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  1. Found this render in an old folder while upgrading one of my slave hard drives from 80gbs to 2tbs. Figured I'd show it off as I don't make things using Mine-imator anymore. Reminded me of how fun it was to play with texture mapping. Fun fact: This render was an example of how I was able to re-size this model since most of the models I made for realism renders where not meant to be resized.
  2. So I made a render for my pfp and it sort of look like blender Rate 1 to 10
  3. I tried to make realistic water using surfaces and blend modes idk
  4. Hello all, I have made a "realistic" lipstick rig in preparation for National Lipstick day next Friday. I've made it red with black and white on the container, but the color is completely customizable! Please credit me if you use it. It is very basic, but I like how it turned out. Images below. Download Link https://www.mediafire.com/file/7z4039tp8sov50s/Lipstick_by_Storygalory.zip/file
  5. We found what seem to be an early 1990s Camcorder, the odd thing was it was still... recording SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA Location: A National Park Saturday, ‎June ‎25, ‎2022, ‏‎3:56:28 AM Description: Saturday, ‎June ‎25, ‎2022, 9:30 AM I haven't been outside or touched grass in a very long time; it's almost as though I have an undiagnosed case of Hikikomori syndrome. I was cooped up at home, unable to work on any channel content due to the misery of school, and all I could do was post community posts. But I wasn't the only one who suffered this fate; Grit was studying for an upcoming exam, so she couldn't manage the channel or hang out with us. That day, she was hardly ever seen by us; all she did was quietly leave her room to grab a drink of water or a snack. I had already offered to assist her for the exam, but she kindly rejected, saying, "N-no thanks, I'm okay. It's a waste of your time," so I had to admit it. For the first time in about a month, I made the decision to walk outdoors and breathe some fresh air. Riley agreed to accompany me so she could pass the time while waiting for one of her songs to finish rendering. We took a stroll at "a National Park" in Seoul. At first, everything was normal. until Something heavy had fallen from the sky because we heard a loud thump coming from one of the bushes just close to us. Riley and I kept looking for the source until I discovered what appeared to be a hand-held camera from the early 1990s that had a VHS tape still inside and was still recording. Riley and I hurried home with the camera so we could examine it. We converted the VHS tape into an.mp4 file, and what we saw absolutely shocked us—it was found footage of the [REDACTED]. There was a [REDACTED] Collab going on and I needed to have my part submitted. Since I was short on time, I just took the found footage from the VHS tape we stumbled onto and uploaded it to FTP. No wonder why I keep getting comments on that video talking about how real it looks...
  6. This is a materialization test (again) but this time more animated (camera movement, sound ambiance...).
  7. This Valentines Day, Eve took Wall-E out to fly high above the ocean. After all, what better way to spend the day, than to be with your one and only truelove? For the record, I am not releasing these models as of yet, they are private. I have considered lending them out to certain people, but I'd like to get more features into them. I've been trying to learn proper lighting and animation, and this was one of the first wallpapers that I'd created! (Also yes, I know about the fog showing in the corner, lol) I'll be doing another proper valentines wallpaper later today, but I wanted to post this one, since it fits the boot. If you want to use this image in something, (cropping it into a thumbnail, or whatever) please send me a message. I have no problem with it as long as I'm credited for it, and have been notified. Have a happy valentines everyone!
  8. This test animation was made to kinda test my realistic lighting in a video format for a work in progress animation that takes place in realistic environments. I played around with using multiple glow sources to make a more customized god ray. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: This scene is actually still being worked on as it's one of the many settings I still have to make for the animation project.
