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Found 22 results

  1. The Pack of Guns, created by apocablakz, a package that brings five functional weapons, with bullets and recharging system (I hope), to make animations of the 21st century with updated weapons (this is a preview of the official page that will be created on Monday I hope) Weapons Magnum .44 Spas 12 AK-47 Z93 Minigun That has been all gentlemen, I hope you have enjoyed the weapons, they will soon be available to download and use freely. This project is already in 70% development, the firearms package, brings about five weapons, each in a different category. The models are made only to make them functional and finally make the tests so that everything is fine, more or less on Monday, you must have the download link. [This is a weapons advance].
  2. hi guys, today bring to you a video, an animation the i created, is alone trailer of rig zurgame,that will be available in two week, thanks for watching the video and comment you opinion
  3. This is a timelapse of the 2005 TARDIS Console I made in Mineimator. I am very happy with how this turned out! I decided not to do the controls or add images to the sticky notes attatched to the monitor because if you do decide to download it, and use it, you could add your own controls and add your own images to the sticky notes attatched to the monitor which allows you lots of freedom actually. And if you do decide to use it in a video, please credit me. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/de41lie3n7e1dl7/2005_TARDIS_Console.zip
  4. This cube is a way of sending messages throughout time and space. The cube works by telepathically saving and sharing a Time Lord (Or Ladies) thoughts or voice. I decided to make this because I was bored. Also, I haven't posted in a while.I know the image is a bit blurry (I made a texture for the first time! I'm poud of myself! :D) but that was the best I could find. Though I love how it came out! Oh! Humans can use them too! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cwkl0lpywjnzjdn/Hypercube.zip
  5. And here we have Bill Potts. I used an item sheet for the first time! I'm so proud of myself! I personally love how she turned out, and hope you do too. I however did not make this amazing skin. (Which has been edited slightly for the creation of this rig) It was by this person on Nova Skin: http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/1011193365/Bill-Potts-Pearl-Mackie Dowload: http://www.mediafire.com/file/86qvgo30956d8b9/Bill_Potts.zip
  6. Oh no! The Cybermen are attacking! *The Cyberman lumbores toward you. What do you do?* Another model I am very proud of. The bottom section of the chest unit took the longetst to make. But I love this model and hope you guys do too! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xgdenmm2cbcmsbq/Cyberman.zip
  7. hello..... so recently i took a break from my animation and then i found this so i found joshinja template,and then i make my own character using his template and here the final product i mean OC credit: @Joshinja ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)for his non-minecrafty template that it bye... i dont make a download cuz this contain other people work
  8. I have created a functional prototype for an application to allow you to create 360 videos in Mine-imator with minimal hassle. This short animation was created with this software as a demonstration. 360 Video
  9. Hello guys! My name is nick & i made a new animation of a fight! So don't hate! i'm starter! so go watch it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cLHYWS2EbQ Also if you can so subscribe to me, it will help me a lot!
  10. Hesmiyu

