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  1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WINRAR IF YOU DON'T THEN CLICK THIS BELOW: WINRAR FNAF 3 Pictures: Here's more: PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING: Always give credit when using them in a video/picture/gif There is no moniter or camera , im sorry for that Customize the rig if you want but never claim it as YOU made it DOWNLOAD LINK: THANKS TO @Fox MinerFOR HELPING ME MAKE THIS RIG
  2. The Riot Shield is a primary weapon available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Find Makarov, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty Online, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Heroes, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III'. It also appears as a buildable in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and was cut from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Made in : Blockbench Like pls Download ↓
  3. The Altyn is a titanium helmet of Soviet and Russian origin. A popular helmet, it is still widely used by modern Russian special forces despite of its discontinued production. It is named after the historical Russian currency altyn. The Altyn and it's faceshield are both capable at GOST 2, defeating 7.62TT and 5.45 PSM FMJ at 5m range. The roots of the Altyn are found in the Swiss PSH-77 helmet, which was used by the Soviet KGB special forces during the Soviet–Afghan War. In 1982-1983, Soviet specialists of NII Stali (literally translated as Scientific Research Institute of Steel) received their first samples of the PSH-77, who were ordered to copy and improve its design so a similar titanium helmet can be produced locally. Around 1984, NII Stali produced the prototypes of the new titanium helmet. The first Altyn helmets a 4mm thick layer of stamped titanium shell, and did not have an aramid layer. NII Stali also only produced the dome and the face mask, so their users had to install the communications equipment themselves. In the late 80's and early 90's, the aramid layer and radio was added, and the thickness of the titanium was reduced to 3mm. The helmet was originally used by KGB special forces. After the fall of the Soviet Union, it was widely used by Russian FSB special forces. It was utilized by FSB operators at the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis, Moscow theater hostage crisis and the Beslan school siege. Visually, the Altyn is extremely similar to its successors K6-3 and Lynx-T. The most significant difference between the K6-3 and the others is that K6-3 does not have a radio, while Altyn and Lynx-T do. The design of the face mask is also slightly different. The edge of the pixelglass on Altyn is connected to the mask with a smooth rubber edge, while the K6-3 and Lynx-T have thicker metal borders and visible screws. Compared to the PSH-77, Altyn's face mask has a different rounded design, while the PSH-77 face mask has two cutouts at the two corners of the face mask to make shouldered aiming easier. The production of Altyn ceased in 2009. By the 2010s, the Russian spec ops titanium helmets such as the Altyn were becoming morally outdated and started getting superseded by newer western inspired high cut spec ops designs mainly based on the FAST. Made in : Blockbench Like pls
  4. _______________________________________ What is Mine-Imator Expanded? It's a Mine-Imator Pack, it's about adding features from many of Minecraft's assets such as mobs, textures, models, and various things from Minecraft's spinoff games(I.e Minecraft StoryMode, Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Education Edition, and older versions) of Minecraft into Mine-Imator! Why this though? I've been thinking about it myself of making this for a while. I really thought about how Mine-Imator was lacking a bunch of things. Of course there are other posts with something like "Minecraft Dungeons Pack", yes those exist, but I wanted a challenge for myself to make it all myself in one. When will this be released? Minecraft Earth + Other Assets such as old Minecraft Armor plate models/textures from Minecraft Indev has been released as of 6/22/21. Others will be released when they are ready. Extra notes: Most of everything contained likely won't be updated after a fully done completion and check, updates will of course happen but for the majority of the project when officially done the only thing that is likely needed to be updated is new Minecraft Dungeon DLC content. Now, will I update it with the new DLC content? Only if it's heavily requested because I'm already adding a lot of the DLC which contains large amounts of extra work added on from standard Minecraft Dungeons, so please ask if it's really necessary. Progress on entire project: The project is a small 15% done, that sounds so little and that's because of the immense amount of content I have to add, and that percent is a estimated overall completion of everything that I'm adding. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Changelog: Another thing I want to state is that me personally, I am not the most professional way of doing things and so if you find problems in the pack, please understand that it's a work in progress and learning experience for myself to make it better over time. Have a nice day! Everything contained in are assets from files of Minecraft or other published site such as the Minecraft Wiki which mainly are textures. Note that models are recreated based off the originals and it should be noted that most of the textures and things belong to Mojang. 10/18/21 Update: After a long time, I haven't worked on it for personal issues. I can't say I'll continue this. But I'll say if I've cancelled it if I do. Sorry to disappoint. Maybe I'll finish it one day. 5/2/2023 Final Message: I have officially abandoned this project, anyone may continue it in their own way if they seek the want to. I completely support it. This project was stressful and me not ever continuing it, or even stating I am not working on it anymore sooner is completely my fault. I apologize. But hopefully this leaves you satisfied to know it's over. Yet the download link should still work if anyone wants the assets. Peace.