  9. From the previous episode, the Realistic Environment Objects: Barrier Pack Today I introduce you the REvO-2 (Realistic Environment Objects 2) ROADSIDE Pack. This pack is BIG, it contains the following: Release from 2021, May 13: Billboard 1 Billboard 2 Bus Stop LHT Bus Stop RHT Concrete Powerline pole Concrete Powerline pole + Lamp Digital BIllboard 1 Digital Billboard 2 Mailbox "FlyMail" Payphone Phone Booth Street Billboard Street Light 1 Street Light 2 Subway Entrance "NYC" Vending Machine 1 "EN" Vending Machine 1 "RU" Vending Machine 2 Wind Turbine Wooden Powerline pole Image preview: Prepare your scroll wheel I can't make any Documentary files, there is too many model in this pack. Deal with it. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** *** DO NOT REMOVE ANY LOGO ATTACHED TO THE MODEL *** Downloads go to my page like/dislike, upvote/downvote. and oh, this pack shoud be worth around 25+ USD so, you're welcome
  10. Do you want to add some details to your scene? Well, I made some good models for you. Introducing you, The BARRIER Pack! This pack contains the following: Release from 2021, March 1: Concrete Barrier 1 Concrete Plate Fence Construction Site Barrier 1 Construction Site Barrier 2 Iron Chainlink Fence Iron Fence Stand Road Construction Sign Traffic Cone Water Barrier Release from 2021, April 21: Wooden Fence 1 Wooden Fence 2 Wooden Fence 3 Please read the archive's commentary and documentary file (DOCUMENTARY.txt) inside the archive if you want to know how to use these models. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** Downloads go to my page Proceed to Episode 2
  11. Hello! Here's something you might found intresting! This beast shoots a very powerful .50 caliber cartridge (12.7x55mm) dedicated for close range combat featuring a bullpup layout. If you enjoy my content please subscribe to my channel, thanks!
  12. I made this ARAP (as Realistic as Possible) common tree, road side, anywhere palm tree, coconut tree, beach, idk pine, spruce, forest, xmas less go to Japan shall we? inspired from M-Tree Blender addon
  13. Welcome Users! It's Me! LacaMenDRY. Today I'm going to show you guys about my RTX Effects on Mine-Imator. Well How I get it? Well I get it from My future version of myself 2027. I give myself a Mine-Imator 1.5.6 Versions to my presents version. After that,I tried some Renders,And What makes me Satisfied is This! Nah Just Kidding. It's My self from present days. I Actually Boring,and dono what todo so I trying A Random stuff,And here I got it. RTX Versions: Well I'm Serious. This was On Mine-Imator. Not Blender. How cool is that? Just imagine if MI get better,and better,What would it looks like? BTW here it is: I hope you guys Enjoyed,And Inspired you to make more renders. You Know? Just STAY CREATIVE!
  14. I know, I know. Corellion, didn't you already make an R2-D2 with all of the gadgets like, a long long time ago? Well, yes. Yes I did. A lot of people liked that one, but eventually I started to realize how inaccurate it really was, atleast to the R2-D2 seen in A New Hope. You see, The R2-D2 from A New Hope is the best design for him, in my personal opinion, and I wanted to keep true to that likeness. His colors, and details change throughout the movies, no R2-D2 is the same in any of the movies. That's why I wanted to make sure I got it right. Don't get me wrong, that R2-D2 is still a pretty nice model, but I felt I could do better. That's why I decided to remake him. You might call me crazy for redoing a model that was probably already decent, rather than spending the time making a new model or learning new things, but oh well. What's done is done, haha. Anyways, here it is. I tried my best to make the proportions look better, as well as a better color of blue. Plus, there are some extra things that I wanted to add, and try out on him. I added a few more gadgets as well, that I missed the first time around. I completely redesigned the head and main details, (R2-D2's head is NOT a hemisphere, it's a common mistake. You can find diagrams for it online, making it work in mine-imator was a little harder than I thought it'd be. It's a customized shape in the movies that is only used for R2.) Here is all of his current features. -Fully animated (Rotating dome, moving legs, etc)-All doors open (even ones that don't open in the movies!)-All gadgets (Minus ones from Clone Wars or his Rocket Boosters. Minecraft flames wouldn't look right!)-Authentic Light systems (The logic screens are animated, and his light fades out like it's supposed to.) Movie Authentic Articulation: All the joints are in the right spots based off movie references. All Doors Open! Every little panel on R2-D2 opens up, regardless of whether it did in the movie. The ones that didn't open in the movie just have nothing behind them aside from mechanical detailing. Authentic Lights: R2-D2's PSI's light up and fade from red to blue, while rear one fades from Yellow to Green. In the movies, it would switch sides sometimes (Red on the left, or Blue on the right), but that isn't hard to change on the model based on whichever you like more. The logic displays on the front and back also are properly animated, fading from white to blue. The three Holoprojectors even light up, if you want him to search in the dark, or project a hologram of Princess Leia! Third Leg: Of course he has his third leg, it wouldn't be good old Artoo-Detoo without it! Have