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  1. Hi! I'm new here at the forum and, for now, I would be happy if you guys could check out my new short film "Animalia: Attack Attempt" made by me using Mine-Imator <3. It has English captions. Synopsis: In a world where there was a civilization called "Civilização de Gandalf", Pingo, the primer-minister, needed to face constantly a rebel group which threatened the integrity of his civilization. Little did he know, what was waiting for him.
  2. Software used: Mine-Imator 2.0 Paint.net (for rim light)
  3. Hey, animators! This pack contains all the sound effects and songs from Minecraft, extracted by yours truly for you to use in your own creations. All the sounds are provided as is, in their original Ogg Vorbis format, sorted in the same folder structure that the game uses. Enjoy!
  4. ↓ Download Full Released here ↓ WinnythailandFX's Character Model V2 Download Other Version WinnythailandFX's Character Model V1.1 (Feb 3, 2023) WinnythailandFX's Character Model V1 (Nov 12, 2022) [Broken] - Support Mine-imator Version: • Mine-imator 1.2.9 • Any Modded Mine-imator 1.2.9+ • Mine-imator 2.0 Pre-released 4 (Phase 1) • Mine-imator 2.0.0 • Any Modded Mine-imator 2.0.0+ - Description: a Cool Auto Extrude Character Model (whatever you called it) that can be made in under few min made by Orange Cat person, lol Minecraft Letter Model by Yanuar Mohendra - Features: Fingers Blocky (Can be Toggle) Female Model (Include Model that Support 4px Classic Girl skin) Inverse Kinematics (Only for Mine-imator 2.0.0) Wrist & Ankle Bend (Smooth) Can Toggle Jacket Layer - Questions Q: Can i modifying something into your Rig/Model? A: Sure, you can modifying something into my Rig/Model, if you want. so go ahead, [You]. go add something you want to add such as Hair, Facial Rig, whatever you want to add. longer as you don't claim my rig/model as yours Q: Why there is 4px Skin for Female A: Some people still used old classic Female 2012, so i decide to make one for people who still used 4px female skin, since no one making it (probably Due to alex model arm that look like more female i guess) - Update Patch Note 1 (Feb 3, 2023) Fixed "Steve" & "Alex" Model Leg (Pants Part) didn't bend along with Leg with some mistake (Opss) - Update Patch Note 2 (April 17, 2023) Removed Toggle Layer Pants & Sleeve (Can't Support IK Due to Mine-imator Limit & Bug) Removed Thigh from Female Model (Because it look bad lol) Added Hat extrude more customizable (Not sure why we need it But whatever) Improved Female Model (Torso, 4px Female Model) Add Inverse Kinematics Support (Only for Mine-imator 2.0.0) Extrude Improved (Not really) Add Fingers! (Can be toggle) New Default Model Skin (Steve, Alex, Efe, Ari) Update "Image/Showcase" > "Preview" (+New Render Preview Model) Update Banner Bug Fixed? Herobrine Removed - Update Patch Note 3 (April 20, 2023) Fixed Alex & Efe Model on Arm Bend Where it didn't Disable "Lock to Bent Half of parent" & Didn't enable "Inherit Bend Angle" for Arm bend (Opss) Update banner lol - Update Patch Note 3.1 • Forgot to Enable Bend One part on Alex & Efe Ankles Bend (Other opssie) Preview
  5. Showcase Video Download Here Based on the Advanced Auto Extrude model, I bring you Opaque V1 For 2.0! Features: IK controls Wrist & Ankle Face Rig Advanced Extrude Selectable Hair Including Presets: Hat Taper Hood Bendable Mask Details: There're two types of Extrude. The first being the Advanced Auto Extrude, and the second being the selectable hair. Tutorial on how to Advanced-Auto-Extrude is included in the video, and for the selectable hair version, all you have to do is to disable the skin parts of the head. Also, I'd suggest to disable the IK for arms since arms don't really need IK in most situations.
  6. so this is part of a thing me and @Eclipseare doing, where like it's this big minecraft crossover of Minecraft, MC Dungeons, MC Storymode, and Minecraft creepy pastas. This render is basically the prologue to it where Null asks for entity 303's help to kill herobrine
  7. This is actually a rig I made a long time ago but recently put into a render.
  8. Imgur - https://themoblab.imgur.com/all
  9. Cross from Underverse + My Minecraft account (Moon) = Cross!Moon First render in 2.0, turned out pretty well.
  10. Wall-E and his roach pal Hal spend Christmas together. This was a fun little bit to make, and I've been meaning to put out some stuff with the Wall-E model since I just finished the tread rigging.
  11. Custom weapons to use in your mine-imator animations! Feel free to use as long as you credit "Hurricane Studios Animation" How to make 3D: Take the same image file with "3D" At the end and parent it to the first weapon, turn the Z Scale of it up to 1.35 or however thick you want the weapon to be, make sure to keep it on 0, 0, 0 and your good! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qkhbn2uy9hmqgzd/Custom+Weapons.zip/file
  12. Iani

    Breezy Rig

    Original Credit: Coda1552:Owner Probleyes:Contributor Download link:Click here Some pic: Hot air balloon Gust gauge
  13. A Minecraft clock animation I made for the 2022 Clocks of the BBS Collaboration on Newgrounds.com - rendered in a Youtube Short format. This was rendered in true 8k 60fps. The file size was huge because I care about having the highest quality animation.
  14. Yoon Heejin Now in mine imator with her 4th Outfit from the final scene of the song! Original Skin comes from NovaSkin it was made by me the face rig belongs to NoNelsony Credit to Him Feel free to download this Rig! Download Here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ac9nlifm2cabedn/Yoon_Heejin_Outfit_4_Rig.rar/file
  15. hi, well i'm testing some models of dany fox's fnaf mod, hope you like the renders, maybe i can do more dany fox channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/DanyFox
  16. - This is a preview. Every model is not done yet! - -_ Blocky Steve _- -_ Agent _- -_ Fat Steve _- -_ Mutant Spider _- These are the models which have made so far So You YES YOU Better subscribe We are I am only at 312 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWN4KoM1Kkl6wzrTyrz-xg
  17. This title was for my friend @Eclipse's SMP Also, the lovely MC letters are by @ShinyGHASTTear Also, join the Discord servers Eclipse's: https://discord.gg/YNdrJtHu Mine: https://discord.gg/3y3pmxqy (It's not related to the SMP it's just my server)
  18. Map by: ME zombies by @tutibrave mutant zombie by @GizmoTheDark fluffy clouds by @Keep on Chucking as always rate it from 1 to 10
  19. well, I always wanted to make this kind of model, because I really like anime and how it is evolving more and more with each chapter of the manga, I planned to make a model of one of the best villains in history
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