  5. News about medieval fantasy animation, |Dark Order| is revealed! hi! Every single person! This seems to be the last one after my last update My team and I are hard at work making and perfecting the first episode of our first product Medieval fantasy animation. -- Dark Order Here are some models to show! (Not the model in the first episode! Because our story is complete! So I made some characters and creatures that would appear in later episodes.) If you like it, please leave me a "like"! I hope you like these models! These are just a few! Or check out our trailer on YouTube! Leave your suggestions and comments! Our team will thank you very much!
  6. I tried to make a Bunny Dance keyframe for Mine-Imator and I would like to share this. Hope you guys like it Example Animation: Youtube: Download Keyframe here (Already include with tutorial video): https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8bdin3hni7z94/Bunny_Dance_by_ArqAliski
  7. https://discord.gg/vJbru4Qg8n (please come to my server)
  8. This a stylish and versatile sunglasses model that is perfect for use in Mine-imator animations. Whether you're creating a fun and upbeat music video or a dramatic short film, these sunglasses will add a touch of style and personality to your characters. With a sleek design and adjustable features, you can customize the look to match your project's style. Watch the video now to see the sunglasses model in action and take your Mine-imator animations to the next level! Watch the video , showcase Download Here
  9. InkyMaze

    Projector Rig

    This is a highly detailed 3D model of a projector rig, designed specifically for use in Mine-Imator animations and renders. With its realistic appearance and intricate design, this rig provides a versatile tool for creative expression. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned animator, this projector rig is an essential addition to your Mine-Imator arsenal. With this model, you can bring your animations and renders to life with ease, making your creative vision a reality Video Showcase Download From Here
  10. Hey Members! I made these themes in mine-imator and decided to make these for the new improved MI with the version 2.0-Pre Release 1+2 and besides these are just concept themes and these were made for fun! just so you know I am not a mine-imator developer! Nimi already has Light Theme ready for Mine-imator 2.0, I'm sorry Pictures: Themes (Discontinued Pictures) Mine-imator Versions Recommended Versions (Mine-imator 1.2.7- + (Mine-imator 2.0-Pre Release 4) Compatible Mine-imator Violet Versions: 1.0.0-1.1.0 Compatible Mine-imator Versions: 1.2.0- Compatible Mine-imator Beta Version: 2.0.0-Pre Release 1 to 4 Incompatible Mine-imator Versions: 1.0.0-1.1.4 ================== Downloads Latest Version Download 1.1.4 (1.1.4 & Older Themes) Previous Version Download 1.1.3 (1.1.3 & Older Themes) Stable/Popular Version(s) Download 1.1.3 (Stable & Popular) (1.1.3 & Older Themes) (Popular/Stable) Download 1.1.2 (Unstable & Popular) (1.1.2 & Older Themes) (Popular/Stable) Light Theme Only Version Light Theme (Mine-imator 2.0 Default Theme) (1.0.5+1.1.4 Theme) (Stable) ================== 1.1.4 Patch Notes (May 30th 2022) Added Bright Theme (caution: this will burns those eyes) Added Pitch Black Theme (caution: this will burns those eyes too) Sorted Out all of the pictures and themes for an easier and better way to use the themes. ================== Forums Patch Notes (October 29th 2022) -Added Mine-imator 2.0 Pre-Release 4 Support to the releases -Fixed spelling mistakes on all releases to prevent confusion -Updated Tags 🏷 ---------------------------- Forums Patch Notes (May 30th-May31st 2022) -Added Mine-imator 2.0 Pre-Release 1 to the Dev Post -Modified Dev Post with the newest Mine-imator Violet 1.1.0 version -Discontinued The Customization Download Section -Added Starter Pack Themes 1.1.4 after 6 months of inactivity ---------------------------- Releases Unknown ---------------------------- How To Use In order to use these mine-imator themes, you need to extract the folder, once you do go to mine-imator, press mine-imator's settings then hit the interface and when you scroll down, you will see a folder icon that’s next to the save and reset button, once you hit the folder icon go to the extracted folder and choose one of the files that has .micolor Archive Versions Recommended Downloads David - Mine-imator 2.0-Pre Release 4 (Recommended) Nimi - Mine-imator (Not Recommended for old computers due to the lack of performance) Excitablecell - Welcome to Mine-imator Violet (Updated on May 21st 2022) (Recommended for better lighting until pre-release 5 releases)
  11. Wall-E and his roach pal Hal spend Christmas together. This was a fun little bit to make, and I've been meaning to put out some stuff with the Wall-E model since I just finished the tread rigging.
