\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 4:49:46 PM OS: Windows 4:49:46 PM os_version: 393218 4:49:46 PM os_is_network_connected: yes 4:49:46 PM os_get_language: en 4:49:46 PM os_get_region: US 4:49:46 PM USERDOMAIN: WANDA 4:49:46 PM USERNAME: Brandon 4:49:46 PM USERPROFILE: C:\Users\Brandon 4:49:46 PM APPDATA: C:\Users\Brandon\AppData\Roaming 4:49:46 PM NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS: 4 4:49:46 PM PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 4:49:46 PM PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER: 4:49:46 PM PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 6 4:49:46 PM PROCESSOR_REVISION: 3703 4:49:46 PM video_adapter_0_name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4:49:46 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_high: 655378 4:49:46 PM video_adapter_0_device_name: \\.\DISPLAY1 4:49:46 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_low: 658715 4:49:46 PM Library init 4:49:46 PM Data\file.dll 4:49:47 PM Data\movie.dll 4:49:49 PM Movie init 4:49:49 PM Data\window.dll 4:49:50 PM Data\texture.dll 4:49:50 PM Texture init 4:49:50 PM working_directory: C:\Users\Brandon\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 4:49:50 PM Trying to save files 4:49:50 PM surface_save OK 4:49:50 PM texture_create OK 4:49:50 PM file_delete_lib OK 4:49:50 PM Shader init 4:49:50 PM shaders_are_supported: yes 4:49:50 PM shader_high_ssao_blur compiled: yes 4:49:50 PM shader_high_ssao compiled: yes 4:49:50 PM shader_high_ssao_depth_normal compiled: yes 4:49:50 PM shader_high_light_apply compiled: yes 4:49:50 PM shader_high_light_night compiled: yes 4:49:50 PM shader_high_light_point compiled: yes 4:49:50 PM shader_high_light_spot compiled: yes 4:49:50 PM shader_high_light_sun compiled: yes 4:49:50 PM shader_high_fog_apply compiled: yes 4:49:50 PM shader_high_fog compiled: yes 4:49:51 PM shader_high_dof compiled: yes 4:49:51 PM shader_high_aa compiled: yes 4:49:51 PM shader_replace compiled: yes 4:49:51 PM shader_draw_texture compiled: yes 4:49:51 PM shader_depth compiled: yes 4:49:51 PM shader_color_fog_lights compiled: yes 4:49:51 PM shader_color_fog compiled: yes 4:49:51 PM shader_blend_fog compiled: yes 4:49:51 PM shader_blend compiled: yes 4:49:51 PM shader_border compiled: yes 4:49:51 PM Create vertex format 4:49:51 PM Render init 4:49:51 PM Ground model init 4:49:51 PM Character models init 4:49:51 PM Windows init 4:49:51 PM Lists init 4:49:51 PM Load language file: C:\Users\Brandon\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\Data\Languages\english.txt 4:49:51 PM Make transitions 4:49:51 PM Transitions OK 4:49:51 PM Globals init 4:49:51 PM Opening pack from folder: C:\Users\Brandon\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\Data\Textures\ 4:49:51 PM mob_texture 4:49:52 PM block_texture 4:49:53 PM colormap_grass_texture 4:49:53 PM colormap_foliage_texture 4:49:53 PM item_texture 4:49:53 PM particles_texture 4:49:53 PM block_preview_texture 4:49:53 PM sun_texture 4:49:53 PM moonphases_texture 4:49:53 PM moon_texture 4:49:53 PM clouds_texture 4:49:53 PM Pack opened 4:49:53 PM Startup OK 4:49:53 PM Resetting project 4:49:53 PM Destroying instances 4:49:53 PM Project resetted 4:49:54 PM Show popup: startup 4:49:54 PM HTTP: [] 4:49:57 PM Saving settings: C:\Users\Brandon\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\Data\settings.file 4:49:57 PM Saving closed: C:\Users\Brandon\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\Data\alerts.file 4:49:57 PM Closing... Image:
  25. IPlayPokemonGoEveryday

    Please fix this bug!

    I downloaded Mineimator and this popped up. ___ Mine-imator log ___ In your bug report, include this full log, along with instructions how to recreate the bug. If the issue concerns a specific animation, upload its folder as a .zip. 12:58:07 PM version: 1.0.6 12:58:07 PM gm_version: 1.4.1749 12:58:07 PM build date: 3/12/2016 9:10:39 AM 12:58:07 PM YYC: yes 12:58:07 PM working_directory: C:\Users\tam\Mine-imator\ 12:58:07 PM file_directory: C:\Users\tam\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 12:58:07 PM OS: Windows 12:58:07 PM os_version: 393216 12:58:07 PM os_is_network_connected: yes 12:58:07 PM os_get_language: en 12:58:07 PM os_get_region: US 12:58:07 PM USERDOMAIN: dell410 12:58:07 PM USERNAME: tam 12:58:07 PM USERPROFILE: C:\Users\tam 12:58:07 PM APPDATA: C:\Users\tam\AppData\Roaming 12:58:07 PM NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS: 4 12:58:07 PM PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 12:58:07 PM PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER: 12:58:07 PM PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 6 12:58:07 PM PROCESSOR_REVISION: 0f0b 12:58:07 PM video_adapter_0_name: ATI Radeon HD 5450 12:58:07 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_high: 524305 12:58:07 PM video_adapter_0_device_name: \\.\DISPLAY1 12:58:07 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_low: 656551 12:58:07 PM Old log found 12:58:07 PM Library init 12:58:07 PM Data\file.dll 12:58:07 PM Data\movie.dll 12:58:07 PM Movie init 12:58:07 PM Data\window.dll 12:58:07 PM Data\texture.dll 12:58:07 PM Texture init 12:58:10 PM working_directory: C:\Users\tam\Mine-imator\ 12:58:10 PM Trying to save files 12:58:11 PM surface_save OK 12:58:11 PM texture_create OK 12:58:11 PM file_delete_lib OK 12:58:11 PM Shader init 12:58:11 PM shaders_are_supported: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_ssao_blur compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_ssao compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_ssao_depth_normal compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_light_apply compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_light_night compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_light_point compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_light_spot compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_light_sun compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_fog_apply compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_fog compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_dof compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_high_aa compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_replace compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_draw_texture compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_depth compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_color_fog_lights compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_color_fog compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_blend_fog compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_blend compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM shader_border compiled: yes 12:58:11 PM Create vertex format 12:58:11 PM Render init 12:58:11 PM Ground model init 12:58:11 PM Character models init 12:58:11 PM Windows init 12:58:11 PM Lists init 12:58:11 PM Load language file: C:\Users\tam\Mine-imator\Data\Languages\english.txt 12:58:11 PM Make transitions Please fix this!