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Found 13 results

  1. Name: Bartaladius van Gammeum The Forge World: Stygies VIII Hierarchical position: Magos-dominus And I want to say right away: he is NOT a HERETIC, just because of the effects of the warp and the psyker abilities that have appeared from this, his energy color and the color of his robe have changed, and will change even if a replacement is carried out. So he himself is not happy about it. Intresting fact: i used 2 new features from mine-imator 2.0.+ Like "Path" for Mechadendrites, and IK for pistons on his claw.
  2. King of Undead Sid The great king of Northern Plains, the terminator of division, the black jackdaw feathers! -This is an original character- Display of mannequins and weapons front view Rear view Sid's Great Sword
  3. Hello, Prismatic Spirit here! So I've been into Beat Saber lately and now I want that game really bad, it has gotten into me so much that I spent a week making this render of my character Samson cutting to the rhythm of the song. 21:9, 1440p Ultrawide 2019-05-18 Created by Prismatic Spirit Credits to SoundsDotZip for providing us with ACM V3, giving me a 3D model of Samson's hair, Hozq for giving his a lens flare pack. took me nearly a week to get him on time tjiuwersvhndfsiujexgdfbvfc CRITIQUE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! BY USING YOUR SUPPORT, I CAN MAKE BETTER RENDERS THAN MY OLDER ONES!
  4. As the Nighitngale leaves from a desert planet, he begins to notice his old age of 1,000 years has finally caught up to him. After soooo long, I have finally completed another big project. You alos might notice, the Nightingale's (My Time Lord) colors aren't as viberant as they usually are as the chroma key in Hitfilm is not that great, but it works.
  5. Hey guys! This is my first rig (That I've posted to the forums) and I decided to make a rigged version of my character! I've never done this before so please give me constructive criticism. Pictures: Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?2w1wqqd9hbi06lo Please note that the revolver rig in the screenshot is also made by me and I will not be uploading it to the forums.
  6. ==================================================================================================================================================== Hello everybody! I am back to being online again because my internet is really messed up! Today, I am here to present my new Original Character named Vanessa Von Blood! Well, she is a Vampire... And being a vampire, she has no shadows... Also, her weapon is the Crimson Rapier... Bio data Name: Vanessa Von Blood Sex: Female Age: 18 Well, being a vampire, she hates sun the most. Also, she is nocturnal, meaning she stays awake at night. She may not look like it, but she was a daughter of the vampire nobles. Stuff happened, and she ran away from her home. Then, Warlust Alzbern took her in to a group, which eventually made her a member of the "Six Restless Souls". She sometimes makes mess, which makes her wanted in some cities. Wallpapers [2K and 4K] ==================================================================================================================================================== Anyway, that's it! If the gifs won't work correctly, then tell it to me! If the gif still won't work correctly, then consult your internet service provider. Sorry the for english bad!
  7. So I made a Discord bot awhile back named "Seiko" and it was capable of doing a lot of things, from attempting to break down sentences for conversations, to solving math equations. And since I've been working with that bot for awhile, I figured to make her an OC along with Naomi. Seiko's rig and skin.
  8. Alright, updated Girus, he looked bit too lame, so, here he is: GIRUS 3.0! 3D Overview Well, long story short, Girus found some prototypes of high grade armor similar to Tied's Starlite armor, but bit "cooler looking", and corrupted it for him to use. Changelog: Added Armor (obviously) Added 3D "broken face" New weapon - Spear-like weapon Now he has 2 eyes instead of 1, wow such cool now he has his "dialog" how he would talk in text
  9. Another new character, that i did with @Holy Knight. Me - Rigging, idea of character Holy Knight - Some Textures, ideas for weapons and robe 3D OVERVIEW Welp, a new character i did with Holy Knight. One of the coolest characters i've worked on.
  10. ok so, i am planning to do a webcomic using mine-imator, the comic's name is in the title but it would change,it would be about antiques armbands that gives powers to his carriers, any armband controls his own element like fire, water, DEATH, etc. in the history, my oc finds the death armband and becomes a villian, then, my friends oc's would fight, or join me, while i try to discover the secrets of the armbands. tell me, what do you think about the history?
  11. My OC Alex. NAME: Alex "Littleman" Mewtwo Species: Pokemon, Mewtwo Born:--/--/-- Personality: -Quite Intelligent, incredibly high IQ -Likes the smell of Soda -Hates water, but isn't afraid of it. -Has the ability to hover off the ground -Short Tempered -Loves to work alone. -Never likes other people, especially humans -Loves pokemon, especially Mewtwos and Mews. BIO: Alex was once a scientist that worked in the same field as his brother. To his brother, he was the little kid that gets picked on, and he never liked Alex all that much and always tried to show off to him what experiments he'd done. He had always called him "Littleman" since he was the younger man of the two brothers. When Alex was working on a cloning experiment, he slipped and fell into the cloning tank and turned into the Pokemon has earned quite a name: Mewtwo. With this, his mind melded and become increasingly powerful, but at a cost of not being the same again and noone would ever stop to think that a pokemon was human. After realizing this loss, he then decide to take a life long journey of what it's like to be a pokemon in the wild regions. Some may wonder: "couldn't trainers use pokeballs to capture him?" Sadly no, the pokeball thinks he's "owned" (presumably because of the fact he was a human) and cannot be captured by any other means. -- -- (The text in the video is slightly old but you can read more easily in the above text!) Kinda posted this for reason into joining the MGBattle! -- --
  12. Her name is dark qq IMAGEIO: Rigs: Datz it. Skin: Made by me,On Skindex Info: I WILL NEVA TYPE IT ALL K? kbai
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