    Skin Creator

    Heyy guys, I am doing a skin creation timelapse series where I timelapse the creation of skin I make (go figure ). Anyone here want skins made by me? The requirements I need is that I will be recording the creation for the timelapse and that you tell me what sort of stuff you want me to add to the character, e.g colour, hair eyes, type. IF you want to, you can also post your Twitter/Youtube link in your request so I can add them to the video description. Below are my previous timelapses I've done including one for a YouTuber/Twitch Person called FalseSymmetry. False Symmetry; Boooooooooooooooooop; MadSloth; Hesmiyu (myself); DedSec;
  11. :The Original Character [OC] Creation Guide 2.0: 400 views Wow! Now with multiple methods! Hello everyone! I have written, created, and articulated many, many Original Characters overtime, whether it be for stories I write, or for Roleplays on this form. Therefore, after seeing people struggle with OCs, I thought that this community needs a OC Creation Guide! So, this is what this is. I hope this Guide helps you to create and use OCs that you're proud of! So, without further ado, (cause I've already had a lot of ado) here it is. OC Creation Method 1 In which we go step by step, slowly and carefully. This can help if you're somewhat new to RPing, as it guides you over each small step, carefully. 3.2 Refine it! Now, for this, you need to finish step 3.1. So, you have a very rough cut bio for your OC. Now for refining it! You can use some, all, or one of these questions, depending on how much depth you want/need.! Did your OC have any special tokens or trinkets that hold a special value to him or her? If your OC was born with abnormalities, how has he/she overcome these? Has he/she overcome them at all? What was the OC's childhood like? If he/she was popular, in what way were they 'popular; in school? In the jousting arena? Around town? In a bad way? If they weren't popular, did it effect him/her in any way? if your OC acquired any powers as a child, how? Were they given a magical sword by an dying knight? If something happened to the OC's parents that left him/her on their own, what happened? How did it happen? (this is a good place for a plot twist such as your OC goes hunting for justice. Think Batman style) Was there a war or conflict in the area of your OC's childhood? Did this effect the OC in any direct manner? Indirect manner? If your OC excelled at sports, to what extent? Who was better than him? Worse? Did he/she ever fail at anything, and become excellent as they tried to gain back a formerly held place? Does your OC have any extremely close friends/allies that help of hinder him/her in their mission/quest? Remember to add your own questions to each OC! Everyone's different! 3.3 The Compact Backstory Does the above guide look waaaayy to hard for you? Well, that's fine. Use this guide to make a shorter, quicker, more compact OC Backstory. Where and when was OC born? Did anything major happen in his childhood? (don't mention if nothing did) What powers does he have? Does he have any enemies/vendettas? Ta-da! Short, quick and simple. Done! Here's an example of a short backstory, 1st person view, about an OC named Jack. This tells the same story as the Long Backstory example. (Note: Once you're through using the short Backstory section, if you do, scroll up to 3.1 to further refine this backstory [optional]) OC Method 2 For the savvier, more experienced Roleplayer. (Many, many thanks to Amethyst_Dragon, who suggested a lot, lot, lot of this) Well, look there! You've made a pretty fancy Original Character! Congratulations! Well, I hoped this guide helps you. Please, leave any suggestions or comments below. By no means, at all, is this guide finished. It still has lots to add, and lots to learn! I'll try to update this whenever something new or something I'm missing comes to my attention. Thanks a lot for spending time reading this, and I'd love to hear from you. Thanks! Also, if you need help creating or working on an OC, please PM me; I'd be happy to help! And feel free to leave feedback! It'd mean the world! Cheers! ~Clok
  12. Hey, Guys! So I recently got mineimator, and I thought to make a creation, WITH OTHERS IN IT! This isn't my first, so yeah. I'm just gonna need your skins for this. Here's what I have so far, it includes me and a friend of mine who has already given me his skin. People Added- Thanks, ~Sarak
  13. This is what happens when you look at too many Endermen in the End... Hope u like! Please spread the word!
  14. yeah... read the title... anyones got/know any good FREE music creation software? i need it heavily for some music i would like to make for an (maybe) upcomming animation anyone? srsly? T_T please tell me if you know one.
  15. I've made the Trailer already, but i need a team to help me with some scenes! As you can see, my original youtube (Jcc-studios 1337) Is in the list. We need animators! Here is the trailer: I need a bunch of animators... so stand up and help the series! More of a rigger? You can make rigs for me too!
  16. My second wallpaper is done! I call it: I'm Watching You... The only program I used was Mine-imator! Feedback is appreciated! (This is only my second, so don't hate!) (If you want me to make you a Wallpaper, I'll be glad to!) My Battle WP: http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/14047-battle-wallpaper/
  17. Hi! This is my very first wallpaper I made, I call it 'Battle Wallpaper'. (Lol, not the most creative name) Here it is! The only program I used was Mine-imator! (Yes, I know the lava is dark. I totally spaced on putting a light.) Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  18. This is my second real animation, not as good as the first but might as well
  19. Dispenser build for a schematic. Might change it a bit, just wanted to know what people think about it. And if you haven't seen or downloaded my sentry schematic, well here it is If you like the build it would be great if you could give me some rep for it Thanks
  20. Hello Everyone heres some of my creation Zombie Killer Post your skin and show me what will your skin do If its good press the green button right side below
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