him roll on 3 legs, or waddle around on two. The choice is yours! Toggleable Restraining Bolt: Remember when the Jawas stuck that little restraining bolt on Artoo? Well now you can do the same! On the front, R2 has a restraining bolt that you can toggle on and off via to visibility tick. Many, Many Gadgets. Here's a list of every single one currently on the model: Periscope, Life Form Scanner, Taser(Prequels, in the Dome) Taser(Original Trilogy, in the body), Extrernal Utility Arms (Original Trilogy), Utility Arms(The second set or arms fold out from behind the first set of arms. In the original trilogy, he didnt have them, so you can toggle them off if you want! He has a metallic panel behind them, that way without them it will look authentic to the original trilogy. As for the Prequel lovers, the prequel version of the arms are still in there! They have a lot of detail, too.), Buzz Saw blade, Secondary Utility Arms(These come out the sides of his head, similar to Chopper. He doesn't use them very often, but they are seen in Revenge of the Sith as R2 distracts Grievous in the main ship.) Charging Port(It's the door that R2 used to power the lamp and recharge himself in The Empire Strikes Back. In the movies, there's a continuity issue where he uses the same panel that houses the taser, to charge himself. It makes sense at first, but in the taser scene, you can clearly see that the charging lights are gone, and vice versa for when he has the charging door open. I have them both in the same spot like in the movie, and I did my best to make it look good when it comes out.), Fire Extinguisher(He uses this to put out fires on the Millennium Falcon. It's the tiny door next to his PSI, which is the big red/blue light on his face.), Computer Interface Arm(R2-D2's infamous computer plug arm. This is only one of the interface arms, there actually is another arm that he uses to plug into computers in the movies, but I haven't modeled that specific one yet.), Gripper Arm(Ah yes, the arm that he fought Yoda with. It's a gripper arm, it can hold things, and he can swing it about. It's nifty. The Interface arm comes out of his right door, and the gripper arm comes out of his left door, but there is actually a second gripper arm that you can enable. This will help if you're animating him and it just works out better for him to use the gadget through the opposite side. Of course you could rearrange and of his gadgets to come out of different doors, but I'm trying to stay movie accurate. Magic Light Panel(No door comes out of it yet. He does have the door, but in the end of A New Hope you get to see him use an arm to repair Luke's X-Wing, and you can see it come out of the magic light panel. That door is nicknamed the magic light panel because in every movie, it appears to be a painted blue square frame, with very obvious aluminium metal in the middle. Yet, in Return of the Jedi, there's a scene where R2 gets electrocuted, and that door starts flashing red like a light. It only ever did this once, and in every other scene of every movie, it's a solid piece of metal. Anywho, it's on this model, and it does light up like it did in the movie. Set the glow to black, and it's that aluminum metal once more. Fantastic!) He's adorable! He's adorable in the most pure way possible. That's what R2-D2 is here for, right? Oh yeah, I guess he does also have sawblades and tasers, AND a kill count higher than the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. oh. Hopefully the changes were worth it. I did this a little bit ago, and wanted to wait until I had done more on him to show it, but seeing as it's been a month or so and I haven't worked on him much, I figured I'd just show him off now. Eventually he'll have the rocket jets, the welder, the "magic light" utility arm, and potentially the sail barge drink serving arm/tray, but for now, this is where he is. He's one of my favorite models so far, but I'm biased towards the A New Hope R2-D2. Something about his design is just gorgeous to me, and none of the other movies have the same look. Eventually R5-D4 and R2-KT will get this upgrade too, but it might be a while. I have quite a few models on the backburner too, but I've mainly only shown those on my twitter, and in the discord. I also did want to say that I'd love to be more involved, if anyone is up to do some sort of collaboration, or just talk about rigging, my discord is CorellionCrusaders#0452, feel free to give me a DM. Just don't be weird about it, haha. I'd also gotten several people asking for specific models in my DMs, so here's something on that. Typically, I don't give out my rigs unless either 1: I know the person fairly well, or 2: the person has proven that they are trustworthy. That being said, there are a handful of people that I have given rigs, so it'd never hurt to ask. I'm very careful with them, they take a lot of work to create, and I don't want them to be edited and/or re-uploaded. Mine-imator doesn't have a good way to prevent textures from being taken off of models, and that makes me hesitant on who I give them out to, especially since I make textures from scratch for the most part. Plus, the ones that I don't make from scratch, some textures have licensing on them that prevents you from distributing the raw files, so I'd have to backtrack and replace those textures on certain models, if I were to release them. That's all from me. Take care everyone!
