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  1. Long time no share my models. Enjoy! : ) DOWNLOAD (tell me if the link isn't working)
  2. Enderknights skins from the song of war (blackplasma studio) DOWNLOAD
  3. _______________________________________ What is Mine-Imator Expanded? It's a Mine-Imator Pack, it's about adding features from many of Minecraft's assets such as mobs, textures, models, and various things from Minecraft's spinoff games(I.e Minecraft StoryMode, Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Education Edition, and older versions) of Minecraft into Mine-Imator! Why this though? I've been thinking about it myself of making this for a while. I really thought about how Mine-Imator was lacking a bunch of things. Of course there are other posts with something like "Minecraft Dungeons Pack", yes those exist, but I wanted a challenge for myself to make it all myself in one. When will this be released? Minecraft Earth + Other Assets such as old Minecraft Armor plate models/textures from Minecraft Indev has been released as of 6/22/21. Others will be released when they are ready. Extra notes: Most of everything contained likely won't be updated after a fully done completion and check, updates will of course happen but for the majority of the project when officially done the only thing that is likely needed to be updated is new Minecraft Dungeon DLC content. Now, will I update it with the new DLC content? Only if it's heavily requested because I'm already adding a lot of the DLC which contains large amounts of extra work added on from standard Minecraft Dungeons, so please ask if it's really necessary. Progress on entire project: The project is a small 15% done, that sounds so little and that's because of the immense amount of content I have to add, and that percent is a estimated overall completion of everything that I'm adding. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Changelog: Another thing I want to state is that me personally, I am not the most professional way of doing things and so if you find problems in the pack, please understand that it's a work in progress and learning experience for myself to make it better over time. Have a nice day! Everything contained in are assets from files of Minecraft or other published site such as the Minecraft Wiki which mainly are textures. Note that models are recreated based off the originals and it should be noted that most of the textures and things belong to Mojang. 10/18/21 Update: After a long time, I haven't worked on it for personal issues. I can't say I'll continue this. But I'll say if I've cancelled it if I do. Sorry to disappoint. Maybe I'll finish it one day.
  4. Whenever I try to open my project it shows an error. Here is the log.txt file - (Show spoiler) Here is the link of all errors I found - https://ibb.co/SQvQKfP https://ibb.co/NKvwyhH https://ibb.co/1M1z0Tv https://ibb.co/CM6dd0R It is a resource pack problem. Whenever I try to load a resource pack, it gives me the error. This is how to recreate the bug - Install this resource pack (link below) , load it in Mine-imator. Resource pack link - https://www.mediafire.com/file/u63owvaspm3yuf0/§PVP+or+Bedwars+Texture+Pack§.zip/file Please send a reply if you found a solution to this problem so that I can continue working on my animation...
  5. Here's some animation keyframes I had laying around. Take 'em. Example images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/f40chl7ts2e9j8l/Useless+Keyframes.zip Last update: Jun. 5, 2020 How to use: Just click on a Steve, click the 'Import an asset' button, find the keyframes you want, and that's pretty much it. When you see any parts of the keyframes where the pose hasn't changed, feel free to change those to your own poses. For looping keyframes, just delete the last keyframes in the preset, copy the whole preset, and paste the beginning of the preset where the last keyframes were. Keep pasting the preset multiple times to make it even longer. You should already know how to do this. Includes keyframes such as: Idling Running Walking Climbing Swimming Some fun dances Other useless stuff Compatible with Mine-imator 1.2.6 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  6. Here's the long awaited (I hope) MDV pack! Here's pics of the vehicles: American truck: European truck: Bus: Family car: Pick-up: Sedan: SUV: Trailer: US Citern trailer: EU Citern trailer: Requested ones: 1980 chevy van (requested by @Ethaniel) : Beetle (requested by @9redwoods) : Volkswagen van (requested by @Dr. Nexil) : Muscle car (requested by @Slime) :
  7. Dowload: https://www.mediafire.com/file/26niui2w1ihqdgf/SAMMYANIMATIONS_ANIMATRONIC_PACK.zip/file Video:
  8. Welcome to my collection of WW2 Rigs! This "Stockpile" has equipment from all over the world. Make sure to select one nation or faction at a time as each one contains many items. Enjoy! === If you have pink textures, there will be a skin to use in the Archive with the Rig. All of the Infantry rigs use surface images, so make sure to replace the missing textures found in the Archive. Infantry have problems bending body, Officers have problems bending body and legs. All files in the Archives are important, including .txt documents. These include bug fix information. ================================================================================ Third Reich - Nazi Germany - Germany ================================================================================ Red Army - Soviet Union - USSR ================================================================================ Allied Expeditionary Force - United States Forces - USA ================================================================================ Imperial Japanese Army - Imperial Japan - Japan ================================================================================ British Commonwealth Forces - Commonwealth - United Kingdom ================================================================================ French Army - French Army - France ================================================================================ Finland's Army and People's Resistance - Finnish Army - Finland ================================================================================ People's Resistance + Army of Poland - Polish Army - Poland ================================================================================ Royal Italian Army - Italian Army - Italy ================================================================================ Chinese National Revolutionary Army - Chinese Army - China Please do not redistribute without credit.
