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  1. Hey guys, this is my first REAL rig I guess, and I am super proud of it... I recreated Element Animation's steve rig into mineimator. Because all of you will say no pics, no clicks, here: And obviously, here is the download link! https://www.dropbox.com/s/hij8m4mtxtrc51p/Element Animation steve rig.zip?dl=1
  2. I have been working on this model for awhile now and I'm finally satisfied with the results. The rig was originally supposed to have a "raver" kinda look to it but ended up turning into a toxic variation of my character. This "green stuff" is infestation from my character but glows green, otherwise it's a brownish tan color. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: It took me an hour just to pose the model.
  3. Steve hands rig This if my first attempt at making hands, Hopefully they're not too bad. I will add my facial rig to it later to make a complete steve rig! Terms of use You're allowed to use it as long as you credit me for making the rig. You're not allowed to claim that you made it or was a part of it. http://www.mediafire.com/download/wv753srrwjevwae/Steve_hands_rig.zip
  4. Hello everyone, well, its been a while, on this meanwhile, i was playing a lot of GBA Games, such like : Crash: N-Tranced , Crash : Purple, and Mario Kart So.. that gave me a idea for my next rig! Photos! Lightroom by SKIBBZ
  5. Made a Book Rig today. It's a minor rig because I've been drained of inspiration. So here's a rig to save everybody the hassle of using an enchantment table! Contains: -No wonky rotation! -User-friendly -3 Extra pages Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ALOoEhwRklSndy2p11uATcr3eJPsbDd4/view?usp=sharing
  6. DrawyArts

    Son Goku Rig

    Hey i made a Son Goku rig , Here it is: Face Expressions (with facial rig included): SSB/SSJ Hair: SSG hair: MUI hair: And both versions of the rig: So here are the download links (rar/zip): Zip Rar K , i'm done , Gudbye
  7. MineRig

    Security camera rig

    Camera it's self HD camera screen thing Credit me when used. Hope you like it ! >> DOWNLOAD << Previous Rig | Next Rig
  8. I could have done better tbh but here's a late bday gift for someone on discord. Uses Cubic's fangs facial rig with Ken's eye rig as well as frayz's tail and ears rig.
  9. This is the Super Smash Brothers Pac-Man Rig! He took me about 3 days to get to finish, and I will most likely be fine tuning him over the next week or so. He has full articulation at the shoulders, arms, elbows, hips, legs, boots, feet hands, thumbs, and the finger segments of the mittens. He also has keyframe elements like different facial expressions (such as the scared mouth, the > < eyes, the wink, and more), as well as some built in sprite props such as the fruits and the ghost attacks. Before anyone asks, YES! He does have the armor skins! They can be changed to any color desired. No, This rig does not have a download yet, as I do not regularly publish my rigs, however if a download is wanted, perhaps we could change things! For now, there is another really good Pac-Man rig that is available. Notorious TheRageMC Pac-Man Rig download: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/29721-wip-pac-man-v11-rig/ Keep an eye out for a download! You never know! If we get enough requests I will release the model. Thank you all for checking it out and I'll see you all later!
  10. Here's a rig I completed of one of my characters, Neptune! I currently only have the Minecraft version of his reference sheet for use at the moment. https://imgur.com/a/CbLrZdp
  11. Well well well, Look who's come out of hiding! yeah, I know, I've been gone for so long, with NO traces of new content or anything! I have a good reason, trust me. My computer had a hard disk failure, and so I've been getting that back up, and when I got it back up, I realized I had lost my old rigs. Things like the Funtime Mike and the Bumblebee are now gone, which means that if a download is wanted for those, I will have to remake them from scratch. I have remade the 1980's accurate Pac-Man Rig, so there is a possibility for a download on that one. Now on the the rig. This is the Pac-Man Smash Brothers Rig that I've been working on. This is only a partial reveal, as I want to ensure it's perfected before I show him off to you guys, so I apologize if you were expecting a full download and several brightly colored images of the model in action. I promise I will have more in the next week or so. Until then, Here we go! If you have any questions or rig requests, feel free to let me know in PMs or in the comments. Thanks! UPDATE: The official announcement is here, which shows the rig in action! https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/75489-pac-man-super-smash-bros-ultimate-rig-reveal-unreleased/&tab=comments#comment-791604
  12. Heyo! This is the official public release of my fursona rig! Please note that nothing nsfw should be made of this rig. If anyone has made anything nsfw and you stumble across it, please dm me and I'll take care of it. This rig uses Ken's recent eye rig and cubic ralsei's furry edit of skibbz SFR rig, ears are by Fray. Images (tounge rig not included) https://imgur.com/W19wVHw https://imgur.com/lZ8K56o Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/91c9mkal83vdbr4/FursonaAnt_V3.zip Any Hateful or rude comments will be reported. Thank you for coming.
  13. there is a minecraft animation called "running to never". the video link is at the end of this video.so i created a normal and easy rig from the blue sword in this animation. (its my first rig) some images: downlod oh i forgot about video link i will improve this rig soon
  14. Seen the snapshot versions for 1.14? Yes, this is the villager from them. I intend to personally use this model for myself and I thought, why not help out other people too? This model includes the savanna villager and many professions, along with a zombie villager model with some professions. It does not include every texture for the villagers and zombie villagers, but I might add more of the textures at request. You may use this rig without giving any credit to me, however, I'd love to see the things you use it for. Download
  15. SKIBBZ

