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  1. this doesn't work! i think the window is too big and it won't let me resize it and won't let me put it back here either oh nvm i fixed it ... gonna delete the post
  2. It just sticks to the roght or left or bottom or top.. i can't put it back in the original place nope it just go back to the place it has been before, i can't put it back as a small rectangle on the bottom right ?
  3. I accidently changed the size of the secondary view window too big, and now i cant put it back in a small window on the bottom right! that's so annoying.. how do i reset the size?
  4. Since i like astronomy and all that kind of stuff, i decided to use my tripod and telescope tube model and made this image! (the models are downloadable here! ) I will use that scene for later, animation purpose
  5. Those are my 2 first render! This is the second that i made recently! i downloaded my Plot on a server with LiteLoader's mod, and just used it in mine imator ----------------------------------------------------------------------- the first one i made and i noticed it was missing a background after i was done oof ----------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want i can put the download link to my town schematic :3
  6. hehe thank you! i'll try to use texture for other models
  7. Hello! this is my second model! this time the pivot offset is correct, you can rotate the ring and the planet however you want! DOWNLOAD THE MODEL BY CLICKING THIS LINK! (MediaFire) ( you can use in any way you want, just please dont claim it as yours :3)
  8. This is my first model, the telescope Tube and the Tripod are different models so you can for example make steve put the tube on the tripod to build it The tube is a real tube, it has a hole! ( sorry but i forgot to change the pivot offset, the yellow pivot is okay but if you turn it around it will be off-center, so sorry.. it's my first model ) DOWNLOAD BOTH OF THE MODELS ( tripod and the tube ) BY CLICKING HERE!!
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