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  1. hi, well i'm testing some models of dany fox's fnaf mod, hope you like the renders, maybe i can do more dany fox channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/DanyFox
  2. - This is a preview. Every model is not done yet! - -_ Blocky Steve _- -_ Agent _- -_ Fat Steve _- -_ Mutant Spider _- These are the models which have made so far So You YES YOU Better subscribe We are I am only at 312 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWN4KoM1Kkl6wzrTyrz-xg
  3. This title was for my friend @Eclipse's SMP Also, the lovely MC letters are by @ShinyGHASTTear Also, join the Discord servers Eclipse's: https://discord.gg/YNdrJtHu Mine: https://discord.gg/3y3pmxqy (It's not related to the SMP it's just my server)
  4. Map by: ME zombies by @tutibrave mutant zombie by @GizmoTheDark fluffy clouds by @Keep on Chucking as always rate it from 1 to 10
  5. well, I always wanted to make this kind of model, because I really like anime and how it is evolving more and more with each chapter of the manga, I planned to make a model of one of the best villains in history
  6. link to my discord server https://discord.gg/gjEucCA
  7. Hey, animators! This pack contains all the sound effects and songs from Minecraft, extracted by yours truly for you to use in your own creations. All the sounds are provided as is, in their original Ogg Vorbis format, sorted in the same folder structure that the game uses. Enjoy!
  8. Hello everyone! I'm posting this, one of my versions of a music video that worked well in 2016. I speak obviously about "shut up and mine", the video being of quality rather exceeded in view of our time, I thus had fun to remake it by adding my small key but by keeping entirely the music which is just magnificent. I hope that you will like this version, as much as I enjoyed making it. Wishing you a good day. EQuiAndCie https://youtu.be/6A7sWRsy6jY
  9. Trainguy withered freddy and chica models by @Rmarcell124 (they are private)
  10. Goes to McDonald Meme Director by @Redstoneer YTAnimations (all Other Credit are in description of the video) Simple Story: Me and Boys goes to McDonald.
  11. soooooooooooo this took a long time to make hope you like it
  12. I decided to make a little tribute animation to Songs of War, knowing that it will never have true Season 2 or 3 by Black Plasma Studios (I'm aware of a studio named Megste making a fanmade Season 3, but it will be nowhere close to Black Plasma's Quality). Must say this animation is a huge step up in lip syncing for me, and it was something quite demanding for Mineimator as it took 5 hours to render this thing entirely.
  13. A more realistic Chest opening for Minecraft Story Mode character Rigs. I like this animation, and it still is a test so it can be perfected. I also plan on doing the "actual" chest opening from Minecraft Story Mode since I want my animations to be close to story mode but this right here is nice.
  14. A little render made for @Fox Miner i've tried my best to make it facial rig by @SoundsDotZip flashlights by @H4ppiP33p ghost effect by @SharpWind map spirit box and thermomether by ME rate it from 1 out of 10 and if it's below 6 tell me what should I improve
  15. novo velho Eu só queria fazer um remake desse render antigo feito por mim bonnie animação meu imator
  16. Totally original render, nothing much special. No stop trying to find the original one!
  17. Warden - Minecraft My YouTube channel: GabrielDja My WebSite: GabrielDja Official To display the hidden faces: Import the model on Mine-Imator Select the model in the scene Go to graphics And activate "Activate hidden faces".
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