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  • Interests -Existing.
    -Dust collecting.
    -Having no future.
    -Making random stuff.
    -Lying around and pretending I don't exist.
    -Slowly becoming fatter and paler until I die.
    -Those small moments of time where I feel something other than boredom.

    -BTW my username is pronounced 'm-b-and-ers.'
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  1. How did I ever get almost 1,000 community reputation in just 8 months?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DuallyElemental


      It does say the your the god of hilarity. I think people have started worshiping

    3. Twotorule


      IDK. I don't even have 100.

    4. YoshiHunter


      Maybe it is the quality of your animations, and how funny they are.

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