  15. Believe or not, This is maded by Mine-Imator Software, of course. And this model like I said last few months. This is a Model that are using 3 Sphere, 3 Cylinder, And then 1 Cube,And then This got a Hyper Realistic Reflection visual effect on it, This is non edited. So here it is. Very nice right? So to do this I've been using 6 Spotlight. 4 On the front, And 2 On the back. Can this Render get inside showcase Tab?
  16. This rig uses multiple multiply surfaces to create a water depth effect, making the water look more realistic. I decided that rather than just making a tutorial, I'd simply just make it a download, there's two different versions that you'll be able to download. You can use this rig for your animations and projects, but credit to either this post or the video link are r e a l l y appreciated. Screenshots: Video Showcase: Downloads: Current version: (1.2) 22nd May 2019 (Updated links to new location 21st May 2020) Realistic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bmw1SPoo7edvhaG_eneEw8bj9zTkWoos/view Minecraft Styled: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rxg5Lj6cALQ2F9ajZRqGEEwLowuERqLf/view Known Issues: Apparently there's still people dealing with crashes when trying to delete the rig, I'd suggest importing this when you're almost finished with your project and using a surface or the regular water as a reference for where the water will be in the meantime, it doesn't seem to have the crashing issue for me so I'm assuming it's hardware related (slow pc) for the people experiencing the issue. Changelog: Planned changes (Expected release:? ) : Legacy Downloads:
  17. Behold: The Realistic Door Rig! The realistic door rig has many features, including it's realistic wooden texture and its realistic windows. Plus, like any door, it can open and close. Download the door rig today! And be sure to follow for more rigs and other stuff! Features: Realistic Wooden Texture Realistic Windows Door Knob Smooth Rotation (to open/close the door) How to Install: Click "Download Now" Download the file Extract the .zip file Open/Import the .mproj file to Mine-imator Enjoy! Download Now **This rig is for personal purposes/usage only, meaning you cannot release a rig contains this rig, nor can you claim this rig as your own creation. You also may not re-release this rig with your own changes/ additions.**
  18. This test animation was made to sorta view the way the plants would move artificially as if it was affected by the wind. The movement of these objects are controlled by bends and the illusion of these plants looking 3D make it look more realistic then the built-in wind effect in Mine-imator. Lighting wasn't something I put effort into while making this example. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: I made this rig accidently by importing the HD texture of the plants into Modelbench instead of my intended texture of a pixelated crate.
  19. This render didn't take me much time to make. However, this render is just a simple showcase for my newest rig I call "Slimp"(Simp lol) and it's actually the first rig I made in the newer UI Modelbench. Every black space for the rig is fully bendable with fingers that have a more appropriate scale. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: The rig used in this render is part of a photo realistic short film I'm working on with Mine-Imator.
  20. So Physics Is Impossible To Add Into Mine-Imator? That's right,And That's why The Reason I Make This Physics Animations. Let's Have a look! Yeah I know your Questions. YES, I Animate It Manually By Hand With Parts,By Parts. This Took Me Almost 7 Hours Of Working To Done this Detailed Physics. Yeah I know there's No Rotational Keyframe,Because My Brain Is You Know what I feel if Your'e Animator too. So What do ya Guys think? Oops,Don't just leave like that. This took me 7 Hours. Give me a Reaction,Or Comments. This is a Heavy Metal Cube,And The Red One is the Heavier Cube. And The Blue Pusher is the Magnet,You can see it right on the lights blipping. Thankyou.
  21. How do I make realistic flowing water? I've tried all kinds of things and none of them seem to work. All I can get to is like: ‾‾‾|___ And what I want is like: ‾‾‾\__ (sorry I cant upload pictures) Is there any way to do this without a schematic or anything?
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