  9. This is a huge weapon pack whith more than 100 weapons (104) png weaponds from the song of war animations (black plasma studio)? DOWNLOAD .
  10. http://i.imgur.com/8IyOm5U.jpg Hello! This is a simple "Rig Pack" sorta thing I made yesterday. It contains only Ship Cannons at the moment, I plan to add more Naval Stuff though! Ship Stuff! Swivel Cannon(Or Swivel Turret): This is a versatile, quick loading cannon, just no where near as powerful as a regular cannon. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j2nbp2e9f7k53hy/Swivel+Cannon%5B1%5D.zip Deck Cannon: Straight forward, A Deck Cannon(AKA, Deck Gun) is a powerful good sized cannon that sits on the deck of the ship! Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2fq5qkj60y8cete/Deck+Cannon%5B1%5D.zip BroadSide Cannon: A Broadside cannon is a moderately powerful big cannon placed on the sides(In the hull) of a ship. Usually among other broadside cannons, Or a "battery of broadside cannons". Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/gcfq6lhcg6kmf9s/BroadSide%5B1%5D.zip Mortar Cannon(Ship): Some ships called "Bomb Vessels" often carried these rather then cannons. A very solid cannon-like shell and weighs a ton! No need to strap these down, the weight will do it. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hz5mm5hv5w5jvd5/Mortar%5B1%5D.zip Props! Lantern: How else will they see on a ship? Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/t7z5auqr7uh8vz7/Lantern%5B1%5D.zip Ship Fence Rail: Incase Regular fences and such aren't enough for you, I made this. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1295tbd6whi43ku/WoodenRail%5B1%5D.zip Globe: Everyship has one...right? ( I plan to add a MC version of the MAP) Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wwjet5bc98ahybj/Globe%5B1%5D.zip Fort/Coastal Stuff! Adolf Kanone(Adolf Cannon): This is a late era(Nazi Germany) cannon which was built intended for a battleship. The battleship was never built so it was used for Fort and Coastal defence. (These things pack a punch, the shells are powerful) (I know the cannon doesn't look detailed, but the actual cannon itself is actually really plain like this, google it) I also gave it an interior. Completely improvised of coarse...(I obviously haven't been inside so idk what it looks like inside.) Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/us2wdxjnon9ndrq/Adolf+Cannon%5B1%5D.zip The ColumBiad(MuzzleLoaded): The ColumBiad was a very strong Cannon for it's time as it could fire strong and powerful shells and solid shots while being able to aim at both high and low pitchs aswell as firing at massive distances. It also has a carriage for versatility of the cannon aswell as a Breach at the back. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/167yy3n7kujl11y/ColumBiad%5B1%5D.zip Uber's Textures: Incase the default texture on MC isn't doing it for you, use these. Made by Uber. In Use: The textures: FAQ:(Read this even if it isn't a question!) Planned Features: -Forts Defences -More ship cannon types -Ammo types -Ship Props -Fort Props Also when using my rig(s) provide credit! Thanks, please provide feedback Yes I know they aren't the best looking, but when placed on a ship all nicely, it looks decent IMO, Like the Header image for example^^ Credits: Original Ship schematic off PMC.
