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  1. - The Art Exibit -
  2. - Fireworks - - ! Happy 4 of July ! -
  3. Is it possible to become a Minecraft character? Vsauce Michael Skin: https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/12187343/vsauce-micheal/
  4. I'm new to Mine-Imator, so it's not the best.
  5. Back with a new image render! I hope you like it This is a war between Minecraft mobs and Aliens attempting to takeover the Overworld. Credits: Alien Skin: https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/22495307/--updated-alien--*skin-base*--/ UFO: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/ufo-flying-version/ Map: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/realistic-wwi-battlefield-extended/
  6. Wanna find more of my junk? go to my website https://crockettdyson.com/
  7. ⚔ Underground - Battle ⚔ Wanna find more of my rigs? Visit my website https://www.crockettdyson.com/
  8. Custom weapons to use in your mine-imator animations! Feel free to use as long as you credit "Hurricane Studios Animation" How to make 3D: Take the same image file with "3D" At the end and parent it to the first weapon, turn the Z Scale of it up to 1.35 or however thick you want the weapon to be, make sure to keep it on 0, 0, 0 and your good! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qkhbn2uy9hmqgzd/Custom+Weapons.zip/file
  9. Since i like astronomy and all that kind of stuff, i decided to use my tripod and telescope tube model and made this image! (the models are downloadable here! ) I will use that scene for later, animation purpose
  10. Those are my 2 first render! This is the second that i made recently! i downloaded my Plot on a server with LiteLoader's mod, and just used it in mine imator ----------------------------------------------------------------------- the first one i made and i noticed it was missing a background after i was done oof ----------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want i can put the download link to my town schematic :3
  11. i know this is weird, but want to learn this about mineimator, so i want to ask you that in this video https://youtu.be/pWXBkeE0ZAY at 1:34 the two images standing , how to import them, i import them by using surface but the surface is stick with them ,i want to import those as same as they are in the video ,so help me and tell cause i don't want that ugly surface with them.and if this link don't open search for platabush fortnite in youtube in see that video at 1:34
  12. so i was puting in the bbcode in but it did not work so i tried evrey link still did not work. so any other way to upload images also i was useing imgur
  13. well i wanted to share my horrible images that i made in mine-imator (from my skill not the program) but how do i, and i know you have to post it on the art and wallpapers.
  14. Just finished panel 4 of the console!
  15. I know it's a bit plain but I wanted to make a avatar and I decided to post it here
  16. I've been away for a while but made these while I was away They are skins from a server I play
  17. So, I made some lightsabers that I made in saberforge. I decided to make a MC version with some other edits... anyways... here's the image Here'res deh downloadeh! Click diz linka
  18. Here is the image. Enjoy this Image.
  19. P.R.I.S.O.N-LiFe NOTE: This is probably the best "simple render" I have ever done. PRE Render POST Render POST Edit
  20. Help! I inserted a CUSTOM item i drew myself into the animaton! The top(drewn) part looks okay, but the SIDE(that was just supposed to extend) now has HOLES in it! I rly need this project and my subscribers are expecting it soon... What should i do?
  21. So in this topic I'll teach you guys how to make amazing looking scenes with just one image. It may seem impossible but it's really simple. Let's begin! Step 1. Find an image with a lot of depth. When I say a lot of depth, I mean an image with a foreground and a background. This will allow us to mask out the foreground later on. Good example: Step 2. Open the image in paint.NET. Select the curve/line tool and carefully start placing down lines where the foreground ends. Try to make it as precise as possible. But before you start doing that! Make sure you have created a new layer, selected it and applied these settings to the tool. Brush width: 1 Antialiasing disabled. Pixelated selection quality. Use whatever color you think sticks out from the background. And go! This is the boring part of the tutorial but it will be worth the effort later on. Remember! You will have to place down more than one line to make it accurate. Step 3. So you're finished? You probably hate me for making you do this. However, the hard work is done. Now here comes the fun part! You should have an image that looks like this now: 1. Grab the magic wand tool and select your foreground inside of your 2nd layer. 2. Now go to your background layer and press cut. 3. Then make a new image by clicking on the empty paper with a green plus on it. 4. Make sure the resolution is exactly the same as the other image you just masked. 5. Paste the foreground that you just cut out from the original image. And delete the mask layer from the original image. Remember! You can divide your foreground layer into more than one layer to add even more depth. Step 4. You should now have 2 images. One with the background and one with the foreground. Save both the images and import them as two surfaces in Mineimator. They should both be rescaled to a good size that looks somewhat like the aspect ratio. Make them pretty big. Make sure both of them are at 0, 0, 0. Then create a camera that is facing the surfaces and is just so far away that it can not see any of the sky or ground, only the surfaces. Step 5. Create your scene using your foreground layer(s). Now grab another image that is similar to the image that we used to get the foreground layers and place it as a background. Remember to play around with the distances and sizes to get the perfect scene. Here's the result. Remember! I used low quality images for the sake of this tutorial, low quality images don't take as much effort to mask. Your scene can look 100x better than mine.
  22. i didn't know where i would put this so here is it, i cant see any image on the forums, my browser is google chrome.
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