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  1. viewport camera... Plz just tell me how to do it cuz it takes you SOO LONG to reply! i waited 1 hour for you to reply! AND HERE WHERE I LIVE ITS ALREADY 20:06PM
  2. how did you- how did you make the ” Volumetric rays ” from the eyes without using the texture?!
  3. OHHHH! i saw those types of glowing eyes on a mine imator youtuber. and i thought maybe i can remake them! so thats what i did! Yes i did make them manually! sorry i didnt know what you were talking about
  4. i didnt even make lens flares!
  5. sorry. i didnt understand what you meant by Lens flare cuz i didnt even mean to make lens flares so i thought you were talking about the glowing eyes
  6. i do have glow on the eyes enabled
  7. what about the glowing eyes?
  8. you can use the rig to make good herobrine but plz give credit it took all night to make the rig(Including facial rig) AND then skins
  9. thats how i found the skin so i thought it would be cool to use the demonic arm because every C4D user uses That Demonic skin
  10. thx! it took 5 hours
  11. Soo.. i saw theres not good herobrine rigs out there.. so i decided to make my own If you find any glitch Plz point it out and ill try to fix it NOTE: If the glow bugs and shows what inside of the head.. select the character and set the render depth up by 1.. then put it back.. download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/flqmp5rfuim6rxo/Herobrine.rar/file
  12. i tried using mineWays it says RUNTIMEVC1 is missing.. i updated windows 2 times
  13. yes.. i cant find one on the forum thats why i made this request and i still havent gotten an end dimension schematic
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