  11. Remember that guitar model? Here's an upgrade! This pack contains: 11 Guitar Models (9 Electric, 1 Acoustic and 1 Classical) 4 Bass Models 14 Amplifier Models (10 Guitar and 4 Bass Amps) 2 Guitar Bags and a Capo Model Mediafire Download Dropbox Download You can add your own colors, but you'll need some picture editing soft for it. You don't have to give a credit, but I would appreciate if you do
  12. https://imgur.com/a/HHLWtD7 https://imgur.com/a/li8r0JA https://imgur.com/a/sBv3VM8 https://imgur.com/a/qfdCPLx https://imgur.com/a/nnVKfWR
  13. Some renders made by using guitar models from this pack, check it out!
  14. Hello guys! these are my Mutant Creatures rigs, they are made by me. This pack includes: Mutant Zombie: Mutant Enderman: Mutant Creeper: And that's all... If you're gonna use them, make sure to give me credit! (And if you want to, show it to me, i would love to see them ) DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/?gamap2ws44odc75
  15. Download So I looked around online for free armor walking, running, and movement sound effects, but, first off, I couldn't find many, and, second, they didn't seem to be free. So me and Power Animation made these sound effects for public use. If you use these, you don't need to credit us (attribution isn't necessary). These sound effects are of basic armor. These sounds include: basic movement in armor, walking & running in armor, jumping in armor, getting knocked down and getting up in armor, & getting hit with wood & metal in armor. I think these will be very useful to mine-imator users and hope they aid you well! I know it's a little late, but, Merry Christmas!
  16. Hey! After the release of the new version Mine Imator 1.2.3 developer changed standard textures grass, leaves etc. How to return old textures? Please help! When loading other textures packs program crashes....
  17. v0.1 Support the Rig Pack, give it a Rep Want Steve Rigged in your Animation? Click the Banner Below Hello again, this is Zuexs and today I have the Zuexs Advanced Mob Facial Rig Pack by:ME! This rig is designed to be simple for beginners, but have a very advanced background for more experienced users. -Ability to move Pupils -Ability to Use both Eyelids -Mouth is movable by RESIZING INDIVIDUAL PARTS -Eye Sockets are deep in the head allowing for better pupil and lid movement -Comes with a custom terrain.png for all of the textures -3D Teeth and indented mouth -Smiling and other Facial Emotions -Double Eyelids -Skeleton uses the Advanced Bow Rig by Stevepocalyptic -More Mobs To us on... . The Mobs Currently Rigged (Download Here): Agressive Mobs Peaceful and Passive Mobs Custom Mobs By Zuexs: How to Install (For ALL Versions and Rigs): Videos Made With the Rigs (Message Me To Get Your Video Featured!)
  18. HI EVERYBODY, if you're reading this, you probably are interested in my packs medieval rigs! In 4K Sword's Axe's Helmet's Shield's Picture's:
  19. KeniisuCraft Animatronic Rig Pack: DOWNLOAD THE PACK RIGS: Springtrap: DONE! Phantom la Niña: COMING SOON Phantom BB: COMING SOON Phantom Francisco Pizzaro: DONE! Phantom Puppet: COMING SOON Phantom Mangle: COMING SOON Nightmare Mike: COMING SOON Nightmare Clyde: COMING SOON Nightmare la Niña: COMING SOON
  20. The Pack of Guns, created by apocablakz, a package that brings five functional weapons, with recharging system, to make animations of the 21st century with updated weapons (sorry for the delay, but better late than never) Download Complete: Here Note:in the personalized descriptions, they bring a personalized link, where you can download the weapons separately Weapons Magnum .44 Spas 12 AK-47 Z93 Minigun I hope you liked it, one thing, they still do not have bullets, they will be finished for the next version. If you create an animation with these weapons pass me the link, to see it.
  21. Rawami

    Rail pack

    Hi everyone, I made a rail pack. Enjoy ? It includes: - Minecart - Rail - Rail turn - Powered Rail - Detector Rail - Activator Rail - Bonus Here a video : Why a bonus? For that reason : Sorry for the animation ? DOWNLOAD
  22. Hi everyone, I'm back with TERRARIA WEAPON PACK V.1. Includes : - S.D.M.G - Shoot - Rainbow sword - Megashark - Space gun I have made a clip (Very bad) : BUT there are some pictures: I forgot the download link ! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n89facmd673e0s5/AAAxMWEuYs1I4t7EXetgW7PLa?dl=0 Sorry for bad quality ? but I hope you'll like it!
  23. Have you ever looked at the default Mineimator sky and said "My, this isn't nearly low resolution enough for my tastes." Well then you need this handy-dandy Skybox pack! Download Pictures Disclaimer and Credits (I feel like I could've created a like farm simply by uploading one of the pictures I took for this every day)
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