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  1. I want to know what peoples opinions are on 2D Hub World(s), and if I should include them in my game.


    If I do have 2D Hub Worlds, I could add

    • Replayable levels
    • Skill shop
    • Quests for levels
    • Minigames (The main reason I asked this.)
    • Post game cheat code pages (Basically you can find cheat codes after you beat the game. You can find them in levels too.)
    • Hats (Because why not? XD)
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    2. Roosara


      Does this look good?

      0wb8djo.png  5odXrtd.gif


    3. Sonicxryan



      The funny thing is, is that the kind of shop I was thinking of was a kind of stall like this xD I might actually keep the name Mr. Fancy xD Gonna rework the sprite so it doesn't look exactly like the main character, xD

    4. Roosara


      Wait a damn apple sec..


      There will be a character that can glide, punch through walls, and is a dumbass...

      Knock knock its knuckles


      And a character that is able to fly, and is incredibly smart. 


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