  12. Hey there, .Coming Here with an exciting new topic. I will be starting Minecraft Survival series but it will be Not an normal Survival series it will be having lots of fun and Adventures in it. But it has twist I will be posting Story PDFs on the forum. I always Wanted My own novel. I am now writing The Volume 1 of the novel Of MINECRAFT !!! So it's just a news that We will be Having Something new on this forum or i am trying something new on this forum. Thanks !
  13. well technically its me because i just liked the mask and deleted what my skin used to have on its head and put a mask on it with a scar and now i made it a minimator model and everyone says its dream but before i put the mask on no one would even think of dream looking at it so what does that say about the dream community huh? anyways here it is New Image Link https://imgur.com/a/lULhabV Updated Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1szKSzucIscNoQTZFnw3ilC6ZzFYE5t0z/view Previous download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IlxZgjSJIWK82aClOIaYbP9nRcPN9GJ_/view Update Log: added evil version of dominocreeper added 3d sleeve part where it used to just be the 2d minecraft rendered version made a completely new part for changing the color of eyes and scar (if your into that) same thing that you can just edit the main skin if you want old download (if you want to bend the arms the 3d sleeve doesnt work yet) https://drive.google.com/file/d/11Xk7Rt1DApnEc5KuKGk3hJ5DvMlfQsOR/view
  14. https://imgur.com/a/PVcXgRx Ever since I downloaded Mineimator version 1.2.9 on my Nivida Geforce RTX 3060 PC, and tried using world importer. The second it loads up (not even using a world), it easily puts my CPU close to 100% power causing it to overheat and it would shut down my computer moments after essentially making it unusable. I have tried multiple times to get my PC to stop using as much power when it's opened, but I always get the same result. I know 1.2.9 made some significant changes to the World Importer like having it being multithreaded and such, but it seems like it also won't work too well with my pc. Any help to optimize this would be appreciated, or I could just keep using Mineimator version 1.2.8's World Importer.
  15. Hello there ladies, gentlemen, and whatever pronouns you Twitter people use nowadays. I made this Christmas screenshot mainly because I wanted too, but also because this community is one of the best things I've ever come across, almost everyone here is amazing, so I decided to download some rigs off YouTube and slap them in here, we got Oblivion from SharpWind, we got TakeBlueYT's 5th rig, and my main crew with Pixel looking cool, Krimson not wanting to be here, Eclipse just waving to y'all, and Nova... vibin' I guess. also we got Fox_Miner, the absolute legend himself, who apparently did not have an actual Minecraft skin so I had to make my own low-effort version with him doing what he does best, yelling like a madlad (Fox_Miner I am so sorry for making this living war crime that is a 10-minute speedrun of your skin) So I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and an even better New Year, and look forward for me possibly posting animations, I plan to pretty much make Minecraft The Anime when I get better at this. Have fun everybody!
  16. This is an test render I made for a rig I made for a friend. Id say I'm ok at modeling... (I'm still alive btw) (If you even cared)
  17. Blood and slowmo Included ^) https://youtu.be/4lmgnFxB_pI Working on matrix episode.
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