    SFR V.6 (Facial Rig)

    Here, have another update for that one face rig. This rigs intention is for overly expressive facial expressions but can also be used normally, too. The gif below provides some examples of overly exaggerated faces that you can make with the face rig. > Download Here < *For MI 1.2.1 or above* (if updates don't break the rig)
  16. Hello! This is my SCP Containment Breach rig pack, it was made by me and it includes SCP-049, SCP-096, SCP-106, SCP-173 and SCP-513 (No cowbell, only the Entity) Screenshots: SCP-173 (This was made with an Enderman, so i use another one to cover the top of his head): SCP-096: (You can open his mouth like in the game, just modify the Mouth's Y scale) SCP-106: (Corrosive Liquid not included in the pack) SCP-049: (You can move his pupils) SCP-513: I got kinda lazy with this one, so i just made it a Wither Skeleton. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/?6b182qcfu1x6bnv So that's it, if you're gonna use them, please give me credit on the video's description (Also, if you want to, you can send them to me, i would love to see them!)
  17. Mohamed AR

    SCAR_L rig

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/r79xyctgr263wb1/SCAR_L.miobject/file Don't forget to follow me
  18. Mohamed AR

    Car rig

    I am working on a car now and i will finish it about some days
  19. Little bit of an experiment. As a person who now uses Blender for most animation related stuff, I used to use Mine-imator back in the day from the first demo versions of when 1.0.0 came out. I decided to come back to MI as a way to see what I could do from the amount of skills I've learnt over the years, and to see what I could come up with. Here is some images of a dive suit rig for a dolphin-humanoid character model I've had for quite some time gathering dust on my PC. I had to re-educate myself about rigging in MI with using items/other methods (which only took 5 mins as it's somewhat of a poor mans UV mapping system coming from an avid Blender user). Overhauled the rig with an array of additions for some cinematic underwater shots. Feedback is appreciated. These shots were inspired a little bit from a movie called Thunderball, and color/styling wise from the neon color palette from Blade Runner 2049. Decided to go for the 2:1 aspect ratio for these shots (3840x1920 for anyone wondering) Light rays and slight color corrections done with Hitfilm Pro.
  20. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/awbi84zpeub85a1/Hvosch.rar/file
  21. This is my Movie Accurate Bumblebee Rig ,and it Actually Transforms! The model does have hands, with fully rigged fingers, but my stupid mine-imator decided to crash right before i got a screenshot, so ill have to do that in a week or two The rig can be a pain in the butt to use, and I'm not planning on releasing this anytime soon, but if you guys want it enough, maybe you can change my mind? You may NOT use this without my permission.
  22. Hey guys. I've recently discovered animations and had some fun to create my own iron golem rig. My most favourite features are the added fingers Feel free to use it in your videos BUT I have to admit that I used the mouth of SKIBBZ face rig. He does great work! Here is a little video clip http://www.mediafire.com/file/vdvpkfe257h4qdp/Irongolem_-_Captain_CubBossa.zip/file
  23. v0.1 Support the Rig Pack, give it a Rep Want Steve Rigged in your Animation? Click the Banner Below Hello again, this is Zuexs and today I have the Zuexs Advanced Mob Facial Rig Pack by:ME! This rig is designed to be simple for beginners, but have a very advanced background for more experienced users. -Ability to move Pupils -Ability to Use both Eyelids -Mouth is movable by RESIZING INDIVIDUAL PARTS -Eye Sockets are deep in the head allowing for better pupil and lid movement -Comes with a custom terrain.png for all of the textures -3D Teeth and indented mouth -Smiling and other Facial Emotions -Double Eyelids -Skeleton uses the Advanced Bow Rig by Stevepocalyptic -More Mobs To us on... . The Mobs Currently Rigged (Download Here): Agressive Mobs Peaceful and Passive Mobs Custom Mobs By Zuexs: How to Install (For ALL Versions and Rigs): Videos Made With the Rigs (Message Me To Get Your Video Featured!)
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