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Found 44 results

  1. Hey guys! Decided to touch Mine-imator again after a while . I'm really proud of this one, I really like how the grass turned out . I hope you all like this! I'll maybe or maybe not see you guys another time. Rig By: @yastık - Realistic Tree Maker. Criticism is encouraged and appreciated!
  2. yastık

    Realistic Tree

    my first rig if bad please reply if you want to use this please credit.(i dont think anybody use this on youtube etc.) AND IF U USE THE TEXTURES : I make the textures so please credit. Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/j4u3jm5zf7gnuev/Realistic_Tree_by_Yast%C4%B1k_%28fast_update%29.rar/file (i cant test the fast update if dont work download old www.mediafire.com/file/bc1oapryifztskh/Realistic_Tree_by_Yast%C4%B1k.rar/file ) FAST UPDATE i make the texture seamless and another thing (i dont know its name)
  3. This was a project took longer than I intended it to take. Added as much as I could and had to optimize a bit before Mine-imator would give up. I made all models and used JosSamLoh's displacement map illusion on the ground to add depth and 3D realism. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: The render shown above is the last render of the project that Mine-imator would render before crashing.
  4. Volumetric Lighting? Eh, I tried... http://imgur.com/PyypNzo
  5. A timelapse of the Floral TARDIS as inspired by the Dalek Mod which will be shut down soon. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qxno68w2sak5s9r/Floral TARDIS.zip
  6. spruce tree edible foliage color /!\ ripple off, for the reactivated please go through modelblench /!\ /!\ tree size high, you can set it via the parameters on mine-imator /!\ Download: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/9ggkkjfa3sj38/Tree_1.1
  7. Hello,guys! This is another wallpaper i made. For reasons,i could not find any other name than this,i know,the name of this is pure cringe. Took hours to make. Not days.
  8. Texture Pack: Faithful 64x Art: Cinematic: Edited using PhotoScape and Photoshop CS6 Any questions or tips? Please comment!
  9. I made another wallpaper, enjoy.
  10. update 1.1.0 problem leaves map scenery
  11. I haven't made a render in awhile, so I made this and I thought it looked really good! Any suggestions?
  12. Should I continue this animation guys? And if you feel the need to criticize, please do
  13. Well its almost Christmas and... I haven't done a rig for MONTHS. But, there will be a couple rigs coming out soon, prior to Mooshim's Christmas Animation. But without further ado, the Christmas Tree: Thanks for viewing this rig, hope you like and download it And as always, more rigs to come! -Please give me credit in your video, art or description.
  14. LIsPixel

    Assets Model

    Hello Just Make 3 Assets Here For Your Animation Or Render Its Perfect Ok. The Assets I Make Is ( Fire, Furnance, And Tree ) Here Hope You Like It Better Tree Fire Realistic Better Furnance Soo ? What You Think Guys ? Wanna Try Here Better Tree Fire Realistic Better Furnance (c) LIsPixel | Assets Ok Bye Enjoy
  15. Made with my custom rig, made in Mine-Imator, and used RiverWood texture pack. This art can also be located on deviantart: http://thexlcreeper.deviantart.com/art/Mine-Imator-I-just-broke-a-tree-with-my-fists-602925594?ga_submit_new=10%253A1460610207
  16. Hey! Here's my Rasengan test: Plz give a like if you like it! And yes my original name is AbAppletic. And that's my logo in there! Thank you emu for the watermark mod. Although it should make it transperant So tell me what you think about the rasengan. I don't think the wind effect worked will on the rasengan, do you? Now, see ya-dattebayo!
  17. The Minecraft Controlled Christmas Tree server reached about 40 unique players! Wow! Credits:Skins, from left to right.1st Row: Futurolliott, TheAssassin.2nd Row: Etma1, ChipyCookie, rangerluis, MotionVoid, lolnein.3rd Row: Stampypie, sqaishey12345, xXGamerGirl09Xx, CupQuake544, Inokoriitan.4th Row: KelsoMany, AboveBlocks, Renizter14, Vauff, hohominer.5th Row: DragHFX, maprabbit (Hard to See), BlexieKing, hugified, NunoLava1998.6th Row: perryoo11, crazyjosh747, Belknworb, Dark001, BrettPlayMC.7th Row: TwytchStep, vinnie118, JeremiasPvP, RyeDye, Egga.8th Row: Iamawesome135, jack5966, Olly_is_Savage, RobiFoxx.9th Row (In Front of Camera): XxJaguarJamesxX (Moderator), Dlljs (Owner).Tree by Dlljs. All other textures by Mojang. Info:Created in Mine-imator 1.0.5 FULL.Edited in paint.net 4.0.9.MC Xmas Tree website: http://tree.dlljs.uk
  18. Hey Guys! Today is my first post I ever made on the Mine-Imator forums... And today's RIG is a Tree Rig!!! It was hand made by me all in Mine-Imator!!! No schematics!!! Please Enjoy the first RIG I made and I hope it helped! This tree is just as an ingame one! Please make the topic HOT! by giving more views and commenting All tree rigs i have seen are good but arent as good because havent added enough LEAVES to make it like ingame kinda lol but TRY THIS one and if you want updates i will do it straight up DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?9exrwakxf1t148b
  19. I am Making a series of talking block rigs here is the first
  20. BloxTheRigger

    Tree Rig!

    Best Rig Yet: thanks to Snuffy for the amazing idea! Hope you like Please give feedback Updates (Hopefully): More Trees (Anything else suggested) Thanks for viewing, and as always, more to come! -Please give credit in your video, art or description (or whatever else).
  21. Hello please petition to change snow background to this. Please vote. Merry Christmas.
  22. I took a break from working on my normal projects too make some thing smaller. So I made this: I hope you like it.
  23. Ho ho ho,Its jimmy8565 here with a new rig!,A christmas tree rig to use for well christmas. More Rigs To Come! Picture ">http:// 0.7 Only! Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/t7ya18hgsco6dil/Christmas%20Tree.zip?dl=0 Have a friendly snowball fight with your family/friends! Now be a good The star was the hardest part now the tree was found somewere on mediafire,The decorations made simply,The star is a made item by me